3 Fantastic Ways Advocates Can Use Obsidian Note-Taking App

Obsidian is a new Note-taking and Markdown writing software. This note-taking app is a revolutionary one compare to contemporary note taking and markdown editor.

It is very much suitable for law firms, advocates, attorneys and lawyers. There are so many reasons to use Obsidian if you are a lawyer, advocate or attorneys.

I am going to tell you how to use the Obsidian Note-taking app in any legal profession.

1. Turn Obsidian Into A Case Reference Management System.

As an Advocate I would like to digitalize all of my handwritten case references. So, I write them all and save them into a PDF for every law separately.

Soon, I realize that this was not a convenient way to organize and find my desire case law when it is needed very urgently.

I was finding software that can link every single case law with my desire section automatically. Then I found two apps that have this kind of connectivity, Roam Research and Obsidian.

I tried Roam Research but is very costly for a solo practitioner like me. As a result, I choose Obsidian Note-taking apps for my free CRMS (Case Reference Management System).

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1.1. Why I Choose Obsidian For Free CRMS?

Obsidian has some unique characteristics for the CRMS, and they are:-

  • Obsidian is free.
  • It is using your local drive. So, you can drop the note folder into any cloud and sync—no way of disappearing your cases any more.
  • It has a very sophisticated Tag management system.
  • You can link a part of a note with another para of another note. You can link one note with another note. So, you can easily integrate any case reference to your writing.
  • It has a very eye-catching visual linking system. As a result, you can see which note is linking with which note.

2. Easiest Note Taking App For Attorneys

Obsidian is a very new note-taking app compare to other note-taking apps. But it is very mature to date and adding more features day by day.

Obsidian is an ideal solution for advocates taking notes and linking them with each other when needed. There are so many reasons to use this software if you are an advocate or attorney. Here are some reasons.

  • Plain Text note-taking system. Obsidian use Markdown editor as a note-taking system. So, you do not need to worry about clicking a mouse to edit. Just use some sine to edit it. This method is one of the speedy note-taking and writing system in the world.
  • Writing and viewing your note side by the side window.
  • Linking your notes with one another and view them visually.
  • Strong tag managed note-taking, so organize your note by tag and find them by tag.
  • Voice Note-taking option if you want to take voice note using Obsidian.
  • Automatically all of your note into your selected folder.
  • Date wise note-taking option for an everyday note-taking system made easy and convenient.

So, use this amazing software to take note and connect them easily, find them with a powerful search option, become more organize and keep productive.

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3. Use Obsidian As Your Word Processor.

Once I love MS Word, then fall in love with LibreOffice. Now, I love Obsidian as my primary Word processor. It is a distraction-free writing app. There are no editing bar or any other thing. When you want to write, write.

Obsidian use Markdown editor. As a result when you write something you do not need to use your mouse. Markdown editor use some simbole to make BoldItalicUnderline or make table easiest way possible.

There are so many reasons why I’ve started Obsidian as my primary word processor.

  • Distruction free writing experience.
  • Markdown text editor. No need to use mouse.
  • My typing speed increase a lot.
  • I have more time now. Because now I am not caring about editing my documents. Now I can concentrate my mind on writing not editing. Do not think that without editing my document looks dull or boring. Using this editor my documents look so beautiful and organize that you cannot emagine.
  • I can export my doc into PDF format. Recently I installed pandoc and its give me to export into .docx, .doc, HTML, .txt and many format too.

Attorneys Should Know Those Questions About Obsidian and Markdown

In Obsidian, it is effortless to link one note with another note or notes. Just type dabble the third bracket like this [[Your Desire Note To Link With This Note]], and this will open a pop-up window; then find your note and hit enter.

How Do You Highlight Text In Obsidian?

Obsidian is a Markdown note-taking apps. Most of the users cannot find how to highlight text in Obsidian. Basically, there are two ways to highlight your text.

The first way is to open Obsidian settings and finds Hotkeys. Then search for the highlighted text. In this box, you can customize your hotkey combination and boom. In my case, it is ctrl+-> key.

Highlight Hotkeys settings for Obsidian.

The second and easiest way to highlight your text. Obsidian is a Markdown text editor, so you can start double equal sign ‘like this == ‘ which you want to highlight and finish with a double equal sign ‘like == ‘ too.

I am giving you an example to clarify the matter. “This is a sentence which one I want to highlight.” OK. Just type ==This is a sentence which one I want to highlight.==.

What is Markdown?

I am going to tell you about Markdown in an effortless word. Markdown is a straightforward writing system. Markdown keep your finger on your keyboard to write. So, your writing speed increase. Just remember some signs to format your document when you are writing.

Markdown use some symbols like double star sign for **BOLD**, single star sign for *Italic*, “<ins> Underline</ins> ” sign to Underline, for creating tables just use this format given below.

|This is|A|Table|



|Sample1| Sample1|Sample1|”

The output of the table will be like this one:

This isATable
Table created in Markdown
Creating Table in Markdown

Markdown is very popular for writing documents. But the question is why it is so popular. The answer is straightforward. It is effortless to write, edit, format, speedy writing and creates a document using Markdown.

What Is A Free Note-taking App For Connecting Notes?

There are only two free note-taking apps for connecting notes. Obsidian is for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Transno is for Android.

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Link A Block Of A Note Into Another Note In Obsidian

Obsidian is one of the easiest note-taking apps linking notes or linking blocks of a note to each other. To link any block of a note with another note to use some signs like “![[]]“. This sign will pop up a window of your all notes. Find your desire block of a note and just hit the enter button. The desired block will be in your present note as a linked block.

Final Thought On Obsidian Using By Advocates:

Obsidian is a great, modern, and very user-friendly note-taking app. Every attorney, lawyer, and advocate should take benefit from by using this app. Advocates, lawyers or attorneys take most complex notes. Using Obsidian, the complex notes become user-friendly and connected so that you can remember them very easily.


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