The Easiest Way To Make A Free Case Reference Management System For Lawyer (Using Obsidian)

A case reference management system (CRMS) helps a lawyer cite cases more easily. Most of the case reference management systems are not free and also very costly. So, most solo or small law firms cannot affort them. Obsidian can be your free case reference management system. 

Obsidian is very useful and use your computer HDD or SDD. So, you can sync your case reference file into any cloud and do not have to worry about losing your file or fail to open your reference. Another benefit of using obsidian as CRMS is that you do not need any kind of internet to open your case reference.

Why Obsidian Note-taking App Is Perfect For Lawyers, Advocates, Attorneys, and Law Firms

Attorneys take a huge amount of notes every day. There are two types of note-taking options for lawyers. One is the old-school paper note-taking system and the other is a Digital note-taking system using note-taking apps.

Taking notes on paper is a very good way to write down your ideas. But this method has a very big drawback nowadays. In the paper note-taking system you cannot see your notes from everywhere, you cannot carry the notebook with you all time.

The biggest advantage of digital note-taking is you can see your notes anywhere you go, everywhere you want. So, in this modern age, it is good to go with a digital note-taking system.

Obsidian is a digital note-taking app for every kind of person. But the question is how any lawyer or attorney or advocate use Obsidian as his or her primary note-taking system?

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How Obsidian Can Help Lawyers Manage Case References?

Modern-day attorneys use online case references. Online case reference has a huge advantage. Using online case references you can access most of the case references from anywhere if you access an internet connection.

You can cite those online case references in your draft, contact, bail petition, injunction petition. It is game-changing for advocates handling complex cases more easily.

All these options and flexibility charge you a very high cost. The online case reference is much expensive for solo practitioners and also for small law firms. So, you can use Obsidian to make your own case reference management system without any cost.

Obsidian is not an online note-taking or case management system. It is an offline app. The biggest benefit of using Obsidian is, it saves all its files in a markdown format. So, You can easily use those files, move them, sync the files into any cloud storage platform.

There are many ways Obsidian can help any lawyer to make his own case reference management system. Some of the important features are:-

  • Obsidian App is free to use.
  • Obsidian is an offline app.
  • Obsidian is a markdown writing platform.
  • Obsidian can link one file with another file.
  • Obsidian can link one block of a file with another file.
  • Obsidian has a very fast loading time.
  • Obsidian can be use in Windows, Mac, Linux. Android and iOS app is coming.
  • Although Obsidian do not have iOS and Android app you can easily view your notes and files in Android phones or iPhone by using any markdown viewer.

How To Make Your Own Free Case Reference Management System Using Obsidian?

Case Reference Management System (CRMS) is the most important software for every lawyer, attorney, advocate, or Judge. But building a free CRMS is not an easy task until Obsidian published their app.

Now, it is one of the easiest jobs to make a CRMS for free and under your control. Let’s talk about how to make a free Case References Management System using Obsidian.

1. Steps To Make Case Reference Management System Using Obsidian.

There are some steps to follow to make your free case references management system using Obsidian. Those are given below.

1.1. Input All Your Case Laws Into Obsidian:

Basically Obsidian is a Markdown writer and editor. As a result, Obsidian can read markdown file extension .md. So, you can write your all case laws on your loving Markdown writer like Typora, iA writer, or Obsidian itself. You can import any markdown file into it.

If you have a large amount of case law collection then it is very hard to write down every single of them via typing. So, you can use voice typing to input all case laws.

For input case law using voice typing, your case takes the help of some voice typing software and apps. If you do not want to spend a single penny on voice typing software and apps then use free voice typing software.

The most famous free voice typing software for windows is built-in voice typing plugins for windows. This software is free to use and the accuracy rate also very good.

If you are a Mac user then Apple provides free voice typing software for their system too. You can easily use the app to type your case law just using your voice.

You can voice type on your mobile devices too. For android devices, you should use google keyboard “Gboard“. On the iPhone, you can use voice type on the native keyboard.

Another very easy voice typing option is online word processors. The best way to do that using Google Docs. Under the google docs Tools menu just click Voice Typing or Ctrl+Shift+S. Then start to type your case laws via voice type.

If you want to use the most sophisticated voice typing then go for dragon App. This is the most advanced voice typing, dictating app in the world. But it is costly.

If you have finished input all of your case laws in Obsidian then you have finished almost 90% work of your CRMS. Now your job to update new case law by section or Law.

1.2. How To Organize Your Case References?

It is very easy to organize all your case law in Obsidian. Create a new file for every Law and write down case laws with citations. You may also create files section wise.

You can arrange your case reference with ‘#’. Just put a hashtag on the bottom of every case reference file. I use  #caselaw,  #Injunction,  #amendment, etc to quickly find my case references.

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2. How To Find, Cite Or Insert Your Desire Case Law In Writing using Obsidian?

2.1. How To Find Desire Case Reference?

You have your case laws in this amazing app and now you need case law to refer to a case. So, you need to find the case from your obsidian database. It is a very easy your desire case law in obsidian.

Search Box In Obsidian

You can search by your desire keyword by just typing the keyword in the search bar. The search box will show you your search results with your desire keyword. Just click on the case law which you want to see.

You know that obsidian makes every para into a block. So, every block can be added to another note in obsidian. If you are writing any petition for your case and need to insert case references into the petition this app makes it very simple too.

For this, you have to type![[]], and the app will show you all the notes you have. Just select your case reference note and type ‘^’. The pop-up box will show you all case references in the file. Just click on your desire to cite your case law in your petition. The app will insert your case reference block into your desire section.

Case Reference Cited As Block In Obsidian

I am giving you an example to clarify this matter. I am typing ![[^]] now to add a case reference in this writing.

Rule-9: The trial court without calling the advocate commission to depose him as a witness, only his report without deposition is not admitted as evidence. | 

1 XP(AD) 114, 5 XP(AD) 192, 9 MLR(AD) 216

After adding the block into your writing the linked block will automatically view into your document.

Block Added Into a Note.

3. How To Secure Your Case References?

Security is the primary issue for every attorney, Lawyers, Advocates, and Law Firms. Using Obsidian is a synonym for security.

In an Obsidian free app, there is no option to sync your notes in their own server. So, your note will be kept in your HDD or SSD. You can secure the folder with any kind of security software.

4. How To Sync Notes And Case References With All Devices?

Obsidian free is an offline app. That’s mean your notes will be kept on your HDD or SSD of your computer. Basically, you cannot access your notes, case references from mobile devices.

If you take your obsidian file on the go you need to take the files to your mobile manually. But this process is a very old process of taking files with you.

Obsidian creates a .md (Markdown) format for every note or case reference you create. So, It is very easy to sync all of your case reference or note file within any kind of cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, Mega, Next Could, Own Cloud, etc. As a result, your sync problem across devices ”solved”.

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Final Thoughts:

Obsidian is a very new note-taking app in the market. But is a fantastic app that gained huge popularity. Obsidian has a great ability to link one block with another block and one note to another note. This special ability can help lawyers around the world to make their own case reference management system without any cost.



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