Why Are These 8 Note Taking Apps So Popular Among Lawyers And Law Firms? (2021)

Every lawyer takes a massive amount of notes. In this digital age, most lawyers use these excellent note-taking apps like Evernote, Obsidian, Notion, Bear App, Typora, Workflowy, Google Keep, and Good Note. These note-taking apps have a lot of features like user-friendly, easy to use, good compatibility trusted, and well-organized. As a result, most lawyers around the world use these note-taking apps.

Digital note-taking comes with many possibilities. These apps will keep your note in clouds with good safety benefits. These note-taking apps give freedom to lawyer research from a smartphone or tablet or laptop. Nowadays studying a case with a little help with note-taking apps make any lawyer one step forward from others.

Note-taking is essential for every lawyer without note-taking a lawyer can not prepare his case. The legal profession is one of the oldest jobs in the world. Note-taking by lawyers is also an ancient tradition. It has a unique way of taking notes. Lawyers take notes for their cases, not for buying groceries from the market.

Maybe Lawyers are the oldest note-taker in the world. Because when a case came to a lawyer, he tries to understand the case. Everywhere he has to identify the problems of the case. He can try to learn something from the clients, something from the courts, from the case documents, and learn something from the evidence of the case. So, it is massive data and an enormous puzzle to solve if he likes to win the case.

The Lawyer takes notes from every corner, and that’s why they take a vast amount of notes. In recent years development of information and technology lawyers have been shifting their legal business into the digital world. As a result, a note-taking system in legal professions going into digital message taking apps. So there mostly use one of the best note-taking apps around the world like you are not good not one not notion are many other things so not taking apps is very popular among the lawyers.

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Here Are These Top 8 Note Taking Apps Prefered By Lawyers and Law Firms:

Best Apps for note-taking are Evernote, Google Keep, One Note, Notion, Bear App, Notability, Roam Research, Obsidian, Apple Note, Standard Note, Ulysses, and Typora. But Most lawyers worldwide love to use Evernote, OneNote, Google Keep, Bear App, Notion, Good Note, Typora, Workflowy. Here are explanations why they love to use those note-taking apps?

1. Evernote:


Evernote is the most famous and very familiar note-taking apps among lawyers and law firms around the world. It is a very easy, clean, and very helpful layout to understand.

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Why lawyers like Evernote?

Evernote has some magical features and powers that grabs a lot of lawyers in this app. You can take notes using writing, taking pictures, drawing, or something else. A lawyer can take handwritten note, and case record voice note too even note can be used as a to-do list app.

In Evernote, you can create notebooks. In a notebook you can create pages where he can write or take his notes not gives the lawyer accused freedom to take notes every possible way.

Evernote is the universal apps. You can use this app in Windows platform iOS Mac Android and webs. So it is effortless to use and always time sync with every device.

Evernote can be used as a free but there is some limitation with the free account you have to pay us a little bit of money for the premium account then you can access all devices an offline notes and lot of possibilities there.

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Is Evernote premium worth it?

If you are a solo Law Practitioner Evernote premium is the best note taking apps with best value if you have a large team then it is not for you.

What is the difference between Evernote free and premium?

Evernote basic gives you only 60 megabyte dick sisters no offline viewing it file attachment and many more limitations on the other hand Evernote premium has a very long list of features like attachment MS office files, PDF files, noted PDF, scan a business card and a large amount of list going.

2. Obsidian Note-Taking App:


Need free case references management system, note-taking that can link one note with another one, distraction free writing app or an app that can link your thoughts like your brain without any cost? The simple answer is Obsidian.

Why Obsidian is a very important note-taking app for lawyers? The answer is also very simple too. This amazing app has a unique ability to link notes with each other. You can connect a block of any note into another note. It is very secure to use as an attorney. Read More About: How Many Ways Lawyers Can Use Obsidian?

The Obsidian app can serve you as Markdown distraction free word processor. Type your petition without removing your hand from your keyboard with a little help of a markdown editor. After finishing your writing export your writing into PDF.

Lawyers spent a huge amount of money on case reference management system. Most of the new Advocates and solo legal practitioners do not have enough money to buy the subscription for case references. They can use Obsidian as their free case reference management system. Read More About: How To Make A Free Case Reference Management System Using Obsidian?

3. Notion:


Notion is a magical note taking system; it is an app between an app. Surely you can do anything that you want. You can write a bullet journal, personal wiki, case law management, case management system, research, scheduling.

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Writing script for videos, insert pictures, kanban board, schedule tracking, your business accounting, MS Exel like insert correlation between notes and database, every kind of thing you can imagine, you can do in Notion.

Notion is very good for team writing and tracking projects. No app can give you the opportunity you can enjoy in notion. You cannot imagine what you cannot do with notion. It is an extensive and very sophisticated app for all kind of professionals, students and other persons. But for lawyers and law firms, it the most important and game-changing thing. This note taking apps like love at first sight. Any lawyer who has some knowledge of digital note taking he can do anything with it.

In Notion a lawyer can be easily used as all your related database linking. Using these links you can link with one data with other data. You can also able to link with your notes. It is a very great feature for lawyers, they can track all notes very easy.

Notion gives a lawyer every opportunity that you want from a note taking apps. Notion can replace all your law firm management software with free or a little or a little subscription.

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How Notion can help lawyers and law firms?

Notion is a Swiss army knife like note taking app. it is a game-changing app not shown can be used as a traditional note taking app. It can be used as a free case management system. If you have a vey big amount of case law collection, no problem notion can become a case law management software. You do not need to buy very expensive subscription for case law reference management system. Do you want to take records of your every clients? Notion is the answer. Now you do this very easily with a little help of Notion. Are you expending a huge amount of money on accounting software. Notion can help you to track your expenditure and income quite easily.

Is notion free now?

Yes, for personal use no one is free you can do what you want with free subscription if you want more for more and more settings then you have to pay $4 for personal plan. If you want more team member than you have to go for $8 per month subscription fee and it is very cheap for a all kind of soluation.

4. Google keep:

Google Keep

If you like Google, then you will want Google Keep. Google keep easy to use note taking app from Google. You can take notes, and you can see notes as a flashcard. It is the effortless and very user-friendly user interface. Google keep’s user interface is to increase your productivity. You can use this app on the web, iOS, or Android. But there is a big drawback here there are no apps for the Windows version, Mac on Linux.

What is Google keep good for?

In Google keep you can take standard notes, emails note, voice note, to-do list, used as a reminder, your personal drawing board, Picture note, and many more things. One special features you can do with Google keep that you can grab a text from any image . It is a very handy feature for every kind of lawyers and law firms. Because they can grab text from image with a little help of Google AI and it is 99% accurate. So, I like this option and for this option only I use Google keep. Another features why going to use Google keep, there is a very good user interface and Google keep sync system is really very handy and very fast.

Is Google keep better than Evernote?

Google keep is different than Evernote. You can use Evernote as a quick note of all kinds and as well as full time writing apps. But Google keep is one of the best note taking apps focus on quick note and some remarkable technology like wrapping text from image. Evernote though has a great feature like web clipper for quick note taking and some advantage over Google keep, Evernote’s market share gradually falling. For the mobile first technology Google keep is better than Evernote for many ways.

5. Bear app:

Bear App
Bear App

This time Mac only note taking app for lawyers. It is called Bear app where is one of the cleanest note taking app in the Mac and iOS. Bear App is popular, so beautiful, straightforward to use note taking app. The bear app has a very sophisticated, no searching algorithm for notes. You can search for a single massage from a massive amount of here.

There is another exciting feature of this app, the markdown editor. It is basically in markdown note taking app and is very simple, very easy to use. It has no glitter and has no destruction.

Another stunning feature of this app is the rapid sync system. It can sync notes across your Mac and IOS devices very easily. When you write a message on your iPhone, then you can see live in your other mac devices.

Another attractive feature of the app is an exporting option. So, you can export your notes into PDF, RTF, and many more. So, it is handy for also exporting another good thing about the bear app. You can write your email and copy and paste it to your email client, and it will be the same. So there is no structural difference because it based on RTF format.

When you think about organizing notes, Bear will give a lot of good options like tagging. You can manage all of your notes with tags, and you can search for messages. It is game-changing for note taking apps because when you have a lot of nodes, and you cannot find them easily organize to it then check and searching option for your service. .It is one of the most minimalist feature-rich note taking app for every lawyer.

If you are you use Windows 10 user or Windows 7 user or Android user where are you will not be available to use bear. It is horrible news for you because this beautiful and note taking app is missing on Windows and Android.

6. Typora:


Are you a Windows user and alternative searching note taking App like Bear? It would be best if you used typora. Typora is one of the most superficial notes taking apps with markdown editor, destruction free writer. Typora is available for Mac Windows and LINUX also. But there are no apps for iOS and Android. It is a big downside for typora. This App gives you the freedom to take image note, list, bullet note, insert table, math code, insert diagram, etc. You can write everything on Typora

How Typora benefit lawyers?

lawyer can take his note in typora can be stored on locally it is a safe ground for many for privacy not taking system scan used as a distraction free focus mode writing apps so he can finishes his writing without any destruction.

7. Workflowy:


Workflowy is a very different note taking apps. It is not additional looking note taking app; it is a bullet note taking app. You can create a bullet; write your heading then click on the bullet it will open a new page like magic. The bullet opens a new blank page, and after that, you take your note if you want in there. Add sub-note click on note bullet point it will open another blank page. Then the bullet so on and so on. This way, you can create the ultimate bullet spaces under your main note.

Bullet note is game-changing because it will help you to take note very quickly and very easily and also it will help you to memorize your note very organized.

Basically, this type of note taking is some kind of outlining you note. In this app you will increase your note taking speed and rethink about your note taking method. You can easyly adopt with this note taking apps because it is very easy, no destruction nothing. You cannot use pictures and can not use any other things in it. Just take your note with bullet list and you can easily do it.

You can easily take your to-do list in Workflowy. I enjoy this kind of bullet journalling note taking apps. It is an effortless, very minimalistic note taking else but solves many problems you face is on a traditional note taking apps like speed like destruction or any other things. As a result, I am using workflow for about two years, and it is working for me very fine. I take my quick note with Workflowy, and it is a game-changing to me.

8. GoodNotes :


GoodNotes is another Mac iOS-only apps this note taking app. It is only handwritten note taking apps. Any lawyer can take case note using visual and handwritten note on a paper when you enter into the app you will write it on a whiteboard where you can start taking notes in a goodnotes you can be if can be seen old paper not taking in iPad.

This app is for those guys, who what to take and read notes by handwritten note and pic note. Do you want to take handwritten notes on paper? Lawyers also love to take note on paper for easy remembering case facts and case notes. This app can do the task most creative way for lawyers to take note like note taking on paper. Grab GoodNotes for your legal business and Law Firms.

Final thoughts:

Most of the lawyers and note taking apps are very important for their life and their job life. Because they take a massive amount of notes for their cases, they handle. So, usually, they use Evernote, but this, not the only option. Note taking apps sometimes they use what they love sometimes they use Windows sometimes on iPad or iOS. My Love goes for Notion, Google Keep, Typora, Workflowy, Evernote, Bear App, GoodNotes, OneNote. What is your most special note taking apps? Please let me know in the comment below.

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