Nimbus Note: The Best Evernote Alternative In 2021

Nimbus Note is one of its kind. No, it is not. It is more likely the best Evernote alternative out there. This note-taking app overtakes all limitations of Evernote with a lower, competitive price. This amazing note-taking app can replace your old note-taking app easily.

I was a hard-core Evernote user till mid-2020. But, at the time of the pandemic, I found some good note-taking apps like Roam Research, Notion, Workflowy, Notejoy, Obsidian, Nimbus note, Mem note, etc.

Roam Research, Obsidian, Mem note, Notejoy, etc. are bi-directional linked note-taking apps. On the other hand, Workflowy, Dynalist, etc. are easy to use hierarchy style note-taking app. Notion is an all-in-one note-taking app for every kind of work. Nimbus Note, Evernote, OneNote, Google Keep are general-purpose note-taking apps for basic note-takers.

Evernote and Lawyers are made for each other till 2019. Most of the Bar Councils around the world recommend Evernote. But, there are some questions about that.

  • Why Bar Councils Recommend Evernote?
  • Are there any good Evernote alternative out there?
  • Is Evernote the ultimate note-taking app?
  • Are there any note-taking apps has features like Evernote?

Why Bar Councils Recommend Evernote?

Evernote was founded in the mid-2000. Till then, it was a popular note-taking app for most people who take digital notes. Soon, law firms and lawyers started using Evernote. As a result, most of the Bar Councils reviews this note-taking app.

Bar councils thought about simplicity and security at the time of the test. The Evernote app passed the test easily. At that time, Evernote has enough features and capabilities that no one provided. As a result, it becomes popular among law firms and lawyers. So, Bar Councils recommended this note-taking app.

Are There Any Good Evernote Alternatives In The World?

Evernote is not the only note-taking app in the world. There are many good note-taking apps out there. Most of them are better than Evernote.

Most people do not find any new note-taking app. Because they believe it is a time-consuming job. Another reason is that, shifting notes from one note-taking app to another note-taking app, not an easy task at all.

Many note-taking apps like Nimbus note, Notejoy, Roam Research, Obsidian, Mem note, Workflowy, etc. has more features than Evernote. Those note-taking apps have more feature than Evernote, and they are very user-friendly.

Is Evernote The Ultimate Note-Taking App?

When Evernote was first introduced to people, it was the only best note-taking app out there. It had tons of features then. Those features are still there for users of Evernote. But, the problem is that users want more features now.

Today’s note-takers want some unique features to handle with everyday note-taking. Those features are Markdown Editor, Bi-directional linking, Block note-taking, Easy to export, Handwritten Notes, etc.

Evernote has most of the modern features like Easy to export, Handwritten Notes, etc. But, most users demands Markdown Editor, Bi-directional linking, Block note-taking now.

In the end, I can tell you that, Evernote is a good note-taking app for normal users. If you want modern features eventually this app is not for you. Once Evernote was an ultimate note-taking app. But, now it is nothing but a dying app.

Are There Any Note-taking Apps Has Features Like Evernote?

Yes, there are many apps like Evernote. But, most familiar are Notion, Notejoy, and Nimbus note.

Nimbus note looks like an Evernote clone. But, honestly speaking, this app has many more features than Evernote offers. This app has Markdown editor, Focus mode, Block Editor, attach any kind of files, OCR capability, Record webcam, and screen, create tables easily, Export to PDF, HTML, Web clipper, etc.

Notejoy is another good competitor. Notejoy gives you Markdown editor, Bi-directional linking, Block linking, Web clipper and all other features in Evernote has, and many more.

Notion is an all-in-one note-taking app. In Notion you can do anything you want. Notion provides you option for Personal wiki, easy note-taking, block note-taking, bullet point note-taking, Web clipper, Personal finance tracking, To-Do list, Kanban board, Timeline, Any kind of file attachment, and many more.

Enough talking about other note-taking apps. Now, go to today’s topic’s Nimbus Note.

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What Is Nimbus Note?

Nimbus Note is a modern, feature-rich, and easy-to-use note-taking app. I call this app is an Evernote killer. There are many reasons for this. I believe the Nimbus note is the perfect Evernote alternative in the note-taking universe.

Main Features Of Nimbus Note:

There are many features you can find in Nimbus note. But, not all of them are important to talk about. Because they are common features for every note-taking apps.

I am going to give you a unique Nimbus note review in this article. You will never find any Nimbus note review like this one. Let’s start.

Markdown Editor:

Markdown is an easy-to-use writing platform. It uses some easy syntax to generate the style of your document at the time of writing. So, you do not have to think about edit your document later.

This process is a quick and easy way of editing documents. Markdown is a popular way of speedy writing in the modern age. It makes your documents more beautiful and edit-less.

You can make your document beautiful by using any kind of word processor software. But, the big problem is that word processors like MS Word, LibreOffice, etc. cannot handle large documents. As a result, your document becomes less beautiful.

There is another way of processing large documents and make them beautiful. The process is called Latex. Using this editor, you can make your document look professional and beautiful. But, Latex is not easy to learn. Most science-related researchers use Latex to write their research papers.

In my case or your case, Latex is not necessary to learn. Because it is hard to remember and produce documents. In my case, I was learning Latex but, often make errors in writing. So, I search for an easy one and find Markdown. Till then, Markdown is my only writing option.

Enough talking about Markdown. Now, the question is How to use Markdown in Note-taking? The answer is simple. Markdown helps you to take notes quickly enough that you cannot imagine.

Let’s talk about Markdown in Nimbus note. Nimbus Note implemented all kinds of markdown features except one. You cannot create a table using Markdown in nimbus note. Nimbus note has a dedicated table creation button to create tables. The table creation option in the Nimbus note is powerful enough.

Focus Mode:

Lots of users want a writing platform without destruction. Nimbus note gives you a good focus mode. There is no good focus mode out there that can compare with this one. There are some important features of Focus mode in Nimbus note.

  • Truly focus.
  • Keyboard control. Just Ctrl+Alt+/ to bring the focus mode and back to normal mode.

So easy to use.

Web Clipper:

Web clipper help you to collect web page, articles, videos in your notes easily. Nimbus Note web capture is good enough to compete with Evernote web clipper.

Auto Sync Cross Device:

Sync in note-taking is a big problem. Nimbus note makes sync note cross devices work mind-blowing. When you type anything on any device, this note-taking app sync the text live into another device.

I was a little surprised to see this kind of sync system. I used many note-taking apps. One problem they have in common. The sync among devices is not good enough. Nimbus note take care of this problem quite well.

Offline Note (No Need A Pro Plan):

Offline note viewing and editing is not possible for many note-taking apps like Evernote. Nimbus note gives you an opportunity to take notes, view notes, and edit notes in offline mode. Now, you are free from jail. All of this features are free with your free plan. no need to buy a pro plan.

Attach Any Types Of Files:

Do you want to attach image, PDF, Word document, or any kind of documents in nimbus note? Yes, this app gives you the freedom to do that easily.

OCR Capability:

Sometimes, I need to grab texts from images. It is a hard job. To do that job, I have to download a OCR software and then finish the work.

It may be, 2012, I found Evernote can grab text from any image. I was so excited about the feature. I did a lot of OCR work in Evernote. Recently, I leave Evernote and started using other note-taking apps like Obsidian, Roam Research. Those note-taking apps do not support OCR capability.

After some search, I found the Nimbus note. It has the same OCR capability like Evernote. To use this OCR, I need to purchase a pro plan. Honestly, I am going to purchase Nimbus note pro. Because it is a better note-taking app if you compare it with Evernote.

Bi-directional linking note-taking apps are popular this days. Many users shifted from a traditional note-taking apps like Evernote, OneNote, Google Keep into Bi-directional note-taking apps like Obsidian, Roam Research, etc.

Block Note Taking:

Many people like Notion Note-taking app because of its block-style note-taking features. But, do you know you can take notes in Nimbus note using block notes?

Yes, the block note feature is ableable in the Nimbus note. This amazing feature is free for you by default. Use this handy feature in this note-taking app with the power of simplicity.

Export File To PDF And HTML:

Sometimes, you can want your notes to export your notes to different formats. Many note-taking apps provide many files format export options. But, all are note useful for general users.

Nimbus note thought about this problem. They give us two very important exporting options, PDF and HTML. But, the downside is to export the notes you need to sign up for the pro plan.

Nimbus Web For Access Your Notes From Anywhere:

Sometimes, I become hopeless. I have a note in my note-taking app. My laptop is not with me and there is no internet connection in my mobile. But, the note is must have to read at that time. What Can I Do?

No problem, Nimbus note has web access to your all notes. Nimbus note web client is a handy tool to create, edit, capture, read your note easily.

Good iOS And Android App:

This note-taking app has decent iOS and Android app. Those apps I have personally tested. They are good.

My Final Verdict About Nimbus Note:

Nimbus note is a good note-taking app. This app is the best Evernote alternative out in the market.

I know, most lawyers use Evernote as a primary note-taking app. But, many of them searching for the best alternative. Nimbus note is the best Evenote alternative for lawyers. It is the time to switch for good reason.


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