Roam Research Desktop App Honest Review (2021)

Roam Research desktop app has been published by roam research team. Last year, roam research note-taking platform was very popular among young people and researchers. Till now, the popular note-taking app was only a web app. Now, it is trying to compete with mainstream note-takings app.

Becoming more popular among average people, they need a bold step to catch the vast market. Now, the main headache is, How ordinary people react about the bidirectional note-taking app?

The answer is simple. Most tech-oriented and young people love this concept. On the other hand, normal non-tech guys like lawyers, social workers, doctors, etc do not have enough time to learn a new system and shift work on it.

As a lawyer, I am a very tech-oriented person. So, I can adopt any new thing and methods. I can say without any hassle that 99.5 percent lawyers can not coup up with this type of new system to taking notes.

There are a lot of benefits of using a bidirectional note-taking system like Roam Research, Obsidian, RemNote,, SuperNote, NoteJoy, etc. Those are the new age note-taking system with a lot of benefits.

The reality is that around 90 percent of note-takers use Evernote, OneNote, Google Keep like traditional note-taking apps. Honestly, the users are happy with those apps.

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Why most of the people stack with traditional note-taking apps? There are many reasons for that.

  • The traditional note-taking app provides traditional UI and traditional writing format. So, you do not need to learn anything new.
  • Many people do not want to learn new things and do not adapt to new tech. As a result, they are happy with their old note-taking app.
  • Another big problem is, many big firms have yearly or five-year subscriptions for this note-taking app. So, personal decisions or demands will not accept in the company. You have no choice.
  • There is no easy way to transfer all notes intact from one platform into another. As a result, most of the users stay in the old boring one.

What I Like About Roam Research Desktop App.

Roam research is a blooming note-taking platform. The truth is that it is very young to comment about the platform. Today, I am going to talk about the new desktop app launched by the company for Mac, Windows, and Linux. You can easily and free download roam research desktop app.

Bidirectional Note-Taking In The Deep:

Easy To Use Interface:

Roam research desktop app is very easy to use. You can find every kind of option in the window. I personally love the User interface. Nothing to say about the user interface.

Clean Interface:

Besides easy use interface, this app provides an excellent and clean interface too. You will never feel any kind of feature lacking on the UI. You will fall in love with the clean interface, like me.

Not Bolted:

Many note-taking apps make their app without proper thinking and planning. But, roam research offline app has been built by minimalist and destruction-free. I love this approach.

Real Roam Research Online Type Experience:

Before publishing this desktop app, roam research has only available for the web, and no roam research offline app their. But, the good thing is that you will experience the same roam research in the desktop app.

Good Integration Of Image And Video:

Image and videos can be easily integrated in the app. Just drag and drop an image or video inside any note. You can pest any link of image and video and the app will show it for you.

The Cons Of Roam Research Desktop App:

Roam research offline tool is a fantastic note-taking app for many people who use this amazing app. But, there are some limitations in the desktop app till now(June 2021). I hope the roam research team will overcome those problems very soon.

Here are some limitation of roam research desktop app.

Very Limited Local Storage Options In Roam Research Offline App:

Basically, roam research is a web-based note-taking app. They have introduced their desktop app in the month of June 2021. In roam research app they give us freedom to create notes and stores in locally.

The main problem is that, it is hard to find where the file is. I have tried to find out the file locator. But, I failed to find the location. So Sad!

Sometimes, I need to export my notes into another formats. After that, I can edit the notes and save the note and then import into my favorite note-taking app.

You can do that with roam research but in a very limited ways. Roam Research give you four options. Markdown, Flat Markdown, JSON and EDN are the options.

Hye! What about PDF, Docx, HTML? Those are popular formats for inter changeable files. Roam research rival give you the option to expoart files into PDF. Other popular note-taking app Typora gives you many options for exporting files. So, Why Only less popular file export options? I questions myself every time.

No Printing Option(Say It Again):

Honestly, is it true? I cannot here you. Are you writing an biased review. It cannot be in 2021. No, my friend. I am telling you the truth. I do not review by any kind of wrong or fake review.

Sometimes, printing notes become more important to us. The most note-taking app supports the printing option. Unfortunately, roam research offline app do not support any printing options.

Nothing But A Web App:

The whole roam research desktop app is notion but an advanced level web app. If your notes are in the cloud, then, the internet is the must-have option to write and edit notes.

I have tried to edit notes without the internet. But, unfortunately, I failed. Then, I tried to add new notes in local, I failed again. This time my whole app become blank.

Now, I realize that, the roam research desktop app will not work without internet.

No Web Clipper:

In the modern age, no web clipper extension for clipping any web page is nothing but a fool. Roam research has no web clipper. Many people like me will hart when they know about this lack.

Importing File Option Is Extremely Limited:

If you want you import any file from other apps then, there is a very limited options you will see in roam research.

You can able to import Markdown files. Another way is to import via JSON file. But, roam research only supports roam research JSON file.

No Option To Switch From Other Note-Taking Apps:

Many modern note-taking apps give you an option to migrate from one note-taking app to them via cloud sync and import all files from old note-taking app. However, roam research does not offer any kind of easy migration system.

No iPad Or Android Apps Till Now:

Roam research desktop app was lanced recently. They make the desktop app for Windows, Mac, and Linux. But, bad news for iOS and Android users. There are no apps for iOS and Android users.

Hope is the only thing you can trust. I hope, Roam Research will release iOS and Android apps in near future.

Final Verdicts:

Basically, I am a lawyer not a tech guy. But, I can find out pros and cons of any thing very quickly. Truly, this is my job.

Roam Research Desktop App Pros And Cons In A Single Look:


  • Easy To Use
  • Bidirectional Note-Taking
  • Image And Video Integration
  • Some Kind Of Local Notes Saving


  • Looks Like Web App
  • No Web Clipper
  • Limited Export Option
  • Limited Import Options
  • No Printing Option
  • Local Storage Problem

Roam research desktop app has many good features to choice for. I love this app for some interesting features like bidirectional note-taking, easy and clean interface, image and video integration easily, and more features.

Sometime more tiny features can make a big differences. Roam research has some lack of features like web clipper, limited export option, limited import option, no printing, local storage problem, etc.

If you want to learn something new then use Roam Research desktop app. Do you know any special feature about this app? Please let me know in the comment section.


Is Roam Research web based?

Basically, Roam Research is a web-based app. Fortunately, they have recently launched apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Those Apps works without the internet and store data locally. When you back online they sync the data with their server.

Can you use roam research offline?

Recently Roam Research they have launched desktop apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux. All the apps work offline. You can create local storage notes and those notes will not sync with Roam Research server.

Is there a free version of Roam research?

Honestly, there is no free version of Roam Research. But, you can use Roam Research for Free in the newly launched Roam Research Desktop App. In Roam Research Desktop app just create a Local Graph. Now you can use Roam Research for free. Remember, Roam Research will not sync those notes to the cloud. Roam Research Local Graph

Is roam research available for Windows?

Yes, Roam Research available for Windows. Recently, Roam Research team unveil desktop apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux. So, you can take notes in Roam Research via desktop apps.

How do I install roam research?

Roam Research has introduced its desktop apps for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Just go to the Roam Research Website, download your installation file, and install the file on your desktop.

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