Workflowy: 14 Fabulous Benefits Of Note-Taking To Increase Productivity

Workflowy is different note-taking apps compare with other note-taking apps on the market. It is lite, easy, made for taking notes.

As a lawyer like me, you are also finding a good, easy, curter-free note-taking app. I found this amazing note-taking app in last year’s pandemic lock-down. After that, I become a big fan of workflowy.

Can you imagine, How you can be benefited from using Workflowy? I know you do not have enough idea about the question. Let me help you.

Do you ever write an article in a notebook full of lots of notes? The answer may be yes for most people, some people answer the question negatively. So, you are in the team of yes then you should know the chaos of it.

OK, you wrote an article in your notebook app. Then, you take a huge amount of notes. After two months later, you need the article. But, the problem is you cannot remember the name of the article.

14 Benefits Of Using Workflowy App:

There are lots of benefits to using light bullet journal like note-taking apps. Workflowy is constantly bringing new features. I am sharing with you some most important benefits of using the amazing note-taking app.

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1. Workflowy Bullet Journal Note-Taking System:

Bullet journal note-taking is a most speedy way of modern-day note-taking. Bullet journal note-taking gives you a speedy way when you take notes.

Workflowy makes the bullet journal note-taking system among the people. You may say that this app is the father of bullet journal note-taking.

It is a good taking your notes. This kind of system gives you a view of all main notes you took.

As a result, your notes become focused before your eye. So that, you can easily track any notes you took.

2. Free Of Cost For Mid-Level Note-Takers:

You are taking notes for your work. Those notes you took for your work are enough for you. Workflowy free plan is adequate for your use.

Workflowy gives every free user a handsome amount of bullets. They give 250 bullets per month. This free plan is more than enough for those who take notes for their work purpose.

If you are a researcher then you should purchase the paid plan. Because researchers take tons of notes for their research work.

Lawyers are the best researcher in the world. I strongly recommend you to use paid plan for comfortable use in your legal profession.

3. Easy To Use Note-Taking App:

Most of the note-taking apps did not create equally. Some have been created for the large knowledge base. Many note-taking apps focused on handwritten note-taking. Few create their note-taking app as an all-in-one app. Some note-taking apps believe in only security.

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Workflowy app focuses on easy use note-taking app. No doubt this app has nothing complicated. It is so easy that even your grandma can write in this app.

Lawyers are busy people. They need an easy, simple, and convenient note-taking app. Workflowy is the best for those who want a simple, easy-to-use note-taking app.

4. Faster App Load Time:

Workflowy made a smart move when they build the app. It opens quickly in every OS. This is a big deal in the field of a note-taking app.

Why Fast Note-Taking App Is Important? Let me explain. You have an idea in your mind. If you do not store the idea in your note-taking apps or notebooks you may lose the idea.

Now, you need to open your note-taking app. The problem is many note-taking apps do not open instantly. They take some seconds.

Some note-taking app are basically web-apps. That’s mean when you need an online connection then you can take notes, otherwise you cannot take your notes.

As a lawyer, sometimes I think about how to win a particular case? Then suddenly I found a good way to win the case. My next step must be to write the idea into my note-taking app.

I click on the app and it takes some seconds. But, unfortunately, my idea has gone from my head. This thing happened to everybody in the world.

Workflowy can help you to overcome this problem.

5. Picture Note-Taking:

Most of the people in the world do not have much time for type notes. Sometimes, we do not take notes due to a lack of typing time.

Modern-day note-taking apps know the problem. They solved the problem with a modern-day solution. The solution is taking notes with taking pictures.

Workflowy adopted this idea and took the idea to next level. They made picture note-taking quite simple from your smartphones.

Just open the app, go to the page where you would like to attach the picture note. After that, click on the camera button. This button will open your camera directly. Take picture of the notes. That’s it.

So, simple solution for a complex problem. Lawyers can utilize this feature of workflowy and make some quick notes.

6. Your To-Do List Replacement:

Once I was a hardcore user of to-do lists. I used Wunderlist a lot. But, Microsoft bought the app company and discontinue the app in the favor of Microsoft To-Do. Then I stopped using the to-do lists app.

Last year, during the pandemic and lockdown I found Workflowy app and found to-do lists is much easier to manage in the app.

So, I started using to-dost in the app again. I can manage my to-dos very easily using this app. I can easily finish the to-do just hold on to the to-do and swipe it to the rite in my smartphone.

If you are a lawyer like me and need a clean to-do list app you should use Worlflowy.

7. Auto Sync In The Cloud:

Taking notes is an easy task. But, the problem occurs when notes do not sync across devices. You tried manual sync options. That is not working though. You are hopeless now.

This kind of problem occured with many many times when I was a big fan of Microsoft’s OneNote. This is the only reason I leave OneNote.

Modern-day note-taking apps are smart and use auto-sync into their cloud. As a result of no more sync problem.

Workflowy take this issue very seriously. So, they use one of the best auto sync systems for their apps. As a result, we the users are getting the best sync facility. No more hassle with cross devices sync problem.

This facility gives you the freedom of taking notes. Do not worry about saving notes anymore. This is a life-saving feature for lawyers.

8. Cross Platform Workflowy Note-Taking App:

I used a huge numbers of note-taking apps. I know how important it is. The cross platform app is a revolusonary idea.

Basically, most of the note-taking apps target Mac, iOS primarily. Then they think about Windows and Android platforms. But very few have Linux applications. Some note-taking apps only have web applications like Google Keep, Roam Research, etc.

Linux is gaining its momentum slowly. Young people love Linux instead of Mac and Windows. Now, most of the note-taking company making apps for the Linux platform too.

Workflowy is one of the few apps that has apps for Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and web. So, it has the edge over a major note-taking app.

Many lawyers and law firms around the world use Linux for security. This note-taking app is a good alternative for them.

9. Bidirectional Note-Taking:

Bidirectional note-taking apps are more popular this day. This feature helps you create a link with other notes. So, you can see related notes with the sentence or word in your note.

Workflowy gives you the feature in a convenient and easy way. As a result, you can easily track another note related to this note.

Lawyers can use this feature and save time to find similar notes or case laws related to the same facts. It could be a game-changer for lawyers.

10. Web-Clipping Made Easy:

Many note-taking apps have web-clipper features. What is a web clipper? Basically, web clipper clip any web page into your favorite note-taking app. As a result, you can read the article or blog later inside your note-taking app.

Workflowy does not have its native web clipper. However, there is some third party web clipper extension in google chrome, firefox, and other browsers to do the job for you.

Web clipping feature is a game-changing feature for lawyers. Everybody knows that lawyers read a lot more than any other job holder in the world. So, as a lawyer, you can clip any articles as in workflowy and read them later.

Here are some amazing web clipper for Workflowy.

11. Destruction Free Writing Environment:

You write a lot. You do not like to edit your documents while you are writing. When you write traditional word process gives you more hassle. No problem, use a destruction-free word processor.

Workflowy is one of the best destruction-free writing environments in the world. You can write what you want without any destruction. After that, you can easily move your writing to traditional word processors or any other platform you like.

This feature is a big relief for lawyers. Every lawyer writes a lot of articles, petitions, contracts, etc. They often confused in the middle of writing. Because thy try to edit them in the time of writing.

Workflowy can help lawyers to finish writing without any destruction and after that edit the document on a traditional word processor.

12. Better Outlining App On The Go:

Everybody needs better outlining software if you are a good writer. Outlining software can help your writing more quickly and organize.

What do a outlining software do? Outlining software is one kind of easy to use writing software. In this software you can what you are writing at a glance. It has a tree type structure. This structure shows your headings. When you click on any heading it will show you all contents under the heading.

Woorkflowy is made to become a good outliner app. This app provides everything you need to outline your valuable documents.

As a lawyer, I always want to use a good outlining app. I tried Scrivener. But, this app is too complicated for lawyers. Then I found workflowy. It is a great outliner. Every Lawyer should try this amazing app.

13. No Learning Curve:

Most people fear learning new things. This principle applies when people found new software. Sometimes, learning new software becomes annoying and time-consuming.

Workflowy takes a different approach. They make their app clean, no learning curve, easy to use. As a result, do not have to learn new things.

Time is the most precius thing in the world and specially for lawyers. I strongly recommend this easy to use note-taking app for every lawyers.

14. Good GTD Note-Taking Apps:

Getting Things Done(GTD) is a new concept in the working environment. Nowadays destruction is everywhere. The same thing happens in the note-taking app.

Note-taking apps are becoming more and more complex day by day. So, a destruction-free working environment is becoming smaller.

Workflowy thinks about this big problem. So, they have created easy to use note-taking app that can finish your job done.

Every lawyer can take benefits of this king of GTD note-taking app.

My Experiences With Worflowy As A Lawyer:

I am a minimalist person. I like minimal things in my life. A note-taking app is no exception to this rule. I know, I am not the only person in the world who loves simplicity.

As a lawyer, how stressful this job is. If you get more stress from your computer, apps, then you will become more like a time bomb.

So, please select every of your software carefully. I know every lawyer uses a note-taking app most of the time. So, a note-taking app is very important to every lawyer.

Do You Like Workflowy? Why Do You Like Workflowy?

FAQ About Workflowy:

How much does Workflowy cost?

Workflowy has two plans. One is a free plan. The second one is a pro plan and will cost you $ 4.99/month. In the free plan you have some limitations. On the other hand paid plan gives you full access of features like unlimited bullets, unlimited file upload, most features shearing option, Auto-backup to Dropbox, etc.Workflowy price

Why is WorkFlowy free?

Honestly, workflowy is not a free app. But, it has a free version. The free version of workflowy is a downgraded version of the main app. The free version provides you limited 250 bullets per month, limited shearing options, limited file uploading options. Basically, workflowy free is for new customers to coup with the extraordinary app.

Is WorkFlowy secure?

Workflowy use virtual private cloud on Amazon Web Services. They take backup of every account and notes every single day. They also use industry-standard measures to secure the data. As a result your data will be safe with workflowy. Yes, workflowy is a secure note-taking platform.


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