How To Recover Text Missing In Obsidian Notes (Step By Step Guide)

Recover Deleted Notes And Lost Contents In Obsidian

You can lose notes and notes contain inside obsidian without any warning. I have faced this problem more than once. Then, I was finding the solution for the problems. After a lot of frustration and pain, I found a solution for these problems. How to recover deleted files and text missing in obsidian is the main problem for most people.

Obsidian is gaining popularity in the note-taking community. Now, a lot of people use this amazing app. No doubt, this is a great app for note-takers.

But a great app comes with a great problem. Obsidian has some problems too. Those problems can overcome with easy solutions.

I use obsidian to write my blog posts, important notes from any case, and scholarly Articles. As a lawyer, I know how painful it is when you open a note and found some important note-content is missing.

This article is for those who lost notes and note files in obsidian notes.  

The Problem About Recover Deleted Notes And Text Missing In Obsidian?

When you write a note in obsidian, and somehow you lost the note. You become frustrated. You need a solution for those problems. Here are the solutions.

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Why Notes Delete In Obsidian?

There is a reason for that. You unintentionally delete your note. This is the only reason of delete the note file. But, the problem is you cannot undo the deleted file just Ctrl+Z. It is a big problem for you.

How To Undo Or Recover Deletion Of Notes In Obsidian?

Obsidian has no default option to undo any deleted file with Ctrl+Z commend. Here are simple steps to recover the accidentally deleted file in obsidian.

Obsidian .trash
  1. Open your obsidian vault. The vault is where you store your obsidian notes.
  2. Show hidden files in your OS. This will show a folder named .trash. I am using Pop OS and it is Linux.
  3. In the .trash folder, you can see your all deleted files.
  4. Copy the file you want to recover and paste the file in your obsidian vault.

How To Prevent Deletion Of Files In Obsidian?

Sometimes deletion of files may occur accidentally. So, it is nothing but a human error. Now I can say that prevention is better than cure.

To prevent accidentally deletion of file in obsidian you should follow some steps.

Confirm File Deletion In Obsidian
  • Go to Obsidian settings. After that, click on Files & Links tab.
  • Then enable confirm file deletion.
  • Next, when you try to delete any file from obsidian, the obsidian will ask your permission in a pop-up Are you sure you want to delete ” this note”.

Your notes are now more secure than ever. Enjoy the simplicity and do not afraid of deletion of notes in obsidian.

Why Note Contents Can Be Delete In Obsidian?

You are taking a note. Some disruption happens. You leave your laptop for 10 minutes. When you came back to your laptop and click on your obsidian and you were surprised.

Some of your note contents are not inside the note. You become so fractured. The same matter happened to me. I become so unhappy that nearly I uninstall obsidian. But, then I decided that I will find the problem.

After some research about the problem. The problem is causing by some third-party community plugins.

How To Recover Text Missing Of Notes In Obsidian?

The creators of obsidian were very much aware of missing content. They gave a file recovery option for this kind of missing content inside obsidian. Recover missing contents in obsidian is an easy task if you know the steps to flow. Here are the steps to flow to recover missing contents in obsidian.

File Recovery Tab To Recover Text Missing In Obsidian.
Recover Content in Obsidian Copy To clipboard
Recover Content in Obsidian Copy To clipboard
  1. Open Obsidian settings and go to the plugin option. Then Click on File Recovery.
  2. After that Click on the View in the snapshots area.
  3. Then search for your desire note snapshot.
  4. Next, hit the copy to the clipboard button.
  5. In the end, pest the copy note content into your desire note.

How To Prevent Disappear Text In Obsidian Notes?

Again prevention is better than cure theory. You can prevent content loss in obsidian with some security steps flows.

  • Do not install any third-party back-dated plugin.
  • Do not make any changes if you are not fully aware of the changes.
  • Uninstall or delete any plugin which does not provide any update.
  • Do not install any word count plugin.
  • Do not install unnecessary themes.

Usually, I follow these dos and don’t. These dos and don’t make my obsidian app more productive and hassle-free.

My Experience About Recover Deleted Notes And Text Missing In Obsidian:

Obsidian notes give us big freedom to take notes and collect our ideas in very different ways. This free note-taking app can do a lot of things.

This is a live-saving note-taking app for many lawyers around the world. Nothing is perfect in the world. Obsidian is not an exceptional app from this rule.

In Obsidian deleted notes and lost contents problem is a big problem. Most of the user faces those problems. I have tried to find the solution and the solution given by the Obsidian app team.

Normal users and lawyers face many problems because of deleted notes and lost contents in notes using the obsidian note-taking app. I shared the solution with you.

If you are facing any problems like this one, please hear with me in the comment section below.


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