Top 10 Best Secure Note-Taking Apps (2022)

End-To-End Encryption is everywhere now. This feature is the demand of the time. Why do your note-taking apps stay behind and leak your data? Secure note-taking apps can provide you the confidence in your work. There are many secure note-taking apps in the world. But, the problem is, not all of them are good enough to handle for normal users.

In this article, I am to give you the 10 most secure note-taking apps for normal users. Some apps like Obsidian, Typora, Notebag I am using for one year now. Other end-to-end encrypted note-taking apps were personally tested by me for at least two months. I hope you will be benefited from reading this article.

In 2022, Those note-taking apps will provide you with end-to-end encrypting options. So, the list will be unchanged.

End-To-End Encrypted Secure Note-Taking Apps:

  1. Obsidian.
  2. Notsnook
  3. Simplenote
  4. Joplin
  5. Turtl
  6. Logseq.
  7. Typora.
  8. Bear App.
  9. Notebag.
  10. Notable.

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1. Obsidian: Most Advanced Note-Taking App:

Obsidian is not an old note-taking app like Evernote but like Roam Research. This app will be your second brain with your notes. Obsidian is one of the best Markdown note-taking app in the world.

Modern-day note-taking apps have provided so many features. Obsidian provides all the modern features with extra features. As a result, what you need to take your notes, Obsidian will provide you. Obsidian is so powerful that you can do anything with this note-taking app. All articles on this site I have ever posted have been written in Obsidian.

1.1. Reason To Choose Obsidian:

  • Full Markdown Text Editor.
  • Bi-directional Linking Notes.
  • Organize Your Note Using Tags.
  • Voice Note-Taking.
  • Insert Any Kind Of Media.
  • Zettelkasten Note-Taking.
  • Huge Core And Third-party Plugins.
  • Huge Core And Third-party CSS Themes.
  • Your Second Brain.
  • Local File Storage.
  • More Secure Than Cloud Sync Note-Taking Apps.
  • Stronger Search Feature.
  • Block Style Note-Taking.
  • Block Bi-directional Linking.
  • Fully Local File Storage.
  • Most Secure Note-Taking App Out There.
  • You can replace your traditional writing app like MS Word, LibreOffice, etc.
  • Full Free To Use.

1.2. Poor Features Of Obsidian:

  • Very Young Platform.
  • No WYSIWYG Features.
  • Lack of Web clipper Function.

If you want to learn something new and better, then Obsidian is the right choice for you. I learn this app in only three days. You can learn this app in less time. Learn this app and enjoy the freedom of taking notes using Markdown editor and feel the power of Obsidian.

2. Notesnook: Best Secure Evernote Clone:

Notesnook is a security-focused note-taking app. Security is the main sailing point of this note-taking app. This note-taking app has all the features of Evernote and has the most secure note-taking features.

2.1. Reason To Choose Notesnook:

  • 100% end-to-end encrypted note-taking app.
  • No Ads.
  • They Do not Track You.
  • No Data Mining.
  • Free end-to-end encrypted notes syncing.
  • Private notes vault.
  • On device encryption.
  • Free password protected notes sharing.
  • Free end-to-end encrypted notes syncing.
  • Sync With Unlimited Devices.
  • Work Offline.
  • Export To PDF, HTML, Markdown, etc.
  • Import Notes From Any Note-Taking App.

2.2. Poor Features Of Notesnook:

  • No Unlimited Storage In Free Version.
  • No Unlimited Attachments In Free Version.
  • Automatic syncing In Only Pro Version.
  • Full rich text editor + markdown support Only In Pro Version.

Notesnook is one of the most secure note-taking apps in the world. You can get every Evernote feature in this app. This note-taking app is the best choice for Lawyers, Law firms, Journalists, Governments, and Business personals for its end-to-end security.

3. Simplenote: The Simplest Evernote Alternative:

Simplenote is one of the cleanest and easiest note-taking apps for professionals. There are some pros and cons of simplenote. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of this note-taking app.

Simplenote is the cleanest and free Evernote alternative in the world. This note-taking app is one of its kind. It has not enough features but some features that are very good for everyday use. Here are some top pros of this app.

3.1. Reason To Choose Simplenote Over Evernote:

  • The Creators Of WordPress Created Simplenote.
  • End-To-End Security.
  • App For Every OS In The World.
  • Most Secure Note-Taking App.
  • Sync Cross Devices Instantly.
  • Markdown Editor.
  • Totally Free Application.

3.2. Poor Features Of Simplenote:

  • No Bi-Directional Linking.
  • Team Note-Taking Features Are Complicated In Simplenote.
  • No Way Of Attaching Files.
  • No Good Option To Import Notes Form Other Note-Taking Apps.

If you want to take notes in the simplest ways, then, Simplenote is the best option for you. Lawyers love simplicity. Lawyers can take advantage of this note-taking app.

4. Joplin: Secure Note-Taking App With Tons Of Features:

Joplin is a good note-taking app with most modern features. This is open-source note-taking app security in mind. Joplin End-To-End Encryption (E2EE) to secure your notes and ensure no-one but yourself can access them. You can customize this app according to your needs.

4.1 Some Important Features Of Joplin:

  • End-To-End Encryption (E2EE).
  • Markdown Editor.
  • Web Clipper.
  • Synchronization with various services, including Nextcloud, Dropbox, WebDAV and OneDrive.
  • Offline Note-Taking And Editing.
  • Import Enex files (Evernote export format) and Markdown files.
  • Export JEX files (Joplin Export format), Markdown, PDF, HTML, and RAW files.
  • Good To-Do Features.
  • Organize notes with tags.
  • File attachment.
  • Inline display of PDF, video and audio files.
  • Extensible functionality through plugin and data APIs.
  • Template support.
  • Custom CSS support.

4.2. Some Bad Side Of Joplin:

  • Out dated UI.
  • No Bi-directional Linking Notes.
  • Focus Mode Missing.

Joplin is one of the best secure note-taking apps in the world. This app is the best suitable for lawyers, law firms, judges, journalists, etc. The UI is a little boring but, your notes become more secure with capable hands.

5.Turtl: One Of The Most Secure Note-Taking Apps:

I know I am talking about the most secure note-taking apps in this post. No list will fulfill without Turtl note-taking app if you are making a list of the most secure note-taking apps. Turtl is a good note-taking app with some robust security features.

5.1 Some Important Features Of Turtl Note-Taking App:

  • Client-side cryptography to keep all of your data safe.
  • Securely share with anyone without compromising the security of your data.
  • Good Web Clipper.
  • Full Markdown Editor.
  • TeX math expressions.
  • Semi-offline mode.(you only need to be connected to log in).
  • Open-source server allows you to host your own Turtl data.
  • Securely share with anyone without compromising the security of your data.
  • All of your Attached Files Will Be Also Secure And Safe.

5.2. Some Missing Features Of Turtl:

  • No Bi-directional linking notes.
  • Focus Mode Missing.
  • Older UI Design.

If your primary goal of taking notes to save some secure data, then Turtl is the most secure note-taking app for you. Highly recommend for lawyers, big business man, journalists, etc.

6.  Logseq: A True Roam Research Like Note-Taking Apps:

Logseq is an open-source project. This note-taking app is a true clone of Roam Research. The Logseq has most of the features of Roam Research.

This note-taking app is a true bi-directional linking note-taking app. This amazing note-taking and knowledge base app is in the developing phase. They are adding new features frequently.

6.1. Some Pros Of Logseq:

  • Bi-directional Linking Note-Taking App System.
  • Full Markdown Support.
  • Secure by nature.
  • Bullet Journal Note-Taking.
  • Make Your Research SImple.
  • Insert PDF, Image,Videos Without Hassle.
  • Zotero Integration.
  • Organize Your To-Do List Easily.
  • Your Favorite Calculator.
  • Drawing Picture, or handwriting notes with unique tools.
  • Full Free.

6.2. Poor Features Of Logseq:

  • No Mobile App.
  • Latex cannot Be Use.
  • No Kanban Board.
  • There Is No Web Clipper.

I like this app for linking notes. Logseq is an open-source alternative to Roam Research. Most Roam Research features are in Logseq. In addition, you do not need to pay any kind of fee. But, you can give them some donations.

5. Typora: A Destruction Free Writer And Note-Taking App:

Typora is a Markdown-powered simple note-taking app. This simple app was made for only one purpose, Fast note-taking and writing. All notes stores on a local disk. That means your data are safe with you.

This note-taking app is so simple and feature-rich that your writing and note-taking become quicker and easier. I used this note-taking app for two years. After my testing, I become more pleasing with the app.

5.1. Reason To Choose Typora:

  • Full Markdown Editor.
  • What You See Is What You Mean
  • File Saved In Markdown Format.
  • Full Free To Use.
  • Distractions Free Writing Environment.
  • Word Counter.
  • Lots Of Themes.
  • Has Template Gallery.
  • Secure To Use.
  • Lite App.
  • Clean Interface.
  • Many Export Options Like PDF, HTML, .md (You Can Export Other File Format By Using PanDoc).
  • Best For Writing And Quick Note-Taking.
  • App For Mac, Windows And Linux.

5.2. Features I Do Not Like In Typora:

  • No Sync Option.
  • No Mobile App.
  • Still In Beta Stage.

Typora is an elegant note-taking app for free. It has not enough features than Obsidian and Evernote, but, this app is made for quick note-takers and Distractions Free Writing Environment. If you write a lot every day, Typora is one of the best options for you.

I love this app for its simple design and quick writing method. When you start using Typora you become a fan of this amazing app.

7. Bear App: The Best Note-Taking App For Mac Ecosystem Users:

Bear app is also a Markdown note-taking app for Mac, iOS devices. This app is so amazing that a lot of Mac users use this app for taking notes and writing.

This amazing app has some unique features that no other note-taking app can provide. I used this app for only 9 days and I become mad for its features.

7.1. Reason To Choose Bear App:

  • Markdown Editor.
  • Security Is The Other Name Of Bear App.
  • Real Time Note Sync.
  • Easy Settings.
  • Handy Shortcuts.
  • Clean Interface.
  • Good Export Features.
  • Import From Evernote.
  • Hashtag To Organize Notes.
  • Focus Mode.
  • Bi-directional Link Note.
  • Good To-Do List Features.

9. Notebag: The Tiny Easy To Use Note-taking App:

Notebag is a full-featured Markdown note-taking app. This note-taking app was launched in mid-2020. Although, it is a new note-taking app, it has many useful features that do not provide by other big names. All of your notes save on a local disk. As a result, your notes are sucure.

9.1. Some Amazing Features Of Notebag:

  • Always stay on system try. As a result you can open it quickly. just “Ctrl+Alt+Space” to open and take notes. Most realistic way of taking notes.
  • Markdown Editor.
  • Bi-directional Linking Notes.
  • Focus Mode.
  • Less Options For Destruction Free UI.
  • There is no settings button. To go to settings you have type “Ctrl+,”. So simple.

9.2. Some Cons Of Notebag:

  • Too Simple.
  • Some Important buttons should be on the Main window.
  • Some new users can get lost with keyboard shortcuts.

Notebag has bring some new ideas in the note-taking market. It has simplified a lot of features. So, I use this note-taking app for my quick notes.

10. Notable: One Of Best New Markdown Note-Taking App:

I always love Markdown note-taking apps. Notable is a new Markdown-based clean note-taking apps. This app has app for all platforms. When you open this app you will see the is similar to Evernote UI. As a result many users feel home. This app store files on a local drive. So, files become more secure than cloud-based note-taking apps.

10.1. Some Good Reasons To Consider Notable:

  • Full Featured Markdown Features.
  • Clean And Easy Design.
  • Tag For Organize Notes
  • Bi-directional Linked Notes.
  • No Vendor Lock-In.
  • Dark Mode.
  • Zen mode provides a minimalistic editing and reading experience.
  • A multi-note editor is available for performing an action, like favoriting, pinning, deleting, tagging etc.
  • A split-editor is available for quickly checking out how your note will be rendered while you’re editing it.
  • Export your notes to Markdown, HTML or PDF.
  • Easy Sync with Dropbox, Google Drive or other cloud.
  • Open Source By nature.
  • Security is the core feature.
  • Focus Mode.

10.2. Some Bad Features of Notable:

  • Tag Insert process should be more easier.
  • No Graph View.
  • No web clipper.
  • Handwriting note not possible.
  • No mobile app till now.

Notable is a very good Markdown note-taking app. You can do anything in this Markdown note app. Notable is a full feature Markdown Note app. This app is developing faze. As a result, we will see a lot of new features in near future.

My Final Though About Secure Note-Taking Apps:

Secure note-taking apps are requirements of the modern time. Markdown editor, mix with bi-directional linking notes becomes more user-friendly note-taking system. Those note-taking apps also provide robust security of your data.

As a lawyer, I always feel unsafe with my data. My notes are not an exception to those concerns. As a result, I began to use some Markdown-based secure note-taking apps like Obsidian, Typora, Notebag, etc. Now, I feel relax.

In the list above, I have tried to give you the best Markdown-based End-To-End secure note-taking apps.

If You Know Any Secure Note-Taking Apps, Then, Please Let Me Know In The Comment Box.


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