Unique 15 Best Markdown Note-Taking App (2022)

Markdown note-taking app is rocking now. Many people use Markdown note instead of normal or traditional note-taking apps. Once upon a time, I was a big fan of Evernote, OneNote, and Google Keep. Now, I use Google Keep for some less important jobs. But, I have totally shifted to Obsidian, Nimbus Note, and Notion.

In this list I am giving you the best Markdown notes app. I have personally tested that Markdown app for at least two months. As a result, all the notes app Markdown has been tested by me personally. So, do not worry about them.

In 2022 the list of the best markdown note-taking apps is remaining the same. There are many reasons for that. The most important reason is that we are not seeing any other good markdown-based note-taking app till now in 2022.

What Features I Considered While Making This List?

There are many features that are common with all the Markdown notes in this list.

  • Markdown Editor Powered Notes.
  • Bi-directional Linking Notes.
  • Clean UI.
  • Web Clipper.
  • Note Export Options.
  • Writing Experience.
  • Preview Mode.
  • Security.
  • Search Options.

Here Are Some Best Markdown Note-Taking App:

  1. Obsidian.
  2. Roam Research.
  3. Nimbus Note.
  4. Notejoy
  5. Typora.
  6. iA Writer.
  7. Zettlr.
  8. Bear App
  9. Notion.
  10. Simplenote.
  11. Mem Note
  12. UpNote.
  13. Dynalist
  14. Notebag.
  15. Notable.

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1. Obsidian: Most Advanced Note-Taking App:

Obsidian is not an old note-taking app like Evernote but like Roam Research. This app will be your second brain with your notes. Obsidian is one of the best Markdown note-taking app in the world.

Modern-day note-taking apps have provided so many features. Obsidian provides all the modern features with extra features. As a result, what you need to take your notes, Obsidian will provide you. Obsidian is so powerful that you can do anything with this note-taking app. All articles on this site I have ever posted have been written in Obsidian.

1.1. Reason To Choose Obsidian:

  • Full Markdown Text Editor.
  • Bi-directional Linking Notes.
  • Organize Your Note Using Tags.
  • Voice Note-Taking.
  • Insert Any Kind Of Media.
  • Zettelkasten Note-Taking.
  • Huge Core And Third-party Plugins.
  • Huge Core And Third-party CSS Themes.
  • Your Second Brain.
  • Stronger Search Feature.
  • Block Style Note-Taking.
  • Block Bi-directional Linking.
  • Fully Local File Storage.
  • Most Secure Note-Taking App Out There.
  • You can replace your traditional writing app like MS Word, LibreOffice, etc.
  • Full Free To Use.

1.2. Poor Features Of Obsidian:

  • Very Young Platform.
  • No WYSIWYG Features.
  • Lack of Web clipper Function.

If you want to learn something new and better, then Obsidian is the right choice for you. I learn this app in only three days. You can learn this app in less time. Learn this app and enjoy the freedom of taking notes using Markdown editor and feel the power of Obsidian.

2. Roam Research: The Idea Connector Note-Taking App:

Roam Research is an Obsidian Style note-taking app. This app has the most features Obsidian has. Roam Research is popular among researchers around the world. This app has a large user base.

This note-taking app is gained popularity from mind 2020. Till now, this amazing note-taking app earns respect and love from many users around the world.

2.1. Reason To Choose Roam Research:

  • Taking Notes Is So Easy With Bullet Journal Note-Taking.
  • Make Your Research SImple.
  • Bi-directional Note-Taking System Make Your Effort More Useful To You.
  • Insert PDF, Image,Videos Without Hassle.
  • Encrypt Your Classified Texts.
  • Organize Your To-Do List Easily.
  • Your Favorite Calculator.
  • Latex Make Your Writing Beautiful.
  • Best Way To Use Kanban Board.
  • Draw Diagram In Simplest Way.
  • Pomodoro Timer For Time Tracking.
  • Drawing Picture, No Problem.

2.2. Poor Features Of Roam Research:

  • Free Version Only Work With Roam Research Desktop App And No Sync To Cloud.
  • Pricing Is Little Bit Higher.
  • No Mobile App.
  • Learning Curve.

Can I consider Roam Research as a primary Markdown note-taking app? Yes, this note-taking app is one of the best Markdown note-taking app for researchers, programmers, etc. I strongly recommend this fantastic note-taking app who love Markdown note.

3. Nimbus Note: The Best Evernote Like Note-Taking Apps:

Nimbus note is an Evernote clone. It has all features of Evernote, and some unique features of modern-day note-taking. There are many reasons to choose Nimbus note.

3.1. Reason To Choose Nimbus Note:

  • Markdown Editor(Cannot Create Table).
  • Focus Mode.
  • Web Clipper (Better Than Evernote). This Is A Evernote Alternative Web Clipper.
  • Auto Sync Cross Device.
  • Offline Note-Taking And Editing (No Need A Pro Plan).
  • Attach Any Types Of File.
  • OCR Capability.
  • Block Note Taking like Notion.
  • Export File To PDF And HTML.
  • Nimbus Web For Access Your Notes From Anywhere.
  • Better iOS And Android App.
  • Good Table Creation And Editing Features.
  • Focus Mode.

3.2. Poor Features Of Nimbus Note:

  • No Bi-directional Liking.
  • Free Version Is Limited.

As a lawyer, I always recommend Nimbus note to every lawyer. This note-taking app has more tools than many note-taking apps. One of its beat features is a good Markdown Editor. You should try this note-taking app now. Nimbus note is a true Markdown note-taking app in every way.

4. Notejoy: Make You Joy When Taking Notes:

Notejoy is an Evernote-like note-taking app. This app fantastically looks and feels like Evernote. I used this app for one month, and this app is very good at note-taking. The best feature of this app is a clean Markdown Editor note.

Notejoy provide you every Evernote, and some modern features too. There are many reasons to use Notejoy as a Markdown note. Notejoy’s Markdown editor is powerful enough that you can do anything with the editor.

If you are a lawyer like me, then you may face many problems With other note-taking apps in recent days. This is the proper time to find a good Markdown-powered note-taking app for your notes. Maybe, Notejoy can full-fill all of your needs as a note-taking app Evernote Markdown alternative, if you are handy with Markdown syntax.

4.1. Reason To Choose Notejoy:

  • Bi-directional Linking Note-Taking Made Easy.
  • Good And Speedy Web Clipper.
  • Markdown Editor (No Support For Creating Tables).
  • Trallo, Google Drive, ect. Can Be Easily Integrate.
  • Clean UI (Same As Evernote).
  • Focus Mode.

4.2. Poor Features Of Notejoy:

  • No Table Creation.
  • Some Markdown Features Do Not Work.

If you are a lawyer and become a slave of the traditional note-taking app, then choose this note-taking app. I found, Notejoy’s Markdown Editor is strong enough to handle all of your notes. Notejoy has same user interface and features of Evernote, at a competitive price. So, you can switch to Notejoy easily as your main Markdown notes.

5. Typora: A Destruction Free Writer And Note-Taking App:

Typora is a Markdown-powered simple note-taking app. This simple app was made for only one purpose, Fast note-taking and writing.

This note-taking app is so simple and feature-rich that your writing and note-taking become quicker and easier. I used this note-taking app for two years. After my testing, I become more pleasing with the app.

5.1. Reason To Choose Typora:

  • Full Markdown Editor.
  • What You See Is What You Mean
  • File Saved In Markdown Format.
  • Full Free To Use.
  • Distractions Free Writing Environment.
  • Word Counter.
  • Lots Of Themes.
  • Has Template Gallery.
  • Secure To Use.
  • Lite App.
  • Clean Interface.
  • Many Export Options Like PDF, HTML, .md (You Can Export Other File Format By Using PanDoc).
  • Best For Writing And Quick Note-Taking.
  • App For Mac, Windows And Linux.

5.2. Features I Do Not Like In Typora:

  • No Sync Option.
  • No Mobile App.
  • Still In Beta Stage.

Typora is an elegant note-taking app for free. It has not enough features than Obsidian and Evernote, but, this app is made for quick note-takers and Distractions Free Writing Environment. If you write a lot everyday, Typora is one of the best options for you.

I love this app for its simple design and quick writing method. When you start using Typora you become a fan of this amazing app.

6. iA writer: Simplest Markdown Note-taking App:

iA writer is one of the best Markdown-based Note-taking and writing apps in the world. This beautiful looking note-taking app can make your writing beautiful and in a quick time.

I am currently using this Markdown app for some kind of testing my writing. When you open this app you will make a sound like WOW. Yes, this app is too beautiful.

6.1. Some Amazing Features Of iA Writer:

  • Full Markdown Support.
  • Hot keys can be customizable.
  • Unique focus mode. You cannot see this type of user friendly focus mode any apps in the world.
  • Wide Range of Exporting options.
  • Equation Rendering.
  • Custom Font Support.
  • Post directly into blogging platform like Ghost, WordPress, Medium, etc.
  • Dark Mode.
  • Themes.
  • Highly secure.

6.2. Some Cons Of iA Writer:

  • Not a free version. only 14 days trial.
  • No Auto sync to cloud.
  • To access your files from anywhere you have to host your files in your own cloud platforms like, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

If you are a hard-core note-taker or writer then iA writer is the best option for you. I strongly recommend this app for writing petitions, contracts, etc for lawyers. This app is highly secure and productive.

7. Zettlr: A True Zettelkasten Note-Taking And Writing App:

Zettlr is a Markdown based Zettelkasten note-taking app. This app is a refreshing note-taking app. This was my first app where I write and learn Markdown. So, I have a special love for this note-taking app. Believe me you will also love this app.

7.1. Some Amazing Features Of Zettlr:

  • Full Markdown Editor.
  • Clean User Interface.
  • Bi-directional Linking Notes.
  • Zettelkasten Note-Taking.
  • Pandoc and LaTeX Support.
  • Reference Manager Like Zotero, CSL-JSON, etc Supports. As A Result You Can Write Books, Articles, etc, easily.
  • Wide Varity Of File Exporting Option.
  • Distruction Free More, Night Mode, Typewriter Mode, etc Out Of The Box.
  • Promodoro-Timer.
  • Strong Tag Manager.
  • Strongest Heatmap Search for better search.

7.2. Some Cons Of Zettlr:

  • No Live Preview Option.
  • You Cannot Use Two Or More Windows In A Same Time. YOu Have To Work With Only One Window.
  • No Graph View option.
  • It is not easy to insert images, files, PDF in Zettlr.
  • No Mobile App.

I like Zettlr a lot. There are so many reasons for that. The Markdown editor of Zettlr is amazing. I write two of my Scholarly Articles in Zettlr. It is amazing. Book writers, lawyers should use this amazing note-taking app instead of Traditional note-taking apps.

8. Bear App: The Best Note-Taking App For Mac Ecosystem Users:

Bear app is also a Markdown note-taking app for Mac, iOS devices. This app is so amazing that a lot of Mac users use this app for taking notes and writing.

This amazing app has some unique features that no other note-taking app can provide. I used this app for only 9 days and I become mad for its features.

8.1. Reason To Choose Bear App:

  • Markdown Editor.
  • Security Is The Other Name Of Bear App.
  • Real Time Note Sync.
  • Easy Settings.
  • Handy Shortcuts.
  • Clean Interface.
  • Good Export Features.
  • Import From Evernote.
  • Hashtag To Organize Notes.
  • Focus Mode.
  • Bi-directional Link Note.
  • Good To-Do List Features.

8.2. Top Cons Of Bear App:

  • Only Mac, iPad, and iPhone Users Can Use This Fantastic App.
  • No Windows Or Android Apps.

If you are a hardcore Apple ecosystem user, then Bear App is your must-have app. I can assure you that this note-taking app will not hurt you anyway. You become a lover of Bear app within few days. You can use this extraordinary Markdown note-taking app as your default note-taking app.

9. Notion: The Modern All In One Note-Taking Apps:

Notion is a Swiss army knife note-taking app. It has the ability to do virtually everything within notion app. Notion is one of the fastest-growing note-taking app in the world.

Many people love Notion for it’s simplicity and doing every kind of work in it. So, there are no limitations in Notion. You can do anything you want.

Notion is not like Evernote, Simplenote, Obsidian, OneNote or other note-taking app. This note-taking app provides all the combined features of most modern and best note-taking apps.

In Notion you write your notes in Markdown editor. As a result, your writing becomes more powerful and quick.

9.1. Reason To Choose Notion:

  • Notion Is Free With Its Every Features But For 4 Team Members. Enough For Personal Use.
  • Notion Is One Of The Most Secure Not-Taking App In The World.
  • This App Is A All In One App. You Can Do Anything You Want. You can use as a note-taking system, your case management system, file management system, accounting software for your firm. As a result you can save a huge amount of money just using Notion.
  • You can use notion as your personal wiki, personal knowledge base.
  • Your Accounting Software Replacement.
  • Notion Has One Of The Best Web Clipper In The Market.
  • You Can Export Your Notes Into PDF, HTML, Markdown With CSV In Notion.

9.2. Poor Features Of Notion:

  • Notion App For Every Platform Are Not Good Enough. All Apps Are Web App. No Offline Mode.
  • Notion Has Learning Carves.
  • No OCR Capability For Images.

I like Notion from my hart. Many lawyers in the world are shifting to Notion. Not only lawyers but all kind of note-taking apps user are shifting to Notion because of it wide range or features.

10. Simplenote: The Simplest Evernote Markdown Alternative:

Simplenote is one of the cleanest and easiest note-taking apps for professionals. There are some pros and cons of simplenote. Let’s discuss pros and cons of this note-taking app.

Simplenote is the cleanest and free Evernote alternative in the world. This note-taking app is one of its kind. It has not enough features but some features that are very good for everyday use. Here are some top pros of this app.

10.1. Reason To Choose Simplenote Over Evernote:

  • The Creators Of WordPress Created Simplenote.
  • App For Every OS In The World.
  • One Of The Most Secure Note-Taking App.
  • Sync Cross Devices Instantly.
  • Markdown Editor.
  • Totally Free Application.

10.2. Poor Features Of Simplenote:

  • No Bi-Directional Linking.
  • Team Note-Taking Is Not Easy.
  • No Way Of Attaching Files.
  • To Import Notes Form Other Note-Taking Apps Is Quite Hard.

If you want to take notes in the simplest ways then, Simplenote is the best option for you. Lawyer love simplicity. Lawyers can take advantage of this note-taking app.

11. Mem Note: New Born Amazing Note-Taking App:

Mem note is a bi-directional, Markdown note-taking app. It is a new note-taking app with a lot of promise. Although this is a new note-taking app it has a lot of features.

11.1. Reason To Choose Mem Note:

  • Good Markdown Support.
  • Clean And Distruction Free Writing Experience.
  • Focus Mode.
  • Bi-directional Linking Notes.
  • Create Notes Via Whatsapp, Telegram, And Text Massage.
  • Tags To Organize Notes(No File Manager).
  • Google Calendar Easy Integration.
  • Modern Features For Team Note-Taking.

11.2. Poor Features Of Mam Note:

  • No Apps For Windows, Linux, Android, iOS.
  • No Web Clipping Till Now.
  • Exporting Options Are Very Limited.

Mem.ai Note is a very new one to judge. But, the good thing is it has created a big hype in the note-taking market. I believe, Mem.ai note is a strong contender of other Markdown note-taking app. Anyone can use this note. Although to use this note you need an invitation. I can give you an invitation, if you email me to do that.

12. UpNote: The Most Underrated Rocking Star:

This is a new note-taking app like Roam Research. This is an elegant-looking and feature-rich note-taking app for Windows and Mac. Once you use this app you become a fan of this note-taking app. Why UpNote is so aesthetic to use. Because, its UI is so beautiful.

12.1 Some Amazing Features Of UpNote:

  • Bi-directional Linking Notes.
  • Markdown Editor.
  • True Focus Mode.
  • Secure Note-Taking.
  • Export your notes to Text, PDF, HTML or Markdown.
  • Beautiful Themes and Dark Mode.
  • Automatically syncs across all your devices.
  • Offline Note-Taking.
  • Better Note Management.
  • Beautiful User Interface.
  • Good To-Do List Support.
  • A Better Web Clipper Extension.

12.2 Some Negative Side Of UpNote:

  • Free version is limited on 50 notes.
  • Creating Table Is Ableavle in Pro Version.
  • File Insert Is Possible In Pro Version Only.

UpNote is a better Markdown note. I strongly recommend this beautiful-looking note-taking app for lawyers and law firms. This app is so feature-rich that you can easily do your all kind of note-taking, To-Dos, Word Processor alternative.

13. Dynalist: Simple But Powerful Note-Taking App:

This amazing note-taking app is bullet journal note-taking app. This app has some good feature of Workflowy and Obsidian. This app can be you go to note-taking app.

13.1. Reason To Choose Dynalist:

  • Add dates and filter by date and time.
  • Convert any list to a checklist.
  • Sync dates in Dynalist to your Google Calendar.
  • Managing repeating tasks made easy.
  • Go to any file or bookmark within keystrokes.
  • Manipulate multiple items at once.
  • Bookmark anything for super fast access.
  • Tags For Quickly group and filter items.
  • Cross linking Or Bi-directional Linking.
  • Markdown Supports bold, italics, code, image, links, and LaTeX.
  • Color-code anything.
  • Number your items for easy counting.
  • Good Collaboration Features.
  • Visitors don’t have to sign up to see your lists.
  • Upload files up to 50 MB in size.
  • Export to OPML, plain text, or formatted text.
  • See past changes to a document and restore any version.
  • Get daily backups sent to Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Access and work on your stuff even when offline.
  • Override the default shortcuts.
  • Access extra options and rearrange the mobile toolbar.
  • Choose from Dark, Sepia, Sci-Fi, Sakura, etc. All themes are free!.
  • Custom the CSS across all platforms.
  • No Limit Of Taking Notes In Free Version.

13.2. Poor Features Of Dynalist:

  • No Google Calendar Integration In Free Version.
  • Tag Pen In Pro Version.
  • No Recurring Dates In Free Version.
  • Image And File Attachment In Pro Version.
  • No Daily Cloud Drive Backup In Free Version.
  • Custom Shortcuts In Pro Version.
  • No Custom Mobile Toolbar In Free Version.
  • Custom CSS In Pro Version.

I love Dynalist for its good marketing strategy. They keep all the core features for free, just charge for the advanced users. Dynalist supports good Markdown features too. This note-taking app is good enough for lawyers and law firms as well as normal note-takers.

14. Notebag: The Tiny Easy To Use Note-taking App:

Notebag is a full-featured Markdown note-taking app. This note-taking app was launched in mid 2020. Although, it is a new note-taking app, it has many useful features that do not provide by other big names.

14.1. Some Amazing Features Of Notebag:

  • Always stay on system try. As a result you can open it quickly. just “Ctrl+Alt+Space” to open and take notes. Most realistic way of taking notes.
  • Markdown Editor.
  • Bi-directional Linking Notes.
  • Focus Mode.
  • Less Options For Destruction Free UI.
  • There is no settings button. To go to settings you have type “Ctrl+,”. So simple.

14.2. Some Cons Of Notebag:

  • Too Simple.
  • Some Important buttons should be on the Main window.
  • Some new users can get lost with keyboard shortcuts.

Notebag has bring some new ideas in the note-taking market. It has simplified a lot of features. So, I use this note-taking app for my quick notes.

15. Notable: One Of Best New Markdown Note-Taking App:

I always love Markdown note-taking apps. Notable is a new Markdown based clean note-taking apps. This app has app for all platform. When you open this app you will see the is similar to Evernote UI. As a result many user feel home.

15.1. Some Good Reasons To Consider Notable:

  • Full Featured Markdown Features.
  • Clean And Easy Design.
  • Tag For Organize Notes
  • Bi-directional Linked Notes.
  • No Vendor Lock-In.
  • Dark Mode.
  • Zen mode provides a minimalistic editing and reading experience.
  • A multi-note editor is available for performing an action, like favoriting, pinning, deleting, tagging etc.
  • A split-editor is available for quickly checking out how your note will be rendered while you’re editing it.
  • Export your notes to Markdown, HTML or PDF.
  • Easy Sync with Dropbox, Google Drive or other cloud.
  • Open Source By nature.
  • Security is the core feature.
  • Focus Mode.

15.2. Some Bad Features of Notable:

  • Tag Insert process should be more easier.
  • No Graph View.
  • No web clipper.
  • Handwriting note not possible.
  • No mobile app till now.

Notable is a very good Markdown note-taking app. You can do anything in this Markdown note app. Notable is a full feature Markdown Note app. This app in developing faze. As a result we will see a lot of new features in near future.

My Final Though About Markdown Note-Taking App:

Markdown note-taking app is requirements of the modern time. Markdown editor, mix with bi-directional linking notes become more user friendly note-taking system.

I was also a hardcore Markdown note user. But, I use apps which has Markdown and Bi-directional linking notes together like Obsidian, Roam Research, Notejoy, Nimbus Note, Zettlr, Notebag, Notable, etc.

The list above I have tried to give you the best Markdown note-taking apps.

If You Know Any Markdown Note-Taking Apps, Then, Please Let Me Know In The Comment Box.


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