Evernote Vs OneNote: The Lawyers Choice (2021)

Evernote or OneNote which one is better? The fight started as Evernote vs OneNote. There are many note taking apps around the world. Evernote has a large user base and a huge amount of fans, who are users. On the other hand OneNote is a note-taking apps developed by the Microsoft, the biggest software company in the world. Although, OneNote is a good note-taking apps!

It is your decision which note-taking app you prefer taking notes for legal profession. It is your personal choice. Both of the note-taking app have some benefits and some cons.

Evernote vs OneNote to compare with each other is not an easy task. But, in this article I am going to find out the main Pros and Cons of this two amazing note-taking app.

Evernote vs OneNote: The Battle Began:

The battle between Evernote and OneNote has begun a long time ago. The comparison started after Evernote came into the market to destroy OneNote.

Evernote: The Most Favorite For Lawyers:

I am going to starting comparison between Evernote and OneNote. Evernote vs OneNote comparison is going to be interesting. First I am telling you top 5 pros and cons of Evernote.

Evernote is one of the best note taking app in the world. It can take anything you can imagine. It is a responsive, decorated, and good-looking note-taking app. Consider some pros and cons of Evernote.

Top 5 Pros Of Evernote.

You may call it a motivation for using Evernote. I love Evernote. But, that does not mean the comparison will become biased.

1. Evernote Is Easy To Use:

The most important thing about Evernote is, it is easy to use and good-looking apps. You can easily find any option of you are looking for in the app at a glance. Another important thing about this app is it is good-looking and charming note-taking app around.

2. Evernote Is A Responsive Apps:

Evernote is one of the responsive note-taking app I have ever used. When I click in Evernote, my action done. It is a good for note-taking because, in the time of taking notes you have to work and take notes quickly.

3. Evernote Has A Strong Search Features:

Evernote is a good note-taking apps and this has its good search features. You can type your query and you will find anything related with your search query. It is a big deal for note-takers. Most of the note-taking apps don’t have this kind of features.

4. Evernote Provide Good Option For Handwritten Note Takers:

Do you love taking notes by your skach pen using on your Chromebook or iPad or anything. Note-taking by handwritten come every important features. Evernote can help your if you are a handwritten note-taker.

5. Evernote Has Future Reach And Easy To Use Mobile Application:

Evernote is a feature rich app in mobile. Using this application in your mobile you can take notes quickly and easily. You don’t have to wait for your responses from the apps. It is responsive and well-designed app. You will feel you are taking notes like a joy.

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Top 5 Cons of Evernote:

Yes, Evernote has a lot of cons. I am sharing with you 5 of them. If you find more cons, please share with me in the comment section.

1. Evernote Has No Back-linking Option:

Today most of the modern note-taking apps use back-linking. You can back-link with your another note. As a result, it is easy to use or find something or remember something. But, I don’t know why Evernote is not bringing this type of features.

2. Evernote Cannot Connect One Note With Another Notes:

Modern-day note-taking apps use a technique that you can use we can connect one note with another notes. It is easy to use and good to remember you know. But, Evernote hasn’t this features the availability right now.

3. No Ability To Work As Your Second Brain:

Modern note-taking apps like obsidian, roam research notion and many more have an ability to work as your second brain. But Evernote do not have this ability.

4. Evernote Has Some Limited Templates:

Modern note-taking apps use templates for speed up note-taking. But Evernote have a small amount of templates in their template library. Those templates available in the library are not good.

5. Lack Of Markdown Editor:

One of the easiest way of writing and jot-down notes is good use of markdown. Nowadays, note-taking app use markdown at their basic editor. On the other hand Evernote took the old-fashioned way of taking notes.

OneNote: The Test Cricket Batsman:

OK, I am comparison about Evernote vs OneNote. But, where the test cricket batsman came from? It means OneNote is a long-lasting slow going app.

OneNote is the good note taking apps. This amazing note-taking app created by Microsoft. It is one of the oldest note taking apps around there and it is an easy to use. This app is a feature rich note-taking apps right now. OneNote is a fairy good for any kind of people who are taking notes. What about the lawyers? Is it good for taking notes for legal profession? Let’s find out.

Top 5 Pros Of OneNote:

OneNote was my first note-taking app. Long ago I used this app to take my University notes. But, time has changed. I became a lawyer and OneNote became more mature.

1. Stable Desktop App:

OneNote desktop apps is a stable and capable app. It is easy to use and a features rich that you can use it easy and quickly. I love this note-taking app.

2. Take Your Notes By Dictation:

This is a unique feature of OneNote. I love this feature because taking notes by dictation is a handy and time saving tool. Note-taking by dictation makes a lot of things easier. As a lawyer It helps me to take notes when I become busy.

3. A Lot Of Options For Them Who Use Drawing A Lot:

Do you like drawing in your note-taking apps? Then, OneNote is for you. OneNote has beautiful and rich features for drawing. You can easily take your note by drawing. Microsoft done this job beautifully.

4. One Of The Strongest App For Phone:

OneNote mobile app is one of the strongest note-taking app I have ever seen in any platform. So, it is powerful and you can use it in any OS and you will find your notes there.

5. A Good Writing Platform:

Do you want a good writing platform in spite of Microsoft Word or any kind of word processing software that you can choose OneNote. It has everything you want in a word processing software. You can find all kind of features like printing notes, printing documents, inserting image in your writing. You can draw anything you what you can do it in OneNote. So, go for it.

Top 5 Cons Of OneNote:

1. Big Issue When You Sync Into Cloud:

It is one of the oldest problem of Evernote. Even this modern days they have failed to solve this problem. When, you take a note it takes a lot of time to sync into the clod! Sometimes, failed to sync. As a result, sometimes your valuable notes become junk.

OneNote cannot link your one note to another note or notes. So, it is a backdated in a modern day. Because, modern day note-takers deserve this features!

Modern note-taking apps can create back-link one note with your another notes. So, It Is easy to find your notes.

4. No Templates For OneNote Users:

Seriously, in this modern era no template to take your notes more quickly. So, you have to take notes from scratch so it is a time-consuming and annoying. I cannot believe this. Lack of this option is a big drawback for OneNote.

5. Weak Sharing Option:

Sharing notes in OneNote has a bad option. You can only share via Email. OneNote team should give us a some sharing options like WhatsApp, link sharing, etc.

Evernote Vs OneNote In YouTube.

Evernote Vs OneNote

Now The Question Is Which Note-Taking Apps (Evernote Or OneNote) Is Better For Lawyers?

Evernote as it’s a big deal if you are taking a huge amount of note with a support of templates. Evernote has some good security features. It is a responsive app. If, You like features good handwriting note taking system! Those feature is in the mobile apps. So, it is good for lawyers if you take lots of notes.

On the other hand, OneNote has a strong search option, good writing platform and good app for handwritten notes.

Both apps do not provide you back-linking for notes, no facility to link one note with another notes, no markdown editing option. OneNote do not have a good syncing facility.

As, a lawyer I recommend you to go with Evernote! Do you have any recommendations please let me know which one is your choice.

In this article I sheared my personal view about those two amazing app. So, Evernote vs OneNote is nothing but a comparison between two giants.


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