Obsidian Theme: Top 5 Best Free Theme To Increase Productivity (2021)

Obsidian theme is an easy way to change the look and feel of the obsidian note-taking app. The demand for themes is rising with obsidian.md’s growing users. There are some good themes available on the internet.

All themes for obsidian.md did not create equally or for every reasons. Many themes created for general purpose use only. Some were made for special purpose only.

In this article, I will give you 5 fantastic best themes. All are great and very good code-based. So, no need to worry.

As a lawyer, your productivity-related to your app choice. If you are obsidian.md user then some elegant themes can increase your productivity.

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Here Are 5 Best Free Obsidian Theme For You:

Now is the time to review the 5 best free themes to increase your productivity. This article will also get a free CSS theme to download and install in obsidian. md.

Top 10 Obsidian Dark Theme Free Download

1. Ars Magna Theme:

Ars Magna theme is the name of elegant, beauty and productivity. This amazing, simple, good looking and productive theme has some interesting features that no one has.

This theme make you feel more comfortable when you use obsidian app. I love this theme with obsidian dark mode. The obsidian dark mode make this app visually grate and more productive.

I strongly believe that this amazing theme could be your first chose for obsidian.md. Here you can download this amazing theme.

Ars Magna
Ars Magna

Main Features Of Ars Magna Theme:

There are some special features those separate this theme from other themes. What are those features? Here are some eye-catching features of Ars Magna theme. These features are by default. So, do not need any kind of customization.

  • Heading bar on the left side of the editor. As a result, you are able to see the full heading of your notes or articles. This feature will help you to increase productivity.
  • Bright color for a good and easy view for all obsidian options. This is the best feature for a heavy note-taker.
  • Easy view of Graph view tab. This theme Graph view is bold and good to see for its bold colors.

2. Dracula Theme :

The Dracula theme for obsidian is a vibrant-looking theme. It is one of the best themes for writing. You may ask why it is good for writing?

This theme is unique for its color combinations. When you type any heading like H1 or H2 the color is different for each of the headings. Accordingly, the color of the link is some kind of orange, and bold is radium green.

As a result, it is very good for identifying everything. So, you do not need to find out your desire headings or links, etc. This will boost your productivity and save your precious time.


Main Features Of Dracula Theme:

There are some benefits of using this theme with obsidian. Those are as follows:

  • Everything has a separate color. It is easy to find text, heading, links, etc. quickly.
  • Simple looking and elegant theme.
  • Lightweight coded them.
  • Made for fast writing and productivity in mind.
  • Made by a good company named Dracula Themes. They only made themes for apps.

I strongly recommend this theme for everyday uses. You can download this amazing theme from here.

3. Obsidian-Minimal:

There are many people in the world who love the minimal and simple design. They love this formula for their note-taking app too.

This minimal theme is one of the few themes that can provide you the simple and minimalistic look of obsidian.md. You will feel minimalism everywhere.

Obsidian Minimal Theme

Main Features Of Minimal Theme:

Here are some important features of minimal theme.

  • No fancy colors or bolts, just elegant.
  • No way of any kind of distraction from any corner of the main app.
  • Keep writing with a focus on your ideas.

If you are minimum UI lover then this theme is the best choice for you. Here you can download this theme.

4. Traffic Light Theme:

Need something new and fresh? Try this traffic light obsidian theme. This theme is a clean one. This theme has some unique features. Those features cannot be found in any theme out there. Let’s talk about some important features of this theme.

Traffic Light Theme
Traffic Light Theme

Main Features Of Traffic Light Theme:

  • Mac OS type design. Built quality is brilliant.
  • Box type interface. Every window looks like a box. This feature is good for the overall view.
  • Visually more appealing with its good choice of color.

If you are a mac user then you should defenitly consider this theme. You can download this theme from here

5. Warmth Theme:

This is an amazing near default looking theme. This theme use some font changes and good looking color adopted.

Warmth Theme

Main Features Of Warmth Theme:

  • Clear, Vibrant, near default theme experience.
  • Good looking font to enhance visibility.
  • Eye chaching color selection.

I suggest this theme to who love the default obsidian css theme. This theme take the default theme with smart and cleaner color. Here you can download this good theme.

How Do I Install Obsidian Themes?

The theme makes and looks better, your favorite Obsidian note-taking app. It is easy to install and apply a new theme compared to other note-taking in this note-taking app.

Install theme
Install theme

Open setting, then go to appearance tab. After that, scroll to the community theme. Next, click on browse theme. Now, choose any theme you want and click on the use button.

How Do I Change My Obsidian Theme?

Obsidian.md is a flexible note-taking app. You can do anything you want with this note-taking app.

It is easy to change the obsidian app theme. To change the theme just go to the appearance tab under settings. Then go to community themes and browse theme. After that, you can choose a new theme and apply the new theme.

If you ever used another theme before inside obsidian, then it is easier to change the theme. Just go to the appearance tab and find the theme option. Here you can see a drop-down list of your themes. Just select one of them. So easy.

How Do I install Obsidian CSS Themes?

Obsidian note gives you unlimited opportunity to customize options. When you think about installing your own custom CSS theme in obsidian, it is very much possible.

To install CSS theme you need to follow some easy steps.

  • At first show Hidden Files in your operating system.
  • Now, go to your obsidian folder and go to the .obsidian folder
  • Then enter into the Themes folder.
  • In the theme folder pest your CSS theme.
  • After that, go to obsidian settings and then enter the appearance tab.
  • In the appearance tab, you will see the Themes option.
  • Then, hit the refresh button. Now, your new CSS theme will appear on the list. Just select the theme and enjoy the theme in obsidian.

The End But Not End:

Obsidian is one of the fastest-growing note-taking apps in the world. It is a flexible, modern, easy to use the note-taking app. The productivity of lawyers based on simplicity. Those themes will boost the productivity of any lawyer. I really believe that the obsidian theme will help you.


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