Amazing 9 Best Free Notion Calendar Templates (2022)

Notion calendar template makes you more comfortable when you use notion. Notion is a place where you can do everything you want. You can customize it according to your work.

Nowadays, many people use notion as their primary calendar app. People love to use notion calendars for their own customization. After customization, many users make their change as a template and put the template into notion template gallery for free.

Many lawyers, like me, use notion for many reasons. One of the reasons may be the easy-to-use notion calendar. Templates can make notion calendars more user-friendly to use. This feature can boost the productivity of any lawyer.

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Top 9 Notion Calendar Templates Free Download:

Here, today I am going to share with you some amazing notion calendar templates. Enjoy this post and increase your productivity. For good understanding, I categorize templates into some sections.

1. Notion Monthly Calendar Templates:

Notion monthly calendar templates is calendar view by month. Here are some fantastic templates.



This is an official notion template. I believe you will fall in love with this template. This template is clean, easy-to-use, for everyone. You can download this eye-catching template from here.

1.2. Deadlines:


The name is telling what you can easily do with this calendar. It is simple to use. You can this template from anything you would like to finish within a certain time.

It will provide you name of the name of the task, due date, start and finish checkbox. You can download from here.

2. Notion Content Calendar Templates:

Here you will find best content calendar template. Those will help you to organize your contents easily.

2.1. Content Calendar:

Content is the keeper of information. If you create content for the web and have no place to organize them, then you are in danger of many things.

Content Calendar Notion Template
Content Calendar Notion Template

This amazing template helps you to organize your content in a calendar. As a result, your content will be there by date. Download the template here.


When any content calendar meets with a timeline view, then, what will happen? I believe something good and interesting will happen.

Content Calendar timeline
Content Calendar timeline

Here you can download this amazing timeline template.

3. Notion Social Media Calendar Template:

Social media is a part of our life today. Huge numbers of people creating content for social media like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc platform. But, the problem is managing your social media content.

For example, you post videos on YouTube. YouTube video needs a good hashtag, proper title, Amazing descriptions, etc. It is not easy to write them all in a single place. Here you can take help from the template.

3.1. Social Media Content Calendar:

In a single word “Brilliant”. Yes, this is the only word I can use for this template. This one is full with features you need.

social media calendar template
social media calendar template

Want to track publish date? This template will provide you. Your Instagram caption, hashtags, image, Facebook caption, Twitter captions all can be stored in one place. The control in your hand.

Here you can duplicate it and use in your

3.2. Social Media Management Automation Software:

The name tells what it works for. Your social media will get relief with the help of this template. You will never lose your social media posting and sharing.

Social Media Management Automation Softwarejpg
Social Media Management Automation Software

Here you can duplicate this amazing social media management CRM type template.

4. Editorial Notion Calendar Template:

Do you need an editorial calendar for your work? Here are some interesting templates.

4.1. Editorial Calendar:

Editorial Calendar
Editorial Calendar

Calendar for editorial is a must-have tool for productivity and work. Notion can do that in effective ways. The magical touch that is needed can provide by this template.

Here you can download and use in notion..

4.2. Video project tracker for YouTubers:

Basically, this editorial calendar template is made for youtubers. But, you can use this template for every kind of editorial use. This template is made and use by famous youtuber Thomas Frank.

Video Editorial Calendar
Video Editorial Calendar

Download this amazing template from here.

5. Notion Weekly Planner Template:

A weekly planner is very helpful for many people. Many people work for week focus. They measure their progress by week. Here are some most productive weekly planner templates.

5.1. Weekly Planner:

Notion weekly planer
Notion weekly planer

Do you need a planning calendar with a week view or a to-do list for week? If the answer is yes, then download this template and keep your plan weekly.

The Power Of Using Notion Template:

Those are the best notion calendar templates for you. Download them, enjoy them and increase your productivity.

Advocates and lawyers should use one of those calendar templates for scheduling their meetings, case hearings, arguments. Notion for lawyers is one of the best productivity tool I have ever know.


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