Synced Block In Notion: How To Use Properly?

The synced block is a new feature in Notion. Notion becoming more mature, more feature-rich, and more user-friendly. I love notion for its features and adaptation with time.

Block referencing system became popular when Roam Research can into the note-taking market. After that, revolutionize the idea. Now, most of the note-taking apps are following the concept.

Many people in the world use Notion for their job, taking notes, creating videos, run a large company, etc. You may be one of them, that’s why you are reading this article.

Lawyers like me also use notion for their job done. But, lawyers use notion differently than normal users. In another article, I will discuss how lawyers can be benefited from using synced block in Notion. Notion for lawyers is one kind of blessing.

In this article I am going to discuss how many was you can use  Block inside notion.

Benefits Of Using Synced Block:

Synced block is an amazing way to write anything inside notion. You will feel the freedom of writing. How it will help you?

Best Benefits Of Using Global Notion Block:

  • You can create anything like bulleted list, text, pages, to-do, headings, number list, toggle list, quote, link to any page, date or number, emoji, inline equation, inline board, calendar, inline calendar, inline gallery, gallery, and everything you can use in notion.
  • This block has live update facility. When you change anything inside any block, and if you linked the block in others note magically that block will also update.
  • You can copy the link and pest another notes or page or anywhere inside notion. There you can edit the block. The notion magic will sync updated version to everywhere.
  • Using this block your team work become more quick and efficient ever.
  • You can upload any file in the global notion block (Synced Block). The uploaded file will updated everywhere with your team.
  • Your calendar will be the best calendar for live update. If you have a team, they will love it.
  • Shearing photos, charts, math block, codes will be live for everyone.

The Ways You Can Use Notion Synced Block:

There are endless possibilities when you use this block in notion. Notion global block is a game-changing feature for many people. Shall I start the main topic?

How To Create Notion Synced Block?

Insert Block
Start Synced Block

At first, you have to create a synced block to use it. Creating a block is super easy in notion. Just type “/” and type sy. The auto search option shows you the block. Now, click on synced block. Congratulations, you have created the block.

How To Use Global Notion Block In Other Notes?

You have created magical synced notion block. Now, you want to use this block into another page or notes or anywhere inside notion. You do not know how to use it! No, problem, let me help you to do the job easily.

  • Go to the top rite side of the block and click on Copy and sync. Now you can see a confirmation pop-up massage on bottom.
  • At last, go to the page where you want to view the synced block. Just pest the link. Now, you can see the block.

How To Edit The Block In All Places?

OK, you have created and copy global notion block. You are happy with that. One day, you need to edit the block. But you have some question in your mind. ‘If I edit anywhere I am using the, will the block updated everywhere?”

By default, this block in notion can be edited from anywhere it appeared. When you edit one place it appears, the global block will automatically update with all the same block. It is so easy and amazing.

How To Edit Only One Block?

Well done! Now you have fix the editing problem from anywhere for all blocks. Now, you face another problem. This time you need to edit block on a specific page and do not what to shear with other pages. How you can do that?

To edit block in any specific page or specific one, you need to follow this steps.

Unsync block
  1. Go to the top right side of the block.
  2. Click on the three-dot like … this one. This will open a pop-up window. In the pop-up window, you can see some options.
  3. At last, click on the Unsync button.

Now you can edit this block and the block will not sync with others.

How To Unsync Entire Block?

You learned a lot of things about Notion this type of block. Hold on! Did I tell learned everything about global notion block? Nah, I was wrong in some ways. You should learn something special. What about Unsynced all blocks?

Yes, you can unsynced all block into notion. This feature will help you control on your block. Here you can unsynced all global block inside notion by following those steps.

Unsync All Block In Notion
Unsync All Block In Notion
    • Go to top rite side of the block and click Editing other page and select the block tagged with Original and enter into the original page.
    • You can do this step by directly go to the main block and follow steps below.
  1. Now, click 6 dots on the top left corner of the block. The dots will show you a pop-up window with some options.
  2. At the end, click on the Unsynced All button. Now, all of your synced block will be unsynced.

How To Unsync One Of The Synced Block?:

Sometimes, you will face another but important problem. Yes, important problem, you read correctly. This is a important problem because the solution of the problem will help you control many things.

When you want to show some notes inside synced block but want to hide the notes from some one or some people. What will you do?

Flow those steps to unsynced one block:

  • Go to the top rite corner of the block.
  • Click on the three dots . This will open a pop-up window with some options.
  • In the pop-up window just select Unsynced.

Final Advice About Synced Block:

Now, most of the problems related to notion synced block solved. Enjoy notion and make your notion more productive with me. I found notion in the mid-2020 when I got a long vacation due to COVID-19. Since that time I am in love with Notion.

A lots of lawyers like me who discover notion in the time of lock-down. Now, notion for lawyers became a kind of blessing.

Notion’s new amazing tis type of block will hel all kind of users. You should try this one rite now.


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