Top 11 Best Free Notion Templates For Productivity (Lawyers)(2021)

Lawyers are some of the busiest people in the world. They have to make themself more productive within a short time. So, Lawyers often use modern tools like the notion. They use notion templates for productivity. As a result, they can finish any work within a short time.

Notion makes our life more productive than ever before. But the problem that, notion has a learning curve. You need to know how to add tables, databases, link with each other. You need to learn notion for effective use.

Notion templates can make you more productive without deep learning all about notion. I strongly recommend use notion templates and make your life easier. Notion templates for productivity are used by a lot of people around the world and they maximize their productivity in a second.

Here are some best free notion templates for productivity for you. You can download those templates and use them in your notion app. Do your job more quickly and easily.

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GTD Master List Calendar notion template
GTD Master List Calendar notion template

This is a very simple calendar template. It is a very useful notion calendar template. You can use this template as your case diary. This calendar template has four views, calendar views, All task table view, List view, and Board view. Duplicate this calendar templates now.

2.Content Calendar:

Nowadays most lawyers blog on their website. But the problem is there blogging has no fixed date or what they want to publish. As a result, they often confused and the blog they write don’t get enough traffic.

Content Calendar Notion Template
Content Calendar Notion Template

As a lawyer, I know the problem. Basically, previously I was like them about blogging. But, now I am using this content calendar to organize what I would like to write in my blog with specific dates. So, my blog’s SEO improved a lot. I personally recommend every lawyer use this content calendar. You can download this useful content calendar template and make your blog more visible.

3. Dotion:

Dotion notion paid template
Dotion notion paid template

This time this template is a paid one. Yes, it is a paid to-do list notion template. I am optimistic about this template. This is a smart template too. You can buy this very good-looking template just only for $ 10 from here.

4.Remote Team Meeting:

This is the hardest time for mankind who live in the modern age. The COVID-19 hits our life, work, habit, and everything you can imagine. You know that and you can feel the pain. But, what about lawyers? Are Courts listening to the lawyers? The answer is when the wave falls on the justice system, the justice system around the world totally stopped. After that, remote hearing systems and tools have been developed. Now, the justice systems around them are running by remote working tools.

Remote Team Meeting notion template
Remote Team Meeting Notion Template

This template is another remote team meeting notion template. This will help you to meet with your clients and colleagues and take all the notes about the meeting. Go grab the template.

5. Resonance Calendar:

Resonance Calendar Notion Template
Resonance Calendar Notion Template

Another calendar template. This one has been created by famous productivity and Youtuber Ali Abdaal. This calendar notion template is using by Ali. Duplicate this very productive calendar template now. Noting to say about this template. You should try this template.

6.Bullet journal:

Every lawyer around the world takes a huge amount of notes. Many lawyers now using notion as their primary note-taking app. But, note-taking with any digital tools is not speedy enough like using a normal notebook.

Bullet Journal Notion Template 1
Bullet Journal Notion Template 1

Most of the heavy note-takers use a bullet journal note-taking system. In notion, it is very much possible to take notes as a bullet journal. There are many bullet journal note-taking templates around there. But this one is one of the best. Duplicate this bullet journal note-taking template now.

7. Writing:

All lawyers are grate writes. Lawyers write a lot. Notion is one of the best tools for writer. So, lawyers around the world adopted this ultimate tool as a writing-tool. Here you can duplicate this notion template.

8. Journal:

Journal Notion Template
Journal Notion Template

Document your life – daily happenings, special occasions, and reflections on your goals. Categorize entries with tags and automatically capture the date.

This is one of the finest journal notion template. You can easily duplicate here.

9. Life Wiki:

A bird’s-eye view of your life in one spot. Add in your most important pages, keep track of the week ahead and stay inspired with your favorite quote. Customize this page to become your second brain.

Life Wiki Notion Template
Life Wiki Notion Template

Lawyers love to jot down everything in life. This is the all in one life wiki for lawyers. Here you can duplicate the template.

10. Project Schedule:

When you start a project, simply highlight all records ? and drag them to align this schedule with a chosen project start date. You can use Meeting, Deliverable, Milestone, Legal, and Billing templates to populate this template or create your own activities.

Project Schedule notion template
Project Schedule notion template

Use this template to spin up a schedule for complex, multi-month projects in minutes. When you start a project, simply highlight all records ? and drag them to align this schedule with a chosen project start date. You can use Meeting, Deliverable, Milestone, Legal, and Billing templates to populate this setup or create your own activities. Duplicate this template.

11. Ali’s Book Notes:

Every lawyer is a great reader. Lawyers read a lot of books and take notes from books. But, it is very difficult to take notes from a book and write them down than in any note-taking app.

Ali's book Notes Notion Template
Ali’s book Notes Notion Template

Take book notes using Ali Abdaal’s system. In this template, you’ll find database templates for both fiction and non-fiction books. Watch the full video to learn more. Duplicate this amazing book note-taking template now.

Final Thoughts:

I love notion. As a lawyer, I get a huge amount of benefit using notion. Those templates I have shared with you today, personally use them. I like those notion templates a lot. I hope you will be benefited from using those templates in your legal profession. If you know any other Notion Templates, that are very helpful, then please share with us in the comment section.

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