6 Most Productive Free Note Taking Android Apps For Attorneys.

Most of the Attorneys preferred Google Keep, Evernote, Simplenote, Workflowy, Notion, and Transno as free note-taking Android apps. These note-taking apps provide them the most secure and quick sync between devices. As a result, Lawyers feel free to see their notes from any device.

As a lawyer, I know how painful taking notes using note-taking apps in Android devices. But the note-taking apps for Android are becoming more and more user-friendly. Most of the note-taking apps adding fascinating features in their own ways day by day.

Note-taking is becoming more and more easier on Android devices. A vast number of lawyers use Android phones or tablets. As a result, note they take on any android devices can be easily seen on other Android devices. This kind of sync system is more time-saving for every attorney.

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Why Attorneys Preferred These 6 Free Note Taking Android Apps?

There are some reasons behind lawyers around the world use Google Keep, Evernote, Simplenote, Workflowy, Notion, and Transno. Those note-taking Android apps are straightforward to use with any device that has a lot of lawyers from lost friendly features, clean interface and can boost professional works.

1. Google Keep:

Google Keep” name told the brand value and who is behind this Android note-taking app. The biggest internet company and search engine giant Google made this note-taking app for Android, iOS, and the web. Google made this app as an effortless note-taking app. In the app, Google gives an elementary note-taking interface but without compromising any features.

Google Keep Android app is one of the most superficial note taking app around. Just open it, and you can see all of your messages on your screen like cards. Sometimes lawyers need to grab text from an image. Google Keep has this feature for you. I use this feature to capture case law, business cards, and some essential orders from Courts.

Google Keep Android App

Google Keep can keep all of your notes, handwritten notes, case laws, business cards, grab text from an image, to-do list, checklist, record your voice notes, a reminder for your messages, and many more things.

As a lawyer, I am using Google keep from the beginning I strongly recommend these note-taking Android apps for every lawyer for their busy life easy.

Why Google Keep is Good for Lawyers and Attorneys?

Google Keep has Old traditional note taking options with an ability to grab text from an image. It is a game-changing option for lawyers and Attorneys. Because they have to take a grab text from an image. I prefer Google Keep for every day using note taking apps for Android.

2. Evernote:

Evernote was my favorite note taking apps on Android devices. Evernote was once the best note taking android apps, but they stopped inventing new features for their mobile apps. As a result, Google Keep takes place. Now, they are trying to bring more and more facilities for all their apps, including Android devices. Despite all of these difficulties, Evernote is one of the best note taking apps for Android devices.

Evernote Android app best used for traditional note taking, create tables, record voice notes, can work as a reminder, handwritten notes. This app can save your desire web page from any browser because you can read it later.

Evernote Android App

Recently Evernote added a feature called “collect photos”. This feature collects all photos from the image gallery that has text.

It is a game-changing and very useful feature for Attorneys. Because lawyers or attorneys sometimes take photos of a very important document but often forget to add the images into a note taking app.

Another great feature recently added by Evernote takes note of your team. Now you can work with them, and you can take team notes, can share your notes. It is an excellent option for big law firms, and it is a game-changing option.

Why Evernote is Good for Lawyers and Attorneys?

Evernote is a very mature all traditional note-taking app. It has a special option to collect photos from the gallery with text in it, clean, and easy to use for team note-taking and save webpages.

3. Simplenote:

The name tells everything about this app. Simplenote is one of the most detailed notes taking app for Android. This note taking apps takes notes with no extra features, no distractions.

Simplenote created by Automattic. Do you know who Automattic company is? Automattic is the creator of WordPress, Jetpack, Whoocommerce, Akismet, and many more most successful software for the web. They have a colossal slogan.

“We don’t make software for free, we make it for freedom.”


Do you think Simplenote is just another note taking android apps? Simplenote work on Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux. The only of this app is taking paperless notes. In Simplenote, there are only two options in this note taking app; type or dictate your notes and checklist.

Why Simplenote is Good for Lawyers and Attorneys?

If any lawyer or attorney does not like too many options, want to take notes, this app is the best option. This excellent app is available for all kinds of operating systems. Taking Notes in this app is very secure, quick note taking, clean editing, take offline notes.

Is Simplenote Free?

The creator of Simplenote “Automattic” believes in open and freedom. As a result, Simplenote is free to use and always will be free.

4. Notion:

No note taking app list on any platform will not full without Notion motion is the all in one note taking apps for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows operating system. The user interface of Notion for every OS is the same.

You can use notion as a case management CRM, Case Law management app, Accounting software, Personal wiki, Reading list, Kanban board, traditional note taking. And so many more you can imagine.

Notion Android App
Notion Android App

You can also use Notion as your calendar apps, your reminder apps, and the list goes on. The only Drawback of Notion is, without the internet, app will not work correctly.

Why Notion is Good For Lawyers And Attorneys?

Notion is the All-in-One solution for Lawyers, Small Law firms, Big Law Firms, and Attorneys. Notion can replace your Case management CRM, Note taking apps, Calendar apps, Case Law management system, Accounting software, and the list go on. As a result, it is a very cost-effective and time-saving solution for lawyers, Law firms, and Attorneys.

5. workflowy:

Workflowy is not a traditional note taking android app like others. This app is a bullet journalling note taking app, to-do list app, and outlining feature app. These fantastic features keep you more productive and take notes as very quickly as possible. When you start to use Workflowy, I bet you will fall in love with this Android note taking apps. It has one of the easiest and simplest user interfaces in the Android note taking apps universe.

Why Workflowy is Good For Lawyers, Law Firms and Attorneys?

From my experience, Workflowy helps lawyers and Attorneys take notes within every note. This way, you can create sub-notes under sub-note. As a result, you can find your notes are effortless, and also you can remember the messages easily.

6. Transno :

Transno is a very new note taking apps for Android devices. Transno is more similar to Workflowy. You may call it is an upgraded and modern version of Workflowy. In Transno you can take notes the same as Workflowy. Still, the beautiful thing is that in Transno gives you more features like a picture included a note, a clean and comfortable interface like Google Keep, folder wise note taking system, mind mapping system, and share notes. You can also export your all notes and messages as an image. So it is a game-changing option for taking notes by Attorneys.

Transno Android App
Transno Android App

Why Transno is good for Lawyers and Attorneys?

Those lawyers who want note taking their Android devices as a bullet journalling like system and some other future like picture note go for Transno. It is very reliable.

Final Thoughts About Note Taking Android Apps:

All those notes taking Android apps are listed above I used and currently using most of them. Google Keep is the most featured one, most accessible user interface, and user-friendly for Attorneys and Lawyers. On the other hand, Notion gives you everything you want on your mobile.

Evernote is a perfect alternative for all of them because it is one of the most used note-taking android apps in the world. It has some great features too. So you can go to Evernote.

Workflowy is not too familiar but a lot of lawyers and attorneys using both of them especially Workflowy. Because workflow is not a traditional note-taking android apps, it is a unique one, and as a lawyer, you will feel much more speed in note-taking apps and a straightforward interface.

Transno is a very new note-taking android apps. If you want mind mapping and picture notes in Workflowy the Transno is must use note-taking app on android for any Attorneys.


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