Aesthetic Top 10 Free Obsidian Dark Themes

Obsidian dark theme is one of the top priorities for many obsidian users. There is plenty of CSS dark themes for obsidian. Among them, some themes are easy to use, some are hot-looking themes, some have both of the features. Do you know which one is suitable for your need? Let me help you to choose one.

I am a lover of bi-directional note-taking apps like Roam Research, Obsidian,, Dynalist, etc. But, none of them gives the flexibility to do anything with the app except Obsidian.

Many people like me love obsidian for its famous flexibility and security. Today, I am not talking about obsidian’s features. I am giving you the 10 best obsidian CSS themes to make your life easier.

If You Do Not Know How To Use Obsidian Themes And Change Themes Then, Visit This Article

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Top 10 Obsidian Dark Themes For Your Stable Use:

All content creators are the same in one thing. When anyone writes about a list post they give you the best one at the top. But, remember, the last one is as good as the first one. Today, I am making a difference for you. Now, I am giving you the top 10 obsidian dark themes. My top 10 list will start with the 10th one and at the last, I will give you the 1st one.

10. Yin And Yang:

yi and yung
yi and yung dirk theme

Wow! This theme is a simple and minimalist obsidian theme. But, it has some unique features. Let me give you a short review.

The Pros Of Yin And Yang:

  • Simple To Use.
  • Clean User Interface.
  • Minimalist Design.
  • Font’s Color Is Vibrant And Eye Catching.
  • The Background Is Total Dirk Black.
  • BoldItalic, Links, Codes Has Separate Color Accents.

The Cons Of Yin And Yang:

  • Some Important Plugins May Not Work. In My Case Word Count Is Not Working.

If you Like Minimalist Theme, Then You Should Try This Theme.

9. Obsidian Nord:

Obsidian Nord
Obsidian Nord

This theme is minimal. There are no other extra features. As a result, this theme is very lite and responsive.

The Pros Of Obsidian Nord Theme:

  • Simple To Use.
  • Clean User Interface.
  • Minimalist Design.
  • Font’s Color Is Vibrant And Eye Catching.
  • The Background Is Total Dirk Black.
  • BoldItalic, Links, Codes Has Separate Color Accents.
  • All Plugins Are Working Perfectly.
  • Very Responsive.

The Cons Of Obsidian Nord Theme:

  • Font is not stylist one.

I think minimalist lovers should try this Obsidian Nord theme.

8. Obsdn-dark-rmx:


This is a theme for a true writer. Why I am saying this? Because the font of the writing window is different than the viewing window. So, you will feel that you are writing and viewing content like a writer.

The Pros Of obsdn-dark-rmx Theme:

  • Two Different Window For Writing And Viewing With Two Different Fonts And Styles.
  • The Color Accents Are Very Good And Stylist.
  • Responsive And Clean.

The Cons Of obsdn-dark-rmx Theme:

  • No Extra Color Accents For BoldItalic, Or Other Special Terms.
  • Editor’s Font Size Is Small.

If You Are A Hard Core Writer Then You Must Try This Theme.

7. Minimal:


The name is saying why this theme was built. This theme is so minimal that you really feel so lite when you use this theme.

The Pros Of The Minimal Theme:

  • System fonts
  • Frameless window chrome maximizes vertical space
  • More consistent font sizes, and smaller font sizes in the side panels
  • Default arrow cursor for UI elements
  • Long file names are trimmed with ellipses to fit on a single line
  • This theme will provide you separate fonts for every headings like H1, H2, H3, H4, etc.
  • So much clean UI design that you will think this theme has been made by Apple Inc.
  • Unique and easy navigation.

The Cons Of Minimal theme:

  • The design is so minimal and frameless that sometimes you cannot see the difference between objects.
  • The color of the icons are also grayish and small. As a result, sometimes, it is hard to find desire icons for the proper work.

I know a lot of people love minimalist themes. The Minimal is the right choice for them.

6. 80s Neon:

80s neon
80s neon

This is a retro-looking obsidian theme. In 80’s may billboards used this type of light. Here it is for your.

The Pros Of 80s Neon Obsidian CSS Theme:

  • Eye caching vibrant colors.
  • Retro look and feel.
  • Simple design.
  • Everything is colorful.
  • Good for long time writers who spent on many hours on laptops for writing.

The Cons Of 80s Neon Theme:

  • Sometimes neon lights may irritant you.

If you like retro looks and feel try this amazing theme.

5. Obuntu:


This is an Ubuntu-inspired theme. The color accent, name all shows the direction.

The Pros Of Obuntu Obsidian theme:

  • Fonts color are vibrant and good for your eye.
  • Minimal and responsive theme.
  • Easy to use and take notes.

The Cons Of Obuntu Theme:

  • The font size of the editor is very small.

If you love the simplicity and feel the Ubuntu then, definitely use this Theme.

4. Obsidian GDTC Dirk:

Obsidian GDTC
Obsidian GDTC

This theme is a true minimalist theme for obsidian.

The Pros Of Obsidian GDTC :

  • Simplest design.
  • Large font size.
  • Auto hide left navigation bar.
  • Mac like design philosophy.
  • Colored link.
  • Vibrant font.
  • True minimalist design.
  • Easy to use.

The Cons Of Obsidian GTDC Theme:

  • Too minimalist.

If you want a minimalist theme without any kind of bolts then, this theme is perfect for you.

3. Gitsidian:


This is a unique theme compare with other themes in this list. This theme is a combination of dirk and light themes. Let me explain. The editor and other things in this theme use dirk mode. But, the preview window uses the light mode.

The Pros Of Gitsidian Theme:

  • Simple and minimalist.
  • Elegant look.
  • Noting is special but everything is special.
  • Very responsive.
  • Easy to use.
  • Better writing environment.
  • Github like user experience.

The Cons Of Gitsidian Theme:

  • No option for left title bar.

If you love to write and read your notes and writing then consider this responsive theme now.

2. Ars Magna:

Ars Magan
Ars Magan

This is my favorite obsidian theme. There are many reasons to choose this amazing theme over other obsidian dirk themes. I am using this theme for my obsidian setup. It is an elegant obsidian theme.

The Pros Of Ars Magan Theme:

  • Simple and elegant.
  • By default left side title bar.
  • Vibrant color combination.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Better font choice.
  • Some kind of lite dirk theme. Good for your eyes.

The Cons Of Ars Magan Theme:

No problem found till now.

1. Dracula:


This is the ultimate #1 obsidian dark theme. Why this theme is ultimate no:1 dirk theme for obsidian? There are many reasons for that. Let’s talk about it.

The Pros Of Dracula Theme:

  • Simple and elegant.
  • Easy to use.
  • Different colors for different heading.
  • Different color for Bold, Italic, etc.
  • Auto hide tool bar.
  • Clean Design.

The Cons Of Dracula Theme:

Till now, no problem found.

This theme made by This compy only made themes for more than 190 apps. They are very good at making themes.

My Final Thought About Obsidian Dark Themes:

Theming obsidian is a good thing. Themes help you to control your UI. I like obsidian dark themes. The open community of obsidian makes a lot of themes. The obsidian app is not mature enough. But, the community is contributing a huge contents for obsidian.

As a lawyer, I use Obsidian for my writing blog post, articles, etc. I believe lawyers should adopt this note-taking platform for future-proof law firms.


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