Top 7 Golden Rules: How to Become a Good and Successful Lawyer?

Lawyer” is a very interesting word with very wide meanings. According to “a person whose profession is to represent clients in a court of law or to advise or act for clients in other legal matters.”

How to become a good and successful lawyer? At the begging of the legal carrier as a lawyer, every junior lawyer must have to focus on Research, Good Communication Skills, Politeness, Analytical Ability, Critical Thinking, Honesty, Patience, Marketing, and Client Dealings are most important. Those characteristics will make an ordinary lawyer to a good and successful lawyer. You have to practice those characteristics every day if you want to be a good and successful lawyer.

Every good and successful lawyer around the world tries to develop some important skills like Self-development, Presentation Skills, Quick interpretation skills, Questioning Skills, Reading, and Writing skills. But believe me, which skills I have mentioned above are more accurate, time tested, and trusted by lawyers around the world.

Most of the lawyers around the world develop their own rules and tries to follow those rules. They used those rules removing obstacles on their goal. But 98% of Lawyers have the same kind of rules and 98% of them failed to be a good lawyer. Who exercise rules mentioned in 2nd para are the most successful and good lawyers.

Top 6 Golden Rules for Every Success Hangry Lawyers:

1. Research: Learn Law Like a Researcher or Inventor:-

If you want to be a good lawyer then you have to give your most of the time in Legal Research. Research any matter of any law like a researcher or an inventor.

Up to Only 4 years of experienced lawyers, who spent 50-75% of their time on research, they do very well compared with 10-29 years of experienced Lawyers.

“A study of Attorneys Legal Research Practices and Opinion of New Associates” – June 2013 Report- Research Skills.

So, devoted your work-life only on Research if you are an Associate. Learn how the law works differently one case to another and beat a famous lawyer. After Researching 4 or 5 years you will see the differences. You will see how beautiful your hearing is and you can beat your opponents.

2. Good Communication Skills:-

Are you an angry person or a reserved person or not a friendly person? If those three characteristics suit your personality, then you should quit the legal profession as soon as possible. If your determination to remove them one day you will become the boss. Why good communication skills are so important for every lawyer? Let’s talk about that. Read those points below:-

  • Politeness
  • Very Good Listener
  • Frankly Speaking and Honest with everybody
  • Ask related questions to your clients

2.1. Politeness:

Politeness” is a very important part of good communication skills. If you are polite with your colleagues, they will help you when you are finding a simple answer to a very complex question. Politely talking with clients gives them the message “The Lawyer respecting me and my Problems.”

2.2. Very Good Listener:

Ok, you are polite enough, but your body language tells others that you are not listening to them. If any client realizes that you are not listening to them very carefully, he may think you are not interested in him and his problems.

2.3. Frankly Speaking and Honest with Everybody:

When you talk about a problem with any client, try to make them very comfortable with you and your voice. It can be done by frankly speaking and honestly speaking. Tell them the truth about the problem, what might be happened in the court. This process will make some clients uncomfortable with you and for this reason, they may leave you. But, when they will realize that you told the truth to them and actually the same things happened in the court, for the rest of his life he will become your fan.

At the time of listening about any problem, you must have to know the whole story behind the problem. When a client comes to a lawyer with a specific problem, he wants only to talk about the problem, not the whole story behind the problem. If you do not know the whole story behind the problem, in the trial you may have to stop for a very simple answer for a very simple but important question. As a result, the case may fail. So, try to pull the full story behind the problem by using simple questions like:

  • then what happens?
  • Why did you do this?
  • What happened to him?
  • Who Does this?
  • Why Do this?
  • How Did you do this?
  • What were you doing there at the moment?
  • Why were you there? etc.

Good Communication Skills will become you more trusted, more helpful, more formal, more professional to your cliensts and also with your collegues. As a result, your legal profession will be more profitable and your clients will willing to pay your bills.

Special Tips:

When you received a case with a very complex and complicated matter, finding no solutions in case law or from your experiences, then talk about the matter with your seneors or a lawyer who is well known for the matter. When you discuss a matter with them they will never feel irritant but they feel proud for that.

3. Analytical Ability and Critical Thinking:

one fine afternoon, a person comes to your office and said, a murder case is running on him and then asked your help. What will you do? You get all the related case documents and ask a huge amount of questions related to the case and relevant facts. Prepare for the trial and go to the court and defend your client! 98% of lawyers around the world follow this procedure. The question is “are they good and successful lawyer?”. No, that is not a good approach to win a case and not a good idea for the long term.

After questions and answers to all related matters and write down them, take a break. Think critically and analytically, do not think emotionally or no like an accused. Think like the judge who will trial the case. Try to assume all questions about the case which questions the judge can ask you at the time of trial. Prepare all possible answers for the case which answers the judge wants to hear. Do not forget to make a whole scenario of the case in your mind.

Special Tips:

Always keep a small notebook in your pocket in the court. This tiny notebook will help you to track the judge. In the notebook, you should write about the judge’s behaves, which subjects the judge loves, which matters the judge doesn’t like, which matter the judge knows very well, which questions they often ask in a specific case, etc. Personally I keep a tiny notebook for this purpose and it is very helpful for me. If you are comfortable with note-taking apps like Evernote, Notion, Google Keep, etc. you can go with note-taking apps too.

4. Honesty And Client Handling:

Nobody is going to pay you until you show some results. Let me explain, how Honesty and Client Handling are so much related to your earning? When a case comes to you and you promise something to your client about the case but in the end, you cannot keep your promises. Yes, you can earn a handsome amount from the client. But you sacrificed your most precious thing as a lawyer that the client’s faith and trust go away with your bad promise.

Special Tips:

Do not make any promise that you cannot keep. Let the client know about the case that can be happened in court. You can only promise that “I’ll try my best to win the case in the court.” This kind of promise is permissible in the law. This is not a fake promise. This kind of promise will help you become more acceptable to your clients. If you lose a case after this kind of promise client’s trust on you will remain intact. If you win the case the client becomes very emotional and referred to you more and more clients.

Never Promise like “I’ll win the case, don’t worry, the court will make a decision to set you free.”

Always Remember:

If you want to be a good lawyer always remember those rules below.

Faker = A person beautifully fakes any matters

Fakers2 = Lawyer

Lawyer2 = Lawyer’s Clarck

Lawyer’s Clarck2 = Client

Let me explain those rules. “Faker”, who can manipulate any matters with some fake ideas. That’s mean a lawyer must be a double powerful mind than a faker. Why a lawyer should become a double faker? The Answer is, to identify who are fakers and who is not.

In the third rule two lawyers = one lawyer’s Clark. That means Clark of a lawyer is more cleaver than a lawyer. This is because of not intelligence but how they collect money from clients and how wisely they handle clients. Study shows, most of the client comes to a lawyer’s Clark first, then Clark take them to an Attorney.

Tips: Always keep eyes on your Clark’s bad promise to clients. If any client come to you via your Clark give them a good and honest promise.

Basically when a client comes to you, should have to assume that the accused is responsible for the bad job, that’s why a case is pending on the accused. When you start a conversation with a client, you will find that the client is not telling you the all true events but fabricating some matters. Most of the clients believe that this kind of fabricated matters can save them from Justice. Another common problem you can find in most of the clients is that when you ask for your bill they will try to convenience you for the huge discount because they don’t have enough money to pay your bill.

Tips: Use your good questioning power to find out the truth from your client. For your fees; do not tell them your lowest fees. Measure how the case is important to the client’s life. After that ask and handsome amount as your fees. If the client bargain then gives him a discount.

5. Marketing:

Are you a good lawyer? Who told you that? Are your mom or your sister or your friends or your teacher told you that you are a good Attorney? Oops! As a beginner, you do not have any clients or very few of them. Because every accused is looking for an established lawyer for their case, not to you. Here the marketing option comes to make a young and new lawyer to make a good and successful Attorney. Here are the most successful marketing formulas for Lawyers and Law firms below:

  • Affiliate Programs.
  • Good Behaviors.
  • Involve with a Political Party.
  • Do Some Social Work.
  • Always Ware Decent Cloths.
  • Fight For Your Clients Not For The Money.

5.1. Affiliate Programs:

Most of the time your clients will not come to you directly but via your Clarks or via your neighbors or via your friends. They refer clients to you because they care for you. After receiving a bill form your client it is your duty to care them now. Just sent then a portion of your bill to them. They will be motivated by some small amount of mone and send more clients to you. Study Shows if you spent 1/3 of your incum to referrals they become motivated and refer more clients.

Tips: In my model of marketing I spent 1/3 for Affiliate or referrals, 1/3 for me and rest 1/3 for Case related expenditure.

5.2. Good Behaviors:

Any Attorney’s most powerful weapons are his body language, communication skills, and good behaviors. If you are in a very big table keep yourself calm and who created the problem behave with him very gently. After a certain period of time later he will become your fan. And fan may become your client one day.

5.3. Involve with a Political Party:

Political parties always welcome lawyers and Attorneys as their members. Because lawyers know the law and have a good ability to motivate people. Entering into a political party you will get some great opportunity to talk publicly. It is also a great marketing policy.

5.4. Do Some Social Work:

A lawyer is a social engineer. He thinks for society. He always tries to do something good for society. When an Attorney involved in any kind of social work, simply his popularity gains dramatically. As a result, he gets more cases. There are some easy ways below a lawyer can involve in any social work.

  • Give some Donations.
  • Arrange game in locality.
  • Sought for Social Justice.

5.5. Always Wear Decent Clothes:

Once upon a time, people thought clothes are just a thing which cover their banded parts of body. In a modern days cloughs are more than covering body. It is a symble of Identity and Publisity. Same things happnes with a lawyer.

Tips: Make some unique and good looking clothes and wear them at any public gatherings. Palish your shoes every day.

5.6. Fight For Your Client Not For The Money:

The Biggest asset for every Lawyer is his existing clients. When you fight in the court very hard for your client and do not look at how they pay to you, then you can generate more clients. Your existing clients will talk for you and it is free marketing for you.

6. Patience and Learning:

The legal profession is very time consuming and one of the most important jobs around the world. Your single error can take your client to jail or may create a very big problem in society or in ecosystem. So, be very patience and learn slowly and effectively. When you are a junior lawyer, you must learn every single matter very deeply and slowly but not too fast. You should have to record the results what you learn, how it is working in the court. When you become a full lawyer you should also go slowly. Because you have to memorize the case, its facts, problems, and how to overcome problems?

7. Books And Case Law:

Books and Case Laws are the most common tools for every lawyer. For new and associate lawyers do not have enough money to buy sufficient books. Now you can download PDF Law Books and PDF Case Law in the web. It is very easy learning through internet. You cannot find any solution for a problem then google it. You can find a lot of solutions in the internet. If you do not find any write about the problem via my email. I will try my best.

Final Thoughts:

Those are the most effective, time tested, and most accurate processes to become a good and successful lawyer. If you know any other rules then give your comments below.


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