Workflowy: 7 Amazing Note-Taking Hacks For Lawyers (2021)

Workflowy is a note-taking app. Many people do not know the name. Those who use this app as their main note-taking became very happy. Why people are happy who use workflowy apps?

I know some lawyers are using the workflowy app. They are very happy with this note-taking app. There are so many ways lawyers can use this app. In this article, I am going to tell you 7 amazing ways lawyers can use this app in their legal practice.

Why People Are Happy Using Workflowy App?

Workflowy is a Bullet journal note-taking app. It is very simple to use. There are no learning curves in this app. I am giving you some reasons why?

Benefits Of Using Workflowy:

  • Workflowy is the simplest, and easiest note-taking app I have ever seen in my life. Just add a bullet and start writing. It is that simple. That is why workflowy called a Bullet Journal.
  • Workflowy mobile app is one of the best note-taking mobile apps I have ever used in my entire life. All options are viewable at bottom of the app. No more finding for options.
  • Workflowy has apps for every platform. You are a Mac and iOS user no problem, there is an app for you. Windows users do not have to fear because this app has a windows app. You are a power user and use Linux. The good news is it has a very responsive Linux app too. Android user has the best mobile app too.
  • Workflowy sync notes into its cloud amazingly. When you write a note or take a picture note it will automatically sync into its server and sync with all the connected apps.
  • Workflowy free version gives you 250 bullets every month. This quota is enough for everyday note-takes. Even most of the medium users cannot fill up the 250 bullets quota. So, Fell free to use the workflowy app.
  • Workflowy does not have a native web clipper. There is some good third-party web clipper for Workflowy. Those web clippers can bring your favorite articles, blogs, web pages inside workflowy.

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7 Mind-Blowing Ways Lawyer Can Use Workflowy:

There are many ways of using this amazing app. Some people write novels in workfloy, some take easy notes, some use this app as great outlining software. The question is How a lawyer can use Workflowy? I think here you can find your answers.

Make Workflowy As A To-Do List App:

I know nowadays most of the people around the world use to-do list apps. To-do list apps are not easy to use in computer but it is very easy to use in mobile devices. So there are some problems to use to-do list apps on your computer.

This fabulous app gives you the opportunity to use your note-taking apps like a to-do list apps. You can use it on your mobile devices on your desktop on your laptops. You can use this note-taking app in Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, or any other OS.

This mind-blowing app makes your to-do list more convenient and easier to use and it is simple to use. So, you will never think of using just complicated as to-do list apps and don’t have to remember any complicated settings of to-do list apps.

I am telling you that, use Workflowy as your main to-do list app, and you will never become boring again.

Bidirectional Note-Taking

Bidirectional note-taking system is the new hot feature in note-taking apps. You can use it for many ways.

If you want to import any section of a note in your present note you can do it with this feature. If you want to link one note with another note, it is possible via a bidirectional noting system.

Workflow has a bidirectional note-taking system. So it is a good feature for note-taking apps. You can see this kind of bidirectional not taking feature in Rome research, Obsidian and notion.

Implementing a bidirectional note-taking system fairly easily. A bidirectional not-taking system will help you to bring a section of a note into your present note or to any other note. So, it is easy to take notes like that you can do copy your whole section by a bidirectional note-taking system.

So, it is a good option for lawyers who are using notes as their main daily drives. They can use it and make the feel the difference between the normal note-taking and bidirectional not-taking system.

Basically bidirectional note-taking system helps to take notes quickly. It also helps to join one note with another.

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Every lawyer writes a lot of bail petitions, contacts, arguments, legal drafting, etc. in word processes software. At the same time try to outline their legal writing with their favorite word processor. But word processors are not good enough for outlining your legal writing.

Note-taking apps like workflowy are a good outlier for any kind of legal writing. If you want to make your writing more beautiful more appealing before The Honorable Judge, you must have to edit your writing within outlining software. There is some outlining software out there. But none of them can beat this simple app.

This note-taking app is a unique software that will make your legal drafting, writing makes easy outlining. Your writing will be beautiful never before with the help of this note-taking app. Your drafting Will Love by the honorable judges.

As a Lawyer, I am using workflow as my outlier. so I can outline your writing within this app, just export the writing to a PDF format. This will help you to make your legal drafting and legal writing more beautiful than any other lawyers.

Simplest Picture Note-Taking Features:

Taking notes by hand handwritten or typing is so much difficult today’s because we don’t have enough time to take notes by typing or handwritten notes.

That’s why I lots of people around the world try to take note by taking photos. Most of the not taking apps don’t support photos in the note shamelessly.

Most of them support photos. But there is no dedicated option to take photos and directly insert into the notes. So, it is a very big problem right now.

This note-taking has a dedicated photo note-taking Button. So if you want to take a photo of your note or any kind of thing just click on the camera button of the note-taking app.

You can take a photo and insert the photo into your notes easily. That’s why I love these features of workflowy app. This feature makes this amazing app more productive and more usable than any other note taking apps in the world.

Easiest Destruction Free Writing:

Most of the people in the world use normal note-taking apps like word processing software. Normal word processing software is not good for writing without any destruction.

Most of the time distractions happen and you can lose your productivity. But in a destruction-free word processing or any writing, you have no destruction. As a result, you can focus on your writing only. It is a big time-saving proven system for lawyers.

Lawyer’s time is limited and their workload is high. It is hard to stay with the distractions and write proper drafting. In a normal word processor distractions are everywhere.

In a normal word processor, you have to make bold somewhere in writing, sometimes italics. But in a destruction free writing just right and after finishing your writing you can edit your writing. Make your writing more visually good.

This simple note-taking app is one of the best destruction-free writing apps in the world. It has nothing to do with other editing options. You just write and after finished your writing then copy the writing into your favorite word processor. After that, edit them according to your needs.

So, in destruction-free writing, your writing becomes quicker than any other apps. Usually, I write on a distraction-free writer like workflowy, obsidian, typora, etc. As a result, my writing speed increase significantly. So it saves a lot of time.

Workflowy destruction free writing for lawyers I personally do that so why not you are the same kind of mine.

I know a lot of people who are using this note-taking app as their main writing platforms. Some people write a whole book in this app. Because it is very simple to write. So it is very easy to write your legal writing and drafting in it. Laws have a very big benefit using workflow.

Simplest Schedule Management:

Workflowy provides you one of the simplest schedule management systems in the world. Its schedule management system is like a game-changer to me.

There are tones of schedules management softwares on the web. As a result, it is very hard to choose from a vast schedules management software.

This app has unique features like insert your date in your notes. Anyone clicking on the Schedule button to create a schedule. Then just select your schedule date. It will create a schedule for you. Is not it simple?

If you’re finished checking your schedule, then just click on the schedule and move to the right side. After that, a green button will appear, and just click on the green button. The schedule will be finished.

I have never seen a schedule management software like so much easy to me. I have used a lot of schedule management software in my life as a student, as a lawyer, or as a personal task. But, none of them can compare with this note-taking app.

As a lawyer, in this app, I can make schedules and manage them in a single bullet journal. You can see all of your schedules on the screen.

I strongly recommend you to use this natural writing app as your main schedule management system. Workflwy mobile apps are much more capable than desktop apps. As a result, you can do everything with your mobile in it.

It is on-the-go schedule management software. Your schedule will go with you, no matter what will happen to you.

Workflowy Bullet Journal For Speed Up Your Note-Taking:

Do you know, What is bullet journal note-taking system? Maybe not or maybe you know a little about it. Because it is not too popular with lawyers or peoples who are taking notes in traditional ways in traditional note-taking apps like Evernote, OneNote, Simplenote, Google keeps, etc.

Workflowy App For Android
Workflowy App For Android

On the other hand workflow e take a different approach. This app can make your notes as a bullet journal system.

Now, let’s find out about, what is a bullet journal? The bullet journal is a very effective way of taking notes. In a bullet journal can see only bullets with headings. When you click on the bullets you see another bullet with a new page will open. Then you can add a heading and write your notes in it. After that, you can add another bullet in the bullet journal then write your notes. This is a never-ending system. The freedom is here for you.

I found this app in 2020. Then, I fall in love with it. Because, it is so easy to take your notes and see your notes in the app with bullet journal style. Bullet journal gives you a freedom to take notes on the most speedy ways.

I am so excited about workflowy’s bullet journal note-taking system. So I use this note-taking app to take my notes from books. As a result, I created a large amount of quotation from many books which I read it in last one year. I can click on a bullet of books and I can see all the quotations from the book.

Now, I can see all the notes I have taken from the books. Nowadays, I have a big collection of quotations from my books I can easily insert those quotations in my writing using the bidirectional note-taking system in the app.

As a result, my writing becomes more appealing and more meaningful to judges and other people. So, it is very good for me.

I strongly recommend this note-taking app for lawyers to use a bullet journal note-taking system. You will love it I bet this. Because the notes you have taken with any other note-taking system can be easily done by this one.

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Final Thoughts About Workflowy For Lawyers:

Basically, I love workflowy a lot. When I first heard about this note-taking is a very lightweight note-taking system. So, I decided to try this note-taking app as a bullet journal note-taking system.

When I tried the app for the first time, I become a fan of the app and who created this amazing note-taking app. Then I started all my quotations every day from books insert into it.

This day, I am using workflowy for my personal writing and writing my legal drafting. This simple app saves a lot of time taking notes. It’s unique picture notes helps me a lot just remember more thing easily and quickly.

It can take bidirectional notes. It can use as a bullet journal note-taking system. So, I use workflow as my primary note-taking system on mobile. I am a lawyer and I can strongly recommend my fellow lawyers use this realistic note-taking app as their primary note-taking system.

It is easy to use, nothing to learn, and a speedy note-taking app. I strongly recommend those who have some small amount of money can buy it and use the pro version because the pro version gives you more flexibility and more options.

What are your reasons of using Workflowy? please let me know in the comments section.

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