Evernote Vs Notion: The Battle Of The Giants (Personally Tested)(2021)

Evernote vs Notion is a popular question among those who want to use digital note-taking apps. Most of the time they become confused and do not want to use any note-taking app anymore. Lawyers are no exception to this rule. Lawyers are the most effective note-takers in the world. They takes a lot of notes. So, lawyers must have to use a note-taking apps which can handle more presure and provide all the important facility need.

Here, in this article, I am talking about the most popular note-taking apps for lawyers. Evernote vs Notion which one is the better choice for lawyers?

Evernote Vs Notion 2021: The Comparison Between Them

Evernote or Notion which note-taking app your are using is not the matter. The matter is which one is doing the job done for you.

In this article I will help you to find the best note-taking apps fro you between the most popular evernote and notion.

Pros Of Evernote: The Goodies Of The Beast:

Evenote is one of the most used note-taking app in the world. Let’s see the best pros of evernote.

A Lot Of Options For Taking Notes:

In Evernote, you have the freedom to choose from a lot of options. You can take notes by typing, taking photos, drawing notes, take notes via dictation, audio notes, to-do list, and many more options. As a result, you may live in peace because there is no option left for taking notes.

Strong Security Make Evernote More Appealing:

Evernote is secure with a 256k encryption key. It is very hard to break down its encryption. Evernote uses SSL to exchange data. So, your data will be safe with Evernote There is a drawback too. If someone with your Evernote user ID and Password, then maybe you are at some kind of risk.

Evernote Has A Very Strong Search Features:

Evernote is a good note-taking app and this has very good search features. You can type your query and instantly you will find anything related to your search query it is a very big deal of notes of most of not taking as don’t have this kind of features.

Evernote Has Future Reach And Easy To Use Mobile Application:

Evernote is a very feature-rich app on mobile. Using this application on your mobile you can take notes very quickly and easily. You don’t have to wait for your responses from the apps. It is a very responsive and very well-designed app. So, you will feel you are taking notes like a joy.

Evernote Is Very Easy To Use:

The most important thing about Evernote is, it is a very easy to use and very good-looking apps. You can easily find any option you are looking for in the app at a glance. Another important thing about this app is the good-looking and charming note-taking app around.

Evernote Can Store Articles, Web-pages Inside Evernote:

If you are an Evernote user then you should know about the Evernote web clipping extension. This extension with bringing a whole website or article into youEvernotete. It wants an amazing idea when it first came out. Till now this feature is one of the best of its kind.

Cons Of Evernote: The Evil Side Of Evernote:

Evernote has some limitations in the term of features. Here are some cons of Evernote.

Evernote Has No Back-linking Option:

Today most of the modern note-taking apps use back-linking. So, you can easily back-link with another note. As a result, it is very easy to use or find something or remember something. But, I do not know why Evernote is not bringing this type of feature.

Limited Features In Free Plan:

The free user of Evernote! I am telling you that you are missing a lot of important features of Evernote. Evernote’s free plan gives you only 60 MB of storage and a lot of imitation when you start to use this app. In the free plan, you cannot see your notes offline. You cannot sync not more than 3 devices at a time.

Lack Of Modern Note-Taking Features:

Modern-day note-taking apps are more sophisticated, robust, more user-friendly, and easy to use. Modern-day note-taking apps provide backlinking notes with each other, import a part of a note into another note, Markdown editor, etc. Evernote did not introduce any kind of features build in March 2021. It is a big drawback for Evernote.

No Meaningful Templates In Evernote:

It is good news that now Evernote supports templates. But, the problem is, there are not enough good templates in the Evernote Template Gallery. One more important problem is, you cannot upload your own templates. In this era of open source, you cannot create my templates or control my freedom.

No Plugins Or Extension Supported:

In this golden age of note-taking options, this is ridiculous. Plugins or extensions give us the freedom to extend or import more features in my note-taking system or remove some of them if I do not need them.

Notion App: The All In One Note-Taking App:

Notion is a swiss army knife note-taking app. It has the ability to do virtually everything within notion app. Is Notion good enough to use in law firms or fro lawyers? Let find the answer.

Pros Of Notion App: The Options You Should Love:

Notion is one of the fastest-growing note-taking app in the world. Let’s find out, why notion is growing rapidly as a note-taking app?

There are many reasons solo legal practitioners, small law firms or even big law firms can use Notion. I am going to tell you what are the benefits of using Notion if you are a lawyer or you have a law firm.

Notion Is Free To Personal Use:

Notinon is free to use app for four team members. So, if you have only four members in your firm you can easily use Notion for your law firm. But if your firm has more than four members you have to pay a very little amount of money for using Notion.

Notion Is a Secure Note-Taking App:

Notion is a secure app to use. This note-taking app has a very good end-to-end security option for syncing your notes. Law firms are a very good target for haking. So, You need a good security platform like Notion.

Notion Is A All-In-One Note-Taking App:

Notion is an all-in-one app. You can use it as a note-taking system, your case management system, file management system, accounting software for your firm. As a result, you can save a huge amount of money just using Notion.

Notion Can Replace Your Accounting App:

Notion is a very capable app if you want to replace your costly accounting software. The options in Notion are made by very capable software that you can handle all of your accounting problems with the help of this software.

Notion Web Clipper Is Really Amazing:

Notion web clipper is a good option if you would like to read articles, blogs, websites, or videos later. This notion web clipper has a good capability that saves your time. This option is a robust and most useful one for lawyers.

Notion Provides Wide Range Of Notes Exporting Options:

Sometimes you have to work outside of the box. So, you have to export your notes into different formats. Here, notion gives a huge benefit. Notion provides you three different types of exporting your notes. You can export your notes into PDF, HTML, Markdown with CSV.

Cons Of Notion App: Might Be Include In Notion:

There are so many good options in the notion that you can bearly find any cons of it. I found some cons of notion app. I am sharing with you those cons.

Notion App For Every Platform Is Not Good:

Notion has apps for most of the platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android. This is good news for users. But, the bad news is the notion app is some kind of web app. If you want to use this note-taking app offline the app will not work. This is a bad sign such a great note-taking app.

Notion Has A Learning Carves:

Most of the note-taking apps easy to use and no learning curve. But, in the notion note-taking app has some learning curve. You have to learn how to use notion properly.

When you learn how to use notion, then you become a boss of organizing your data. But, the problem is most people do not have enough time to learn another note-taking app.

No OCR Integration:

Do you know, What is OCR?. OCR is a technology, that can read any text from any image. So, you have a picture of a note, you want to grab the note from the picture. It is possible with OCR technology.

Unfortunately, notion app does not have this feature. Popular note-taking apps like OneNote, Google Keep, Evernote, etc are providing this feature. It is a big drawback for notion till now.

Quick Capture Picture Note Is Not Possible In Notion:

You are on the move. You need to take a note. The note was written on paper. But, you do not have enough time to type the note. So, you can open your note-taking app and just take picture of the note. Congratulations, you take your desire notes in your favorite note-taking app.

But, this simplified picture note-taking feature has partially included in notion. You can add pictures via option. No, direct image note-taking feature in notion.

My Recommendation: Evernote Vs Notion: Which One Is More Suitable With You?

I love both Evernote and notion. I use Evernote for my classical note-taking. On the other hand, notion is my working hub.

If you do not want any kind of hassle and would not like to use a complicated system, then you should use Evernote. It is a great choice for every lawyer. Even, most of the bar councils around the world recommend Evernote.

You want a modern, good-looking, all-in-one note-taking app then notion is the best choice for you. You can do everything you want with notion. But, you have to learn notion to properly use.

Evernote vs Notion 2021 is one of the thought questions. I tried my best to help you. It is your call which one best suited for you.


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