Taskade Or Notion? Which One Should You Use?

Taskade or Notion which one is suitable for you? Yes, that is a million-dollar question. Let’s deep dive into the question.

Basically, Notion is an all-in-one note-taking and task-management app. This app has some extraordinary features that no note-taking app has. But, the question is “Is Notion suitable for everyone?”.

On the other hand, we have Taskade. It is also an excellent minimalist note-taking app with a great task management app. Although, it is a new app but a promising one and little compared with Notion. Who will use Taskade and bring more output for his work?

Taskade The New Future King Of To-do List App Universe :

Hold on!! Taskade? Yes, Taskade. This is a new to-do list app in the town. This task management app is unique one compared with other task management apps in the market.

Basically, this app is a task management aka to-do list app. But, there are some important twists in this app. Today I am going to tell you about something about taskade. So, let’s begin.

Some Notable Important Pros Of Taskade:

There are many good things added in this amazing tasking app. What are they? Look at below please.

  • Notion like daily, weekly, monthly and yearly task planner.
  • Sub-tasks made your work easy.
  • Chat with other team members and enable then to comments on the project.
  • Beautiful progress bar to track to-dos and works.
  • Bullet Journal Included.
  • Your meeting notes can be taken easily.
  • There are six types of views, List view, Kanban board view, Calendar View, Action View, Min map view, and Org Chart View. Volla….
  • You can add files with your tasks.
  • Need to add a link?? Yes, Taskade gives you that option too.
  • A timer is a great option for calculating time like Roam Research.
  • Apps for every kind of platform like Windows, Mac, iOS, Chrome, Android, Linux, etc.
  • Mobile apps are good and responsive.
  • Lots of features for teamwork.
  • Unlimited Projects can be added to a free account.
  • You can export to PDF, Tex, Markdown, and Image(Only Pro).
  • You can view PDF, Images, and videos inside the app.

Some Cons of Taskade At A Glance:

Is Taksade free from the negative side? No, my dear friend. This amazing has some negative sides too. Let’s shear them with you now.

  • All the Taskade apps only work online. There is no way to use this app without the internet.
  • All the apps in all platforms are slow and take more time to open. This delay can spoil your valuable time and money.

Taskade The Ultimate Task Management system:

  • Taskade is a to-do list management-focused app. This unique app has some special features to track my to-dos and amazingly help you to finish them in time.
  • Although, Taskade provides me to take bullet note in a bullet journal environment but, those features only provide me to take some quick notes.

Notion App: The All In One Note-Taking App And To-Do List App:

Notion is a note-taking app. You can do virtually everything within notion app. Is Notion good enough to use in law firms or fro lawyers? Is it good enough for normal use? Let’s find the answer.

Pros Of Notion App: The Options You Should Love:

Notion is one of fastest growing note-taking app in the world. Let’s find out, why notion is growing rapidly as a note-taking app?

Some Notable Pros of Notion:

  • Take notes in various ways.
  • Bullet journal made easy.
  • One of the best task management system.
  • Notion Is Free With Its Every Features But For 4 Team Members. Enough For Personal Use.
  • It Is One Of The Most Secure Not-Taking App In The World.
  • This App Is An All-In-One App. You Can Do Anything You Want. You can use it as a note-taking system, your case management system, file management system, and accounting software for your firm. As a result, you can save a huge amount of money just by using Notion.
  • You can use notion as your personal wiki, or personal knowledge base.
  • Your Accounting Software Replacement.
  • Notion Has One Of The Best Web Clippers In The Market.
  • You Can Export Your Notes Into PDF, HTML, Markdown With CSV In Notion.
  • Notion has largest template collection in the world for every kind of work.

Benefits Of Using Notion For Lawyers:

There are many reasons solo legal practitioners, small law firms or even big law firms can use Notion as their Law firm Management System or Law firm management software. I am going to tell you what are the benefits of using Notion if you are a lawyer or you have a law firm.

  • Notinon is free to use app for four team members. So, if you have only four members in your firm you can easily use Notion for your law firm. But if your firm has more than four members you have to pay a very little amount of money for using Notion.
  • Notion is a secure app to use. This note-taking app has a very good end to end security option for sync your notes. Law firms are very good target for haking. So, You need a good security platform like Notion.
  • Notion is a all in one app. You can use as a note-taking system, case management system, file management system, accounting software for your firm. As a result you can save a huge amount of money just using Notion.
  • You can use notion as your personal wiki, personal knowledge base.
  • Notion is a very capable app if you want to replace your costly accounting software. The options in Notion are madeby very capable software that you can handle all of your accounting problems with the help of this software.

Cons Of Notion App

There are so many good options in the notion that you can bearly find any cons of it. I found some cons of notion app. I am shearing with you those cons.

Notion App For Every Platform Is Not Good:

Notion has app for most of the platforms like windows, mac, iOS, android. This is a piece of good news for users. But, the bad news is the notion app is some kind of web app. If you want you use this note-taking app in offline the app will not work. This is a bad sign such a great note-taking app.

Notion Has A Learning Carves:

Most note-taking apps are very easy to use and have no learning curve. But, in the notion note-taking app has some learning curve. You have to learn how to use notion properly.

When you learn how to use notion, then you become a boss of organizing your data. But, the problem is most people do not have enough time to learn another note-taking app.

No OCR Integration:

Do you know, What is OCR?. OCR is a technology, that can read any text from any image. So, If you have a picture of a note and you want to grab the note from the picture, it is possible with OCR technology.

Unfortunately, notion app do not have this feature. Popular note-taking apps like OneNote, Google Keep, Evernote, etc are providing this feature. It is a big drawback for notion till now.

Quick Capture Picture Note Is Not Possible In Notion:

You are on the move. You need to take note. The note was written on a piece of paper. But, you do not have enough time to type the note. So, you can open your note-taking app and just take picture of the note. Congratulations, you take your desire notes in your favorite note-taking app.

But, this simplified picture note-taking feature has partially included in notion. You can add picture via option. No, direct image note-taking feature in notion.

Notion Has Everything For You:

Notion is one the best note-taking, to-do list, personal wiki, and personal data management app in the world. This app works as a second brain for you. You can store anything want as a note, wiki, database etc. Notion is a life-changing app for many users around the world.

As a Lawyer, I personally use Notion to track my cases, store case laws as a database and search them when I need them, write my law related notes. Basically, I can say I use Notion as the second brain of my Legal carrier.

Taskade Or Notion Which One Should You Use?

Taskade and Notion both are good app with their own features and customization for customers. But, sometimes two good thing make us fool which one should I choose?

Basically, I love to use both of them. I use Taskade for track my schedules, to-dos, tasks. On the other hand Notion is my favorite note-taking app. I use notion to take notes for cases, manage cases and track them, store case laws I have collected, etc.

Now, the question is Taskade or Notion, Which one should you use? Let me help you to choose one of them or both of them.

It is time to talk about Taskade. This amazing to-do list or task management apps is a minimalist one. You can track your to-dos, manage your team tasks, chat and call with your team members, bullet journal, etc then you should strongly consider Taskade.

On the other hand, Notion is an all-in-one app. Virtually, you can do anything in Notion. In Notion you can take notes, write your bullet journal, create you own database, manage your daily expenses, create a free personal wiki, do content management for youtube and social media,etc.

Today, no more learning, just enjoy.


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