Taskade Will Replace Todoist: 6 Surprising Reasons To Know.

Taskade is a new task management application. This modern task management provides some very basic and advanced features for users. But, there is a question. Can Taskade replace your existing to-do list app like “Todoist”? Today, I’ll try to find out the answer to this question.

Hold on! Taskade ?? What is Taskade? This is a new to-do list app with tons of features and customizations. Taskade has great capability to take notes like bullet journals and many more.

Now, come to the main point of the article. Will Taskade took the crown of Todoist? It is not an easy question to answer. To answer this question I am trying to compare Taskade and Todoist side by side.

Todoist The King Of The To-Do Apps:

No doubt, todoist is the king of all to-do apps in the market now. There are some reasons too. Here I am giving you some pros and cons of todoist.

Some Good Reasons (Pros) To Use Todoist As Your To-do List App:

If you would like to be a king then you need something unique inside you. After that, most people choose you and like you. But, to become a king you have to work hard.

Todoist is one of those apps with a good and easy way to use a to-do list in our practical life. Let’s deep dive into some pros of Todoist.

  • Clean User Interface.
  • Made for to-do list only. Not for other things.
  • Adding dates in to-do list is so easy to add that everybody will love to do so.
  • You can add reminder too with a easy way.
  • Arrange your to-dos is so many ways that you will love the ways. You can arrange to-dos as “Due Dates, Assignee, Date Added, Priority, Lebel, Project”. Can you believe this.
  • Todoist Homepage provides you three types of can view Upcoming to-do , todays event and inbox.
  • You can easily arrange you to-dos with labels, tags etc.
  • Setting up your to-do with priority labels from 1 to 4. This is a unique features too.

What Is The Disadvantage(Cons) Of Using Todoist:

Todoist is very useful and unique type of to-do list app. Definitely, this app is one of the most modern to-do list app out there.

Is that mean, there are no negative side of todoist? Yes, there are some bad sides of todoist too. As a result, many to-do app users do not like todoist.

In my use of todoist I found some cons of this app. Now, I am sharing those negative sides with you.

  • No way to take short notes.
  • There is no way to make sub-task. Sometimes sub-tasks are very important too.
  • Limited customization on schedules and time management.
  • Reminder features only for Pro and Business Users.
  • You can add tasks in Apple Calendar, Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar but you cannot integrate those calendars with todoist.

No doubt, todoist is one of the best to-do list app out there. But, this is not the ultimate one and do not have every feature you needed. For me, todoist is a minimalist, simple looking, easy-to-use to-do list aka task management app.

I use this app for simple my ordinary takes. But, What about complex taskes and to-dos?

Taskade The New Future King Of To-do List App Universe:

Hold on!! Taskade? Yes, Taskade. This is a new to-do list app in the town. This task management app is a unique one compared with other task management app in market.

Basically, this app is a task management aka to-do list app. But, there are some important twists in this app. Today I am going to tell you something about taskade. So, Lets Begin.

Some Notable Important Pros Of Taskade:

There are many good things added in this amazing tasking app. What are they? Look at the below, please.

  • Notion like daily, weekly, monthly and yearly task planners.
  • Sub-tasks made your work easy.
  • Chat with other team members and enable then to comment on the project.
  • Bullet Journal Included.
  • Your meeting notes can be taken easily.
  • There are six types of views, List view, Kanban board view, Calendar View, Action View, Min map view, Org Chart View. Volla….
  • You can add files with your tasks.
  • Need to add a link?? Yes, Taskade gives you that option too.
  • A timer is a great option for calculating time like Roam Research.
  • Apps for every kind of platform like Windows, Mac, iOS, Chrome, Android, Linux, etc.
  • Mobile apps are good and responsive.
  • Lots of features for teamwork.
  • Unlimited Projects can be added in a free account.
  • You can export to PDF, Tex, Markdown, and Image(Only Pro).
  • You can view PDF, Image and video inside the app.

Some Cons of Taskade At A Glance:

Is Taksade free from negative side? No, my dear friend. This amazing has some negative sides too. Let’s shear them with you now.

  • All the Taskade app only work online. There is no way to use this app without internet.
  • All the apps in all platform are slow and take more time to open. This delay can spoil your valuable time and money.

6 Reasons Taskade Will Replace Todoist Soon

There are so many reason to use tskade instead of todoist. Taskade is a modern, feature-rich, easy-to-use and all-in-one to-do list solution for the minimalist people. Lets talk about some goodies about Taskade.

1. Taskade Is A Notion Like Feel And Use:

You may call Taskade is a “Mini Notion App”. Yes, it is true. Taskade has many features browed fron Notion. They are not copy-cut-pest those features but they have some blands and tweaks too. Let’s talk about them.

  • Notion is one of the best ways to take notes, make your to-do list etc. In Taskade you can add daily, weekly, monthly and annually task planner. As a result, your task planning become more easier and convenient with your needs.
  • Taskade has ability to use templates like Notion. There are a huge number of pre-loaded templates like notion. As a result, you will get your desire template with a single click.
  • Bullet journal is a very convenient way to take notes quickly and easily. Notion and Workflowy has an ability to use bullet journal to the next level. Taskade take the approach and embedded this type of note taking option with this amazing app.

2. Adding Files In Your To-Do List App??!

Have ever hard of adding files in to-dos? Probably not. You make an appointment with a person and make a to-do in taskade. At the same time, you would like to show him a secret document to the person. It is convenient to attach the file with the to-do. But, the truth is that no to-do apps will give the option.

Here, Taskade come to you to rescue. Yes, this amazing to-do list app will give you the option to attach file with your to-do. How amazing it is??

Do you like this feature? Please let me know in the comment section.

3. Yes, There Are Six(6) Types Of Views In Taskade.

Viewing Options

Many people love to use to-do as a kanban board. Some prefer list views. Business people love mind map view. Some one love calendar view etc. But, my question is *“Which To-Do apps will give you multiple viewing options?” The answer is simple “Taskade”. *

Taskade is providing you six different type of viewing options for you. Is not it enough for you. I hope so.

4. Grate For Team Working Environment:

Your company has many small team. Each team works on a special task or tasks. It is not easy to allocate sub-tasks every team member. Basically, there are few apps can do that. But, the problem is most of them are not task oriented apps.

Here the Taksade come to rescue you. This interesting and future proof task management app is quite good to handle most team-related tasks.

Taskade Team Workspace provide you some amazing and important features like —

  • Due Dates.
  • Assign To Member or Members.
  • Comment To Any Task By Any Members.
  • Upload files from Google Drive, Dropbox, Hard Drive, Box and interestingly from Instagram.
  • Amazingly, you can add Timer for any team tasks too.
  • Need appreciate any member — You can do it easily by reaction button.
  • Chat With team members is very easy and convenient. You can chat with team members on the right side of the app.
  • Oho.. One More thing.. You will be surprised to know that you can call your team members using Taskade.
    Say WOOOOOW Buddy.
Call And Chat

5. SImple, Minimalist, Elegant And Easy-To-Use:

You may ask me, Why I am using this to-do list app? There are many reasons for that. I this amazing app because;

  • Easy to use and navigate from one section to another section.
  • Minimalists like me and my workflows.
  • Simple as drinking water from a glass. There are no learning curves to use Taskade.
  • This to-do list app has an elegant dark and normal theme. So, you can choose which one you like most.

6. Exporting and Viewing Documents, Video And Images Inside Taskade???

What?? You are kidding! No, I am not kidding. I am not joking. Seriously it is real and authentic news.

Exporting Options

Yes, you can view PDF, Markdown, text file inside this app. Do you embed videos in this app? Then, you do not need a video player. You can play videos inside this app.

But, what about exporting files for your needs? You can export your whole workplace into Markdown, PDF, .tex and Image(for Pro) easily and without any error.

End But Not End…..

Yes, I am finishing this article today. But, it does not mean this is the last article on Taskade. Let’s talk about the end’s talk.

If you believe in features rich, simplest, minimal and modern to-do list or task management app then you must have to consider Taskade as your to-do list app.

The future will be with hybrid to-do list app or task management app like Taksade. Why you are not going with the future?

Taksade is the future task management apps just we get in the present. This is the time to use this amazing app like me.


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