Taskade Vs Evernote: Which One Is More Suitable?

Taskade vs Evernote which one is suitable for you? Yes, that is a million-dollar question. Let’s deep dive into the question.

Basically, Evernote is a granddaddy of all note-taking, to-do list,s and task management apps. Millions of people around the world use Evernote now.

Evernote is one of the most used note-taking, to-do list app in the world. This amazing app was once the best way to make your creative work digitally.

Unfortunately, last few years Evernote team stop creating new features
and make the amazing app backdated. In recent months, they are trying to make the app more modern and more useful.

But, the question is “Is Evernote able to provide you with modern features like other apps, and is it worth using in 2023?”.

On the other hand, we have Taskade. It is also an excellent minimalist note-taking app with a great task management app full of modern features. Although, it is a new app a promising one and little compared with Notion. Who will use Taskade and bring more output for his work? This article will be enjoyable with side-by-side comparisons “Taskade Vs Evernote”.

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Taskade The New Future King Of To-do List / Task Management App Universe :

Hold on!! Taskade? Yes, Taskade. This is a new to-do list app in the town. This task management app is unique one to compare with other task management apps in the market.

Basically, this app is a task management aka to-do list app. But, there are some important twist in this app. Today I am going to tell you something about taskade. So, let’s Begin.

Some Notable Important Pros Of Taskade:

There are many good things added in this amazing tasking app. What are they? Look at the below, please.

  • Notion like daily, weekly, monthly and yearly task planners.
  • Sub-tasks made your work easy.
  • Chat with other team members and enable then to comment on the project.
  • Beautiful progress bar to track to-dos and works.
  • Bullet Journal Included.
  • Your meeting notes can be taken easily.
  • There are six types of views, List view, Kanban board view, Calendar View, Action View, Min map view, Org Chart View. Volla….
  • You can add files with your tasks.
  • Need to add a link?? Yes, Taskade gives you that option too.
  • Timer is a great option for calculating time like Roam Research.
  • Apps for every kind of platform like Windows, Mac, iOS, Chrome, Android, Linux, etc.
  • Mobile apps are good and responsive.
  • Lots of features for teamwork.
  • Unlimited Project can be added in free account.
  • You can export to PDF, Tex, Markdown, and Image(Only Pro).
  • You can view PDF, Image and video inside the app.

Some Cons of Taskade At A Glance:

Is Taksade free from negative side? No, my dear friend. This amazing has some negative sides too. Let’s shear them with you now.

  • All the Taskade app only work online. There is no way to use this app without internet.
  • All the apps in all platform are slow and take more time to open. This delay can spoil your valuable time and money.

Evernote: The Oldest Note-taking And Task Management Giant:

Evernote is note-taking and task-management giant. This amazing app can take notes and manage to-dos in old-fashioned ways. But, in today modern era millions of people still use Evernote for some good reason.

Let’s find out why so many people around the world use Evernote.

Some Pros Of Evernote In Simple Words :

Evernote is one of the most used note-taking app in the world. Let’s see the pros of Evernote.

  • Cleanest User Interface I Have Ever Saw.
  • Easy To Take Notes. It Is So Easy That Your Grand Mother Can take Notes Without Any Problem.
  • Strong Search features. You Can Search Texts In Images Too.
  • Strong Security.
  • Use transport layer security (“TLS”) or secure socket layer (“SSL”) technology.
  • support HTTP Strict Transport Security (“HSTS”).
  • Use AES-256, transparently and automatically.
  • Quick Cross Devices Sync.
  • Many New Features Included In 2021.
  • Strongest OCR Capability.
  • Strong Tag Support.
  • Best For Handwriting Note-Taking.
  • Quick Picture Note-Taking In Mobile Devices.
  • One Of the Best Note-Taking App For Mobile.

Some Quick Cons Of Evernote:

Evernote has some limitations in terms of features. Here are some cons of Evernote.

  • You Cannot Use Offline Mode In Free Plan.
  • Free Plan Is Limited For Two Devices Sync Only.
  • No Markdown Editor.
  • No Bi-directional Linking Notes.
  • Not Enough Export Options.
  • Evernote Price Is Confusing.

This is the first round comparison Taskade vs Evernote. Now, start the second round.

Now, Could You Use Taskade?

That is the main question of why you should use Taskade a task management system or to-do list app. I have found 8 major reasons to use Taskade.

Amazing 8 Reasons: Why You Should Use Taskade:

It is time to justify Taskade as your new favorite task management system or To-Do list app. I believe this observation will help you to make your decision.

1. Beautiful Templates For Every Kind Of Works:

Taskade provides you an excellent option to track your tasks. You can track daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks in Taskade. Surprisingly, in this amazing app you can import and choose a template from a huge amount of template galleries.

Not only that, there are so many templates for bullet journals, teamwork, meeting notes, etc. As a result, you will get your desired template with a single click.

2. Progress Bar For All Kind Of Taskes:

Taskade make it’s UI responsive and intuitive. That’s why they make a beautiful progress bar. Progress Bar, What is Progress Bar? It is an amazing task-tracking system that can visualize your completed tasks and how many percent you have to fill.

This type of tracking system is good and enough for tracking your tasks easily. I really enjoy this type of visualize progress bar to track my tasks.

3. Taskade Is A Notion Like Feel And Use:

You may call Taskade is a “Mini Notion App”. Yes, it is true. Taskade has many features browed fron Notion. They are not copy-cut-pest those features but they have some blends and tweaks too. Let’s talk about them.

  • Notion is one of the best way to take notes, make your to-do list etc. In Taskade you can add daily, weekly, monthly and annual task planners. As a result, your task planning becomes easier and more convenient for your needs.
  • A bullet journal is a very convenient way to take notes quickly and easily. Notion and Workflowy has the ability to use a bullet journal to the next level. Taskade take the approach and embedded this type of note-taking option with this amazing app.

4. Adding Files In Your To-Do List App??!

Have ever hard of adding files in to-dos? Probably not. You make an appointment with a person and make a to-do in taskade. At the same time, you would like to show him a secret document to the person. It is convenient to attach the file with the to-do. But, the truth is that no to-do apps will give the option.

Here, Taskade come to you to rescue. Yes, this amazing to-do list app will give you the option to attach file with your to-do. How amazing it is??

Do you like this feature? Please let me know in the comment section.

5. Yes, There Are Six(6) Types Of Views In Taskade.

Many people love to use to-do as a kanban board. Some prefer list views. Business people love mind map view. Someone loves calendar view etc. But, my question is *“Which To-Do apps will give you multiple viewing options?” The answer is simple “Taskade”. *

Taskade is providing you with six different types of viewing options for you. Is not enough for you. I hope so.

6. Grate For Team Working Environment:

Your company has many small team. Each team working on special task or tasks. It is not easy to allocate sub-tasks every team members. Basically, there are few apps can do that. But, the problem is most of them are not task oriented apps.

Here the Taksade come to rescue you. This interesting and future proof task management app is quite good to handle most of the team related tasks.

Taskade Team Workspace provide you some amazing and important features like —

  • Due Dates.
  • Assign To Member or Members.
  • Comment To Any Task By Any Members.
  • Upload files from Google Drive, Dropbox, Hard Drive, Box and interestingly from Instagram.
  • Amazingly, you can add Timer for any team tasks too.
  • Need appreciate any member — You can do it easily by reaction button.
  • Chat With team members is very easy and convenient. You can chat with team members on the right side of the app.
  • Oho.. One More thing.. You will be surprised to know that you can call your team members using Taskade.
    Say WOOOOOW Buddy.

7. SImple, Minimalist, Elegant And Easy-To-Use:

You may ask me, Why I am using this to-do list app? There are many reasons for that. I this amazing app because;

  • Easy to use and navigate from one section to another section.
  • Minimalist like me and my work flows.
  • Simple as drinking water from glass. There are no learning carves to use Taskade.
  • This to-do list app has elegant dark and normal theme. So, you can choice which one you like most.

8. Exporting and Viewing Documents, Video And Image Inside Taskade???

What?? You are kidding! No, I am not kidding. I am not joking. Seriously it is real and authentic news.

Yes, you can view PDF, Markdown, text file inside this app. Do you embed video in this app? Then, you do not need a video player. You can play videos inside this app.

But, what about exporting files for your needs? You can export your whole workplace into Markdown, PDF, .tex, and Image(for Pro) easily and without any errors.

3 Reasons Not to Use Taskade:

1. Only Online Apps:

Taskade has apps for all platforms including Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, Windows, and as well as web. But, the problem is all apps only work with the internet.

If you want to use this app without the internet, this app will not work. As a result, your natural workflow may be interrupted.

2. New and Not Mature Enough:

Yes, Taskade is a promising and good platform to track to-dos and some quick notes. But, the truth is that this app is a new one compared with its counterparts. I believe those who use to-dos for professionals should use this app in 2023.

3. Slow App Performance And Look:

The app performance is bit slower and not up to the mark. Now, let’s talk about the UI of Taskade. The icons are a little bit uglier and backward-looking. Navigation makes you confuse sometimes.

Taskade The Ultimate Task Management system:

Taskade is a to-do list management-focused app. This unique app has some special features to track my to-dos and amazingly help you to finish them in time.

Although Taskade provides me to take bullet notes in a bullet journal environment, those features only provide me to take some quick notes.

Taskade has a huge collection of templates to make my calendar and to-dos more personal and user-friendly.

Could You Use Evernote?

Remember, I am not writing this article is not for Taskade. But, Taskade vs Evernote. Now, it is time to talk about Evernote.

6 Extraordinary Reasons For Using Evernote In A Wide View:

1. A Lot Of Options For Taking Notes:

In Evernote you have the freedom to choose from a lot of options. You can take notes by typing, taking photos, drawing notes, taking notes via dictation, audio notes, to-do list and many more options. As a result, you may live in peace because there are no options left for taking notes.

2. Strong Security Makes Evernote More Appealing:

Evernote is secure with a 256k encryption key. It is very hard to break down its encryption. Evernote uses SSL to exchange data. So, your data will be safe with Evernote. There is a drawback too. If someone with your Evernote user ID and Password, then maybe you are in some kind of risk.

3. Evernote Has Very Strong  Search Features:

Evernote is a good note-taking app and this has very good search features. You can type your query and instantly you will find anything related with your search query it is a very big deal to note of most of the note-taking apps don’t have this kind of feature.

4. Evernote Has Future Reach And Easy To Use Mobile Application:

Evernote is a very feature-rich app in mobile. Using this application in your mobile you can take notes very quickly and easily. You don’t have to wait for your responses from the apps. It is very responsive and very well designed app. So, you will feel you are taking notes like a joy.

5. Evernote Is Very Easy To Use:

The most important thing about Evernote is, it is very easy-to-use and very good-looking apps. You can easily find any option of you are looking for in the app at a glance. Another important thing about this app is it is a very good-looking and charming note-taking app around.

6. Evernote Can Store Articles, And Web-pages Inside Evernote:

If you are an Evernote user then you should know about this Evernote web clipper extension. This extension with bringing a whole website or article into your Evernote. It was an amazing idea when it first came out. Till now this feature is one of the best of its kind.

Some Reasons Not To Use Evernote:

1. Evernote Has No Back-linking Option:

Today most of modern note-taking apps use back-linking. So, you can easily back-link with your other note. As a result, it is very easy to use or find something or remember something. But, I do not know why Evernote is not bringing this type of feature.

2. Limited Features In Free Plan:

The free user of Evernote! I am telling you that you are missing a lot of important features of Evernote. Evernote’s free plan give you only 60 MB of storage and a lot of imitation when you start to use this app. In the free plan, you cannot see your notes in offline. You cannot sync not more than 3 devices at a time.

3. Lack Of Modern Note-Taking Features:

Modern-day note-taking apps are more sophisticated, robust, more user-friendly and easy to use. Modern-day note-taking apps provide back-linking notes with each other, import a part of a note into another note, Markdown editor, zettelkasten notes included, etc. Evernote did not introduce any of those features into its latest build in March 2021. It is a big drawback for Evernote.

4. No Meaningful Templates In Evernote:

It is good news that now Evernote supports templates. But, the problem is, there are not enough good templates in the Evernote Template Gallery. One more important problem is, you cannot upload your own templates. In this era of open source, you cannot create templates or control my freedom.

5. No Plugins Or Extension Supported:

Evernote should make a public announcement to say sorry for its all users that they do not support any kind of plugins, add-ins or extensions. In this golden age of note-taking options, this is ridiculous. Plugins or extensions give us the freedom to extend or import more features in my note-taking system, or remove some of them if I do not need them.

Taskade Vs Evernote Which One Is Suitable For You:

I came to the end of this long article. Now, I am going to answer the controversial question “Taskade Vs Evernote: Which one is suitable for you?“.

Taskade is a new platform and feature-rich next-gen task management app. If your basic need is to finish your tasks and to-dos quickly and take some quick notes then Taskade should your ultimate choice.

On the other hand, Evernote is the grandpa of all note-taking apps and to-do list app. If your ultimate goal is to take more notes, handwritten notes, voice notes, and OCR, then Evernote should your ultimate choice.

It is your own personal decision which one is more suitable for you. But, in this article, I have tried to inform you about Taskade vs Evernote in all angle.

I hope you have enjoyed this article. Oho! If you have any questions about Taskade vs Evernote please let me know in the comment section.


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