9 Effective Ways Lawyers Can Take Notes In Obsidian.

Lawyers take a huge amount of notes. It is very complicated to organize their notes. Obsidian is the perfect note-taking app for organizing, search, linking notes. As a result, lawyers who are using this note-taking app have a better experience than those who are using other note-taking apps.

As an advocate, I am using Obsidian from the beginning. I use this app for taking notes for my cases, use it as a case reference system, full-time word processor, distraction-free writing.

I am going to share with you how to use Obsidian as a lawyer which are taking a lot of notes for their job.

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9 Ways Of Taking Notes In Obsidian For Every Attorney, Lawyers, And Advocates:

1. Type Your Notes In Obsidian:

Most of the note-takers around the world take notes by using typing every single word. It is one of the most convenient ways of taking notes.

But the question is, way most of the users taking notes by typing? The answer is it is the best option for taking notes. This typing tradition was started when the typewriter was invented. After that computer took the place of the typewriter. But the basic functionality of input data into a computer is old fashioned typing. Most people around the world prefer this input method till now.

2. Take Note Via Voice Recording Into Obsidian:

Obsidian is a very flexible note-taking app. You can add a huge number of features by adding plugins. One of the famous plugins is Voice Recording Notes. This plugin is called ‘Audio Recorder‘.

Sometimes attorneys do not have enough time to take notes by typing. Obsidian has a great core plugin named Audio Recorder. Just hit the recorder button and record your audio notes. When You need that note you can listen to the audio note.

This audio recorded note is a game-changer for lawyers. Yes, most of the note-taking apps are providing audio recording notes. But Obsidian audio notes is a very convenient way of taking notes.

Audio Recording Button In Obsidian

In Obsidian, when you finish your recording audio this app will save the audio file in its note vaults. The most important thing this app does is, it creates a link of the audio note into your notes. As a result, you can also use the audio note into another note and also link the audio note into another note.

2.1. How To Activate Audio Recorder Plugin in Obsidian?

it is also a very easy task to activate the audio recorder plugin in obsidian. just go to the setting menu and find out the core plugin option then go to the audio recorder option, just activate it and you will see the audio recording button left bar of the obsidian app just click that and start your recording.

3. Type your notes with Voice tying apps:

Are you a slow writer? Maybe the answer is yes. It does not mean you cannot take your notes more quickly. Now technology has much improved that you can write your whole article without typing a single word by hand.

You can type your notes with little help from voice typing software. The most famous voice typing software is Dragon dictation software. But this software is costly.

You can use some free voice typing software like Microsoft voice type, mac native voice type, google doc voice type, and google keyboard voice type.

4. Take Notes For Your Cases:

You take a lot of notes for your cases. But you don’t know how to organize them or how effective ways you can take note of your cases. I will help you to take notes for your cases in very convenient ways.

Obsidian makes notes more linking more memorizing and more open. It is very important for lawyers who are taking a huge amount of notes for their cases. You can write down it, you can type it, you can add some voice notes, you can learn to take notes with pictures and many more things. Basically obsidian gives us an opportunity of doing everything without paying a single penny for the services.

5. Turn Your Note Into Your Articles, Petition, or Pleadings:

You took notes for your case. Now, you need to write a petition for the case or want to write an article about related Laws. Usually, most lawyers write their petition on any word processor Software.

Most of the traditional word processor software is not destroyed for free not good enough for good formatted enough to produce good documents.

Modern-day writing depends on destruction-free writing, is easy to use, and is good for editing documents from anywhere. The solution is going for markdown writers like Obsidian, Typora, Bear, iA Writer, and many more.

Obsidian is the best option for lawyers to write articles, pleading, petitions. Because it has some very unique features like backlinking, importing bloc into your writing, markdown writing features, etc.

6. Turn Your Notes Into A Blog Post:

You took some notes from your case or from any law of your interest. Now, you want to publish them to your blog for engaging more peoples to read your blog and came to you for their problems.

It is not very easy to write a blog post based on your notes. Because you take notes one app and then copy-paste to your blog then edit them.

Obsidian helps you overcome this problem. You have started writing blog posts, and need to import a note into the writing. Just type ‘![[]]‘. This will show you all of your notes and select your desire note then type ‘^’ to view your desire block. After hit the enter to insert the block into your blog post.

7. Prepare For the Trial Of Your Cases With The Help of Obsidian:

Hmm. It’s trial time. In this stage, you will cross-examine all the witnesses. So, you need to prepare for the case most vastly and very widely.

As a result, you need to remember every piece of evidence you have. Take notes about your evidence with pictures. This will help you more organize and clear vision of your case. Make witnesses to the path of the truth. Win your case with help of the truth.

8. Turn Your Notes Into Argument For your Case:

Attorneys or Lawyers must have to prepare for the argument of their cases. You have finished the trial of a case. Took a huge amount of notes for the trial. Now it is time to take the result in your favor. Obsidian can help you do this with its magic touch.

Write what matters you want to argue before the honorable court. In your argument article insert notes about the case which you have taken as a block reference. Make boom.

9. Make Obsidian As Your Case Reference Management System:

Linking notes with each other, import a block of a note into another note or writing make obsidian as your case reference management system. So, upload all your case reference into obsidian and make a free reference management system. Read More About: How To Make Free Reference Management System?

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As an advocate myself I am using Obsidian for my primary note-taking, writing, blog posting, taking case notes, preparing myself for trial cases and the argument.

I strongly believe that the Obsidian note-taking app is one of the best note-taking apps for lawyers. Use Obsidian and feel the differences as a lawyer.


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