Top 5 Free Obsidian Community Plugins To Increase Your Productivity

Obsidian is a very good note-taking app for lawyers. A lot of lawyers moving their notes into Obsidian notes. This is a core app with amazing options and facilities. But all the options are not included by default in this app. You can add your own functionality with the help of Obsidian third-party plugins or Obsidian community plugins.

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How To Install Obsidian Plugins?

There are two types of plugins in the obsidian note-taking app.

  • Core Plugins.
  • Community Plugins or Third Party Plugins. Community plugs and third party plugins are the same.

How To Install Obsidian Core Plugins?

Core plugins can be activated very easily with just a click of a button. Go to setting and find the core plugins tab. Then find the plugins you need and just click the radio button right of the plugin.

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How To Install Obsidian Community Plugins?

When you try to find and install Obsidian community plugins or third-party plugins, you have to follow some steps to follow. Those steps are very easy to follow. Just follow those steps and active community plugins.

The First Step is to open the setting. Then scroll down to the bottom. Click on community plugins. Here you will see a button named safe mode. Turn off the self mode. Obsidian shows you a pop-up window to verify your action, just hit the yes button which is in red color.

Safe Mode Off

After the safe mode off you will see the community plugins page. Then click the Browse Button. Just find your desire obsidian plugins and hit the install button.

Active Obsidian Community Plugins

How To Change Settings Of Any Obsidian Community Plugin?

Sometimes you want more freedom from your community plugins. That’s can be happened by changing the settings of your desire plugins.

There are very easy steps for change the settings of any Obsidian Community Plugins. Just go to the settings in the Obsidian app, Scroll down to the plugin option. find your desire plugin and click on the plugin. Now you will see all settings on the right. Change the setting according to your need.

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5 Useful Obsidian Community Plugins:

There are a huge number of community plugins for you in the obsidian store. All Obsidian community plugins are free right now. All are very useful. But not all community plugins are for general purpose use. Some plugins made for programmers some are for specific purposes. Here are the top 10 Community plugins for writers, lawyers, note-takers, etc.

1. Typewriter Scroll Obsidian Plugin:

Typewriter Scroll Obsidian Plugin is a very useful plugin. I am using this plugin at the begging of its release. This plugin helps you to focus on your writing. When you write a big essay or petition or Article, this plugin can help to focus your writing on the exact you are writing. I love this plugin a lot. I know you will also love the plugin too.

2. Obsidian Calendar Plugin:

The calendar is very useful to you if you are a busy person. Obsidian Calendar Plugin is the same calendar for those who love to take note daily and more quickly.

Benefits Of Using Obsidian Calendar Plugin:

  • Click on any day and this prompt will open a new note for you with heading of the day.
  • Use weekly note for good view of your week.
  • You can see your notes by days.
  • More than 3500 people using this amazing plugins and take note in Obsidian notes.

3. Obsidian Filename Heading Sync

You create a note with a very good heading. But when you save the note obsidian note save the note with a day number. This is a very bad situation.

Some people copy the heading and paste it in the file name. This process takes time and truly a lot of people do not do this copy-paste most of the time.

So, here is the plugins can automatically sync your heading with your file name. The big problem solved.

4. Obsidian Orthography

Do you know Grammarly? It is a spell chaker, grammer chaquer, etc. This Obsidian Orthography is the plugin that does the same job for you inside Obsidian. Make your writing less error.

5. Extract PDF text to Markdown

You have a very important PDF. You need all the text of the PDF into your Obsidian notes. But for that, you need to copy all the PDF text and paste them into your obsidian notes.

Extract PDF text to Markdown is very easy to use for the hardcore Article Writes and Lawyers.

Do you use any such Obsidian Community Plugins that can help productivity?


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