3 Exact Same-Looking Evernote Alternatives You Should Try Now:

Evernote is one of the best note-taking apps, around the world, no doubt. But do you know there are a lot of Evernote alternatives out there? There are Obsidian, Notion, Rome research, Notejoy. Nimbus note, Notesnook, Google, keep, Apple note, etc.

Among them there are three apps and those are very exceptional then other note-taking apps. Those three same looking evernote alternatives and feels are exactly same as Evernote. I’m going to talk with you about them today.

  1. Nimbus note.
  2. Notejoy
  3. Notesnook.

1. Nimbus note: Same looking as Evernote with tons of modern features.

Nimbus Note is one of the closest Evernote clone I have ever seen. Truth is that Nimbus Note team added tons of modern features compared with Evernote. But a few people around the world know about this amazing note-taking apps there are.

Nimbus note is an Evernote clone. It has all features of Evernote, and some unique features of modern-day note-taking. There are many reasons to choose Nimbus note.

Reason To Choose Nimbus Note:

  • Markdown Editor(Cannot Create Table).
  • Focus Mode.
  • Web Clipper (Better Than Evernote). This Is A Evernote Alternative Web Clipper.
  • Auto Sync Cross-Device.
  • Offline Note-Taking And Editing (No Need A Pro Plan).
  • Attach Any Types Of File.
  • OCR Capability.
  • Block Note Taking like Notion.
  • Export File To PDF And HTML.
  • Nimbus Web For Access Your Notes From Anywhere.
  • Better iOS And Android App.
  • Good Table Creation And Editing Features.
  • Focus Mode.
  • Notion Like Database.

Poor Features Of Nimbus Note:

  • No Bi-directional Liking.
  • Free Version Is Limited.

As a lawyer, I always recommend Nimbus note to every lawyer. This note-taking app has more tools than many note-taking apps. One of its beat features is a good Markdown Editor. You should try this note-taking app now. Nimbus note is a true Markdown note-taking app in every way.

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2. Notejoy: Same As Evernote And Easy To Use:

Notejoy is another Evernote UI-cloned note-taking app. This app is good for normal use but with some advanced features. Let’s talk about Notejoy.

This app fantastically looks and feels like Evernote. I used this app for one month, and this app is very good at note-taking.

Notejoy provides you every Evernote feature with some modern features too. There are many reasons to use Notejoy instead of Evernote.

If you are a lawyer like me, then you may face many problems in Evernote. This is the proper time to find an Evernote alternative for your notes. Maybe, Notejoy can fulfill all of your needs as a note-taking app, an Evernote alternative.

Notejoy is an Evernote-like note-taking app. This app fantastically looks and feels like Evernote. I used this app for one month, and this app is very good at note-taking. The best feature of this app is a clean Markdown Editor note.

Notejoy provides you same User Interface like Evernote, and some modern features too. There are many reasons to use Notejoy as a Markdown note. Notejoy’s Markdown editor is powerful enough that you can do anything with the editor.

If you are a lawyer like me, then you may face many problems With other note-taking apps in recent days. This is the proper time to find a good Markdown-powered note-taking app for your notes. Maybe, Notejoy can full-fill all of your needs as a note-taking app Evernote Markdown alternative, if you are handy with Markdown syntax.

Reason To Choose Notejoy:

  • Bi-directional Linking Note-Taking Made Easy.
  • Good And Speedy Web Clipper.
  • Markdown Editor (No Support For Creating Tables).
  • Trallo, Google Drive, ect. Can Be Easily Integrate.
  • Clean UI (Same As Evernote).
  • Focus Mode.

Poor Features Of Notejoy:

  • No Table Creation.
  • Some Markdown Features Do Not Work.

If you are a lawyer and become a slave of the traditional note-taking app, then choose this note-taking app. I found, Notejoy’s Markdown Editor is strong enough to handle all of your notes. Notejoy has same user interface and features of Evernote, at a competitive price. So, you can switch to Notejoy easily as your main Markdown notes.

Notesnook: Best Secure Evernote Clone:

Notesnook is a security-focused note-taking app. Security is the main sailing point of this note-taking app. This note-taking app has all the features of Evernote and has the most secure note-taking features.

Reason To Choose Notesnook:

  • 100% end-to-end encrypted note-taking app.
  • No Ads.
  • They Do not Track You.
  • No Data Mining.
  • Free end-to-end encrypted notes syncing.
  • Private notes vault.
  • On-device encryption.
  • Free password-protected note sharing.
  • Free end-to-end encrypted notes syncing.
  • Sync With Unlimited Devices.
  • Work Offline.
  • Export To PDF, HTML, Markdown, etc.
  • Import Notes From Any Note-Taking App.

Poor Features Of Notesnook:

  • No Unlimited Storage In Free Version.
  • No Unlimited Attachments In Free Version.
  • Automatic syncing In Only Pro Version.
  • Full rich text editor + markdown support Only In Pro Version.

Notesnook is one of the most secure note-taking apps in the world. You can get every Evernote feature in this app. This note-taking app is the best choice for Lawyers, Law firms, Journalists, Governments, and Business personnel for its end-to-end security.Especially lawyers and law firms should use this note-taking app.

Warming Up:

No doubt, Evernote is one of the oldest and best note-taking app in the world. But, the truth is Evernote team has been failed to satisfy it’s users need.

As a result this note-taking app loses a huge amount of users to others. But, there are some good note-taking apps that are exact same looking as Evernote and with more features than it.

Nimbusnote is the best alternative to Evernote that looks and feel exact like Evernote. Of course Nimbusnote has tons of more features then it’s counterpart. Now, many people using Nimbusnote.

Notejoy is a very handy note-taking app. It has same user interface of Evernote. But, this app allows you to take notes using Markdown. You can link notes using third bracket “[[]]” like as Obsidian.

On the other hand, Notesnook has the exact same user interface as Evernote. Notesnook comes with extraordinary features like 100% end-to-end encryption, no ads, sync with unlimited devices, Offline Notes, etc.

It is depends on you which one is more preferable for you need. I hope you will find your best alternative to Evernote like note-taking apps.

Do You Know Any Note-taking Apps That Exact Same Looking As Evernote? If you know, Please let me know in the comment section.


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