10 Authentic Reasons ChatGpt Won’t Destroy Blogging Soon:

ChatGPT is the best Ai human-like conversation tool now. Will ChatGPT replace blogging? It is one of the most controversial questions today. Let’s go into a deep dive into the main topic.

What Is ChatGPT In Normal Words?

ChatGPT is a natural language conversation chatbot. That means this AI chatbot can replay your questions in human-like ways. It’s can realize your questions with learning and answer it quickly.

Basically, chatgpt is taking questions from you and then answering the question based on experience. That is a good Idea!

What Kind Of Answer ChatGPT Can Provide?

Yes, it one kind of answering machine with a brain. Can You Remember Telephone’s auto-responding system? I think you do.

ChatGPT is doing the same work with a huge number of answering libraries. When you ask anything and if this AI Chatbot finds the answer in it’s database it will answer to you.

It does not mean ChatGPT can do anything you want. There is so many limitations on this AI-based chatbot that your blog post will remain safe till now. I will discuss Limitation Of ChatGPT later.

What Are The Advantages Of Using ChatGPT?

There are so many advantages of using Ai based chatbot like ChatGpt. I found some of them and sharing them with you.

  • It can answer any question.
  • ChatGPT will write a good short story for you.
  • No need to go to many websites or blogs to find your desired answer.
  • It can write essays for me.
  • ChatGPT can write codes for you.
  • The best way of doing some simple math in CahtGPT.
  • Do not show any ads (till now).
  • Quick and Time-saving.
  • You will get the best answer about anything in the world.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using ChatGPT:

Of course there are so many goodies in ChatGPT but there are a huge number of limitations inside ChatGPT. Let me give you some of them.

  • ChatGPT does not have the same level of commonsense knowledge as a human.
  • It cannot think like human.
  • ChatGPT give answers by it’s own database which was written by people like us.
  • This AI language tool cannot provide you videos or images.
  • Cannot write creative things like normal man do.
  • Do not have ability to judge people.
  • It cannot provide emergency numbers on emergency situations.
  • Does not have ability to remember previous conversations.
  • No emotions. So, it cannot track your emotional conversations.

How Many People Use ChatGpt?

ChatGPT is a very new tech and it will take time to become more user-friendly and get more users. According to Wikipedia.com December 4, 2022 there are more that one million of ChatGPT users around the world.

What Is Blogging?

Now, what is blogging? Most of the people do not know the true meaning of blogging. But, they are writing blogs every day.

In a short word, blogging is “You know about something widely snd you want to shear your ideas on the internet via your blog site.” Basically, most of the bloggers express there own thought and ideas about anything they know.

What Are The Main Purposes Of Blogging?

Many people do blogging for many reasons. Let me express them in the below.

  • To express themselves.
  • To review any product with their own ways and make some money(Specially, handsome amount of money).
  • Making theirs brands more valuable.
  • Learning something new.
  • Shear their own thought to others and motivate them to believe in the blogger.

Those are the main purpose of doing blogs on the internet.

Why People Read Too Many Blogs?

People read blog to learn something new. They read because of new ideas shared in blogs every day. Many people finds best products for their own.

  • There are many people love to read other people’s lifestyles.
  • Some loves know about something they do not know.
  • Someone want a good product that was recommended by good product review blogger.
  • Many people follow their idol and their way of life.
  • A lot of readers want to read book reviews on blogs.
  • App review blog is also very popular.
  • Need to know about a specific food item go to a food blog site.

Some Interesting Facts About Internet And Blog:

1. How Many Blogs On The Internet At The End Of 2022?

Believe me or not the number will shock you now. According to Internetlivestats, there are 572 million on the internet at the end of 2022. But, the actual number may be larger than the stats, I believe.

2. How Many People Use Internet Everyday?

It is not an easy task to track how many people use the internet every day. According to Dataportal.com there are 5.07 Billion people use the internet every day.

3. How Many People Read Blogs Everyday?

So, how many people readers reading blogs everyday? About 77% of the total internet users read at list one blog post everyday. Can you imagine? If 5.07 billion people uses internet everyday then 77% will be 3.90 billion people read blog every day. What big number it is???

Will ChatGPT Kill Blogging?

It is a question of time and so many complex events. Now lets discuss this matter in details.

10 Reasons ChatGPT Will Destroy Blogging:

1. Human Like Conversation:

This AI chat bot can conversation with you like a human. As a result you will never fell you are asking questions to any AI.

2. Same Answer Many Ways:

ChatGPT has ability to answer any question you asked. But, the good part is that, it can rewrite the same answer is many ways.

3. Long Essay Writing Ability:

Need a good essay to understand about some topic? ChatGPT can do that for you.

4. No Advertising! Good Job:

Unlike any other search engine this ai chatbot is not showing any advertising till now. Nobody knows the future. Because, Microsoft is investing at list 10 Billion dollars in this amazing AI chatbot.

5. Ability To Write Codes For You:

One of the core feature of ChatGPT is that this ai can write any code to something if you ask to write. Thanks to it’s creator for this feature and again thanks to it’s creators for not giving any permission to write any codes for its own.

6. Math Problems? OK, Solve:

Many learners around the world spend so many times to solve math. But, there are few math solving websites, YouTube videos and traditional teachers did the job.

Now, ChatGPT can solve your critical math problems. I asked this chatbot “Can you solve critical math problems?”
The ChatGPT answered to me that;

“Yes, I can solve complex math problems. I have been trained on a wide range of mathematical concepts and can use them to solve problems in algebra, calculus, geometry, and more. However, my performance may vary depending on the complexity and specific details of the problem. If you give me a specific math problem, I would be happy to try and solve it for you.”

7. ChatGPT Can Teach You Language:

Want to learn languages? Now, you do not need to go to any language learning classes or paid to a software or apps. Jut go to chatGPT and start learning language.

8. This Amazing Chatbot Can Answer Most Of The Legal Matters:

Is this the end of lawyers or attorneys? I made a video about this matter. I am giving you the link here.

One of the most important characteristics is that it can solve many complex legal matters in a minute. But, the good thing is that this chatbot cannot tell you the exact case sample. Not only that, this bot tell that “please contact an expert lawyer in your locality.

9. ChatGPT Can Teach You Most of The Languages In The World:

Seriously? No, You are joking. This is not possible. An AI chatbot cannot teach me a complex language.

Basically, ChatGPT have no courses to teach you language. But, you can ask this chatbot to learn any language. Certainly, it will help you to learn.

10. Quick And Time Saving Best Answers:

ChatGPT is a one of the most advanced chat bot in the world. If you asked a question and this ai tool will answer you the shortest time possible.

So, have save time for you to search for the specific answer in the shortest time. As a result yo do not have to go to more than one website and find your answers. Basically this feature will be the most popular one in the near future.

10 Reasons ChatGPT Will Not Kill Blogging:

1. No Video, Audio And Images:

It is OK when you ask any answer to ChatGPT and next it will give you most accurate result. But, what about audio, video, and pictures? ChatGPT cannot provide you any answer using audio, video or pictures till now.

So, today’s slandered it is not up to the mark. Because, in todays world “Generation Z” are searching for information on TikTok, YouTube, Facebook and other video image shearing sites. Text search is nothing but old age tech.

2. No Ways Of Natural Learning: Machine Learning Is Not Enough:

ChatGPT is a more than enough tool for normal data searching people. But, human has a great ability to learn from nature and natural thinks. But, ChatGPT has no ability like this.

Most machine learning AI can learn from databases and questions asked by people. Basically, AI cannot learn in natural ways.

Ai like ChatGPT learns all the data on the internet. But, no human can learn all data but humans learn what they are interested to learn to live a good life. It will often show confusing answers.

This disadvantage is greater than ever for learning something naturally.

3. No Emotions No Learning And Writing Articles:

Emotions are one of the major ways of learning something. Believe me or not emotions are great motivators of learning something in your life.

If you are not emotionally motivated, there are no emotional events in your writing. As a result, your writing will be robotic and not human-friendly.

4. There Are No Situation Awareness Like Human Instinct:

This days AI and robots are becoming more and more tools to see the whole picture(Not Like Humans). But, it not the proper time to believe that any ai have situational awareness like normal Human have.

Basically, all Ai tools including ChatGPT can learn from the internet or what we are asking to the ai. It is not natural. Those Ais only do what we need.

It is not only humans but all the living thins in the entire world who learn by watching, experiences, from nature, for humans reading or skill development or many other ways.

5. No Fear Of Death But Perpetual Engagement:

All the living things will have ended its learning with its death. After that another one came and take the place. This is the only natural way of life for every living species in the world.

That is not true for AI at all. Ai has been created by human and it must destroy by human. Ai cannot destroy naturally.

As a result, ChatGPT like Ai or All AI do not have fear of death. So, it will learn more and more thing what most of the human do not need to live his or her life. Most of the cases those type of learning is harmful.

6. Thinking Like Human Is Virtually Impossible:

Many people believe that ChatGPT can think like human. This controversial theory is not true till now. Why? Every human is unique and special.

When a human think creatively the human brain must biased with so many various kinds of emotions, experiences gather with time, what he learned from parents or society or friends

7. Backdated Database: So No Updated Information:

ChatGPT is an amazing ai powered chatbot. One of its main problems is, this ai chatbot use datasets back in 2021. As a result, it cannot tell you about recent updates or recent news.

So, there are no problem till now from chatGPT.

8. No Creativity Of Learning And Writing:

No doubt, ChatGPT can write poems, make essays for you, do your homework in a minute or write a short story and script for your next video project but this is not creativity.

The definition of creativity is very much different than what ChtGPT is doing.

According to Oxford Dictionary “the use of skill and imagination to produce something new or to produce art.”

Yes, ChatGPT is writing poems or short stories or essay but only with its knowledge base not along with emotions. This is not creative work.

On the other side, most bloggers write a blog post with a super combination of knowledge and emotions. So, around 3.7 billion people blog everyday.

9. ChatGPT Cannot Go Beyond It’s Creators:

All ai programs including ChatGPT has a great ability to learn from huge amount of data. But, the learning process is nothing but a machine learning process.

So, Ai cannot learn like humans and write any creative works like humans.

9.1. What ChatGPT Can Do ?

Basically, ChatGPT is and will help human and creative writers like bloggers to write some great content.

10. ChatGPT Inside Microsoft Bing:

Microsoft recently invested massive 10 billion dollars into OpenAi which is the parent company of ChatGPT.

The good news is that Microsoft’s search engine Bing is rolling out a new version of Bing powered by ChatGPT. On the other hand, the Most popular search engine Google

 will roll out another chatbot named “Bard” powered google version soon. Chinese search giant baidu will soon release the same type of updates with its search engine.

What does its mean? That is the biggest and best news for bloggers. Those search engines are updating themselves with AI-powered search engines. So, you can search with them and also chat with them at the same time.

As a result, Search Engines Will Show your article on them. Chatbots like ChatGPT or Bard or other chatbots work every search engine’s back end. And chatbots will not become the main search engine soon.

Worming Up: What About Blogging In The Age Of Ai Chatbots Like ChatGPT?

May people believe that Ai Powered chatbots Like ChatGPT or Bard or others will soon replace blogging. Truth is that big company like Microsoft or Alphabet will use those chatbots to make their search result more personal.

As a result, search engines will generate more revenue than ever. Why Search Engines Will Kill It’s Biggest Earning Source. There is not a single reasons to do this kind of foolish or stupid work.

In my view, blogging will become more and more popular than ever with some help with ai and Nextgen search engines.

Yes, there are some chances there with some history blogger or back dated content creators will loose huge amount of traffic but other blogger will see more traffic soon.

I hope more people will come to the blogging in near future. I do not believe Ai chatbot like ChatGPT will not kill blogging. Happy Blogging.

**If you have any Ideas then please let me know in the comment box.


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