Glasp: A Web Clipper & Web Highlighter Makes My Life Easier

Glasp is one of the creativity apps for you. Yes, for you, me, and everyone in the world. I know you have a question. “What is Glasp?”

Did you ever hear of the name Pocket, Raindrop, Evernote Web clipper, Notion Web Clipper, Dynalist Companion, Upnote Web Clipper, etc? I believe you know one of them especially Evernote Web Clipper, Pocket, and Notion Web Clipper is the most famous among them. Glasp is just like them but in whole new creative ways.

What Is Web Clipping?

“Web Clipping” is an application that can save the full or part of an article, blog, video, etc, and give you the opportunity to read or watch the saved items in the app.

What Is Web Highlighter?

Web highlighter is a tool to highlighter web pages, blogs, or articles and store them in a cloud clipboard.

What Glasp Do?

Glasp is a new way of highlighting, copying, taking notes, and shear those texts, articles, etc in a social feed. This amazing app is like pocket, Evernote Web clipper, and Notion web clipper. But, this one works differently and do more easily than others.

Some Notable Useful Usages Of Glasp :

Using Glasp can open endless possibilities for you. Let’s talk about them one by one.

  • Highlight texts in different colors.
  • Those highlighted texts automatically copy to its clipboard.
  • You have a PDF opened in your browser, and you can clip the PDF using this web clipper.
  • You can take notes on the highlighted texts.
  • Your highlighted text can be arranged by tags.
  • The copied text is shown on the right side of your browser.
  • The text you have highlighted will appear in the feed in Glasp Home. Every follower can see your texts.
  • Highlight YouTube videos.
  • You can share other people’s clips and highlights.
  • Use as a new social media feel.
  • Shear your highlighted text as a quotation on Twitter.
  • When you visited any highlighted article or blog, you can you the selected areas.
  • Export your highlights to Markdown, HTML, Text, CSV, Readwise, or as an Image.

Why Glasp Is So Important In The Modern World Of Web Clipping And Highlighting?

Modern people learn in modern ways. Those ways may be blogs, articles, YouTube videos, etc. More and more people quite learning from reading books now.

How do you learn from the web and remember them?

There are some ways to remember from the web.

  1. Print the text and read.
  2. Write the text in your physical notebook.
  3. Copy and paste the text on your note-taking app.
  4. Save the text using Glasp or other apps and read them later.

The first two are conventional ways of learning something. But, the last two are more modern ways to learn.

Is Glasp The First To Do This?

Basically, there are many apps before Glasp to do the job the same way. I can remember that day when I found pocket and Evernote web clipper. It was life-saving for me and many people around the world to save an article and read them at a suitable time.

The time has changed and many apps like Raindrop, Notion Web Clipper, Dynalist Companion, Upnote Web Clipper, etc do the same job. But the problem is no one invented or given you a new way of doing the same thing.

Here, Glasp to rescue us. This web clipping app has the most modern features, easy to use, and does not make your web clipping boring.

Using this highlighter and web clipper you can see other people’s web clippings and read them too. As a result, you will find more convenient and useful information.

I believe this is the best way to take notes and clip from the web.

How You Can Benefit From It?

Let’s talk about myself. I have been using this wonderful web clipper for about 50 days now, and I am amazed at how fast it works. I am shocked, surprised, and amazed. According to my belief, you will also receive those useful benefits from Glasp.

Now, The question is “What benefits I am getting from Glasp ?”. I believe, it is time to rethink all of your digital tools. For example, Note-taking apps like Evernote or OneNote, or web Clippers like Evernote web clipper, Pocket, Onenote web clipper or writing tools like MS Office or other writing apps, etc. all are old and has a large user base.

But, if any of them fail to coup up with user needs, they will go extinct. The same thing happens with Evernote. Now, most of note-takers are shifting from Evernote to the modern note-taking app which has bi-directional linking capabilities, or other important features.

Benefits of Using Glasp:

Glasp is a modern-day web clipper and web highlighter for you, me, and everyone eases. There are notable features that can help you to make your digital life easier. Let’s talk about them.

1. Glasp Can Highlight Text In Any Web Page:

It is a time-saving and convenient way to clip information from web pages, videos, and blogs. Not only that, it will automatically copy those highlighted texts into its clipboard.

You can see your copied text on the right side of every article or web page. When you visit the same webpage in the future, Glasp will show you your highlighted texts, notes, and shears. Isn’t it great?

2. Taking Notes For Every Clipping:

Yes, most web clippers give you to take notes with every web clipping. Glasp takes this feature to the next level. Basically, every web clipper gives you to take notes with every page clipping. But, Glasp will give you the opportunity to take notes for every highlighted text.

3. Shear Your Highlighted Text To Twitter:

Hmm. What will I do to shear my clipped text on Twitter? Ha ha ha. Sometimes you need that feature. It will help you to make a strong presence on social media. This web clipper will give you the rarest opportunity. Isn’t this enough for you? This amazing app will give you to make a selected text as a quotation make it visually appealing and at the end share it on Twitter.

4. Web Clip Management Is The Best In Class:

Tag is the best way of arranging web clips. Glasp gives you this amazing feature. On the other hand, you can follow other people and read their web clippings using Glasp Home. Not only that, you can follow topics that most people are taking web clipping. This app is providing you a strong search feature too.

5. PDF Clipping Is Good To Go:

Yes, you can also clip PDFs with another web clipper. But, they only save the PDF file into the app. Glasp gives the option to save text from your PDF opened in Chrome or another chrome based browser. Not only that, this web highlighter saves the PDF link for you so that you can open the PDF in your suitable time. Isn’t it is good news?

6. Exporting Your Highlights To Many Formats:

You may be surprised to know that you can export your highlights into many different formats. I become wondered when I realize that it is easy to export highlights to Markdown, HTML, Text, CSV, Readwise, or as an Image. How sweet it is.

Who Can Use Glasp?

This is a big question for you and me. Who can use Glasp? Most of the web user use web clipper like Evernote web clipper, Pocket, Notion Web clipper, Raindrop, OneNote web clipper etc. But, the truth is non of those apps will provide you so many features like Glisp. Let’s talk about who can use Glamps for their work and knowledge.

1. For Lawyer, Advocate, Attorney, Judge:

Hmm. Lawyers, Advocates, Attorneys, and Judges can take huge benefits from Glasp. Why? Because they are thinkers, motivators and socially aware people. They love to learn more from the web. But, it is not so easy to remember every word from an article.

Being a Lawyer, I know this difficulty very well. So, I used to clip my web pages or article using Evernote web clipper or Notion web clipper. But, When I found Glasp I get huge relief. Now, I do not clip the whole page but mark the most important part. As a result, this amazing app do the rest.

2. Doctors Who Love To Learn More:

Doctors are a lifesavers for every human. To save a life using their vast knowledge, they have to read and learn from others’ experiences. So, they try to read a lot of medical journals too.

Certainly, they can use another reference manager like Mendeley, Zotero or others. But, they will not provide total functionality like Glasp does. I believe this amazing app will help them to learn more from the web.

3. Content Creators For The World:

It is the time for content creators who create content for web like videos, blogs, etc. It is not so easy to gather more information and keep them in a single app.

Content creators can gather a vast amounts of knowledge and store them in Glasp and create the most informative content for people.

4. Readers Who Want To Learn More:

The more you read, the more you learn and the more doors will be open in front of you. Now, most netizens love to read and gather knowledge from the web.

Here, this web clipper will help you to gather vast knowledge through this app and become more advanced than others.

5. Who Cannot Remember Much:

Like me. Yes, I cannot remember most of the important information that I learn from the web. As a result, most of the time I used to gather information by web clipping the whole site using Evernote web clipper or Notion web clipper.

The situation has changed to me and for many people around the world like me. When many people started using Glasp to highlight and clip web pages. I love this web clipper so much!

Thought For Them Who Are Note Using Glasp:

I believe many people do not know about this amazing app, an advanced web clipper. This web clipper is far more advance from the Evernote web clipper, Notion web clipper, OneNote web clipper, Raindrop, etc.

Most of the web clipper users become thrilled and amazed when they start to use Glasp. I hope you will try this and and enrich your web life in a more convenient way.


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