3 Life-changing Hacks Of Obsidian Canvas

Obsidian note-taking app is rocking now. It is one of the most featured note-taking apps. The creators of obsidian recently introduced a new feature called “Obsidian Canvas”.

Let’s talk about the first look of obsidian canvas and its potential uses. Please remember this is a first look and first impression. Today I am going to shear with you some important features of Obsidian Canvas and how you can use it for your own benefit.

Obsidian Canvas: The New Way Of Taking Notes:

Obsidian canvas is the new way of taking notes inside obsidian visually. Yes, Visually, that is correct. These features give you visuals of notes which you want to connect to each other.

Believe me or not this feature will make you a more productive and more time-saving option. Now I am going to tell you some time-saving benefits of using obsidian canvas.

Some Features Of Obsidian Canvas:

  • Huge Whiteboard like canvas.
  • Can add existing notes.
  • Easy way of adding pictures, videos, links, etc.
  • Make a new card in a double click.
  • Connect every card, note, picture, and video with each other manually.
  • You can change the background color of cards easily.
  • Save your full canvas as an Image.
Obsidian Canvas

1. Obsidian Canvas Make Your Thoughts Connects Visually And Manually:

This new feature of obsidian is more beneficial for some specific way of taking notes. Let me explain. You have created a canvas to collect ideas for your next product. You write some cards and past notes or pictures within the canvas.

Now, you need to connect them. In obsidian canvas you can do that with linking arrows. Just you take a liking arrow to another note and its connected. so easy, hmm.

2. Build Your Ideas Easily And Connected:

In obsidian canvas you can build your ideas visually. That’s meaning, you can add pictures, videos, notes, cards etc on a single board like “Blackboard”. As a result, your mind will capture the whole idea in a single place. So, your decision-making will be easier. That’s will save you valuable time.

3. Your Mind Is Saving Your Time Using Obsidian Canvas:

Time is limited for everyone. But, you have to finish your work in time. Obsidian canvas is the exact tool to do the job.

Humans mind works quickly and more conveniently with visual objects. Obsidian is helping us to finish our job with its new tool called canvas.

The Conclusion:

Yes, there are so many canvas-type tools out there to choose from. But, Obsidian canvas is simple to use, easy to connect, and more time-saving than any other canvas tool on the internet.

I am loving Obsidian canvas as a lawyer. Because I can connect all data about certain cases on a single canvas and make my memory work quickly.

How are using Obsidian Canvas in your work field? Please let me know in the comment section.


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