Amazing Top 5 Fonts For Legal Documents (Free and Paid) (2021)

Fonts are called “typefaces”. Most of the legal documents are public documents. So, legal documents are more valuable and powerful then other documents. Every single document prepared by a Lawyer submitted before The Honorable Judges or before the proper authority. Legal Documents must be beautiful, well-formatted, and goodly organize.

Beautification of Legal Documents can be easily done by using special fonts. Of Course, you can use normal or as usual fonts which can be found free with Microsoft word. But the problem is those fonts will not give your legal documents beautiful views. So, Judges may assume that is also an ordinary or as a usual legal document. For convincing The Lordship you must have to use special fonts.

How To Find Font?

Finding the desired font for legal documents is not a very hard job. Legal documents font can be found everywhere on the web. This service is called font macher. There are three ways to find fonts.

  • From a website that sells or distributes Font.
  • From a website that identifies Font.
  • From a website where you upload an image with your desire legal document Font.
  • By using a chrome extension.

Website That Sells or Distribute Font:

There are many websites that sell professional fonts or distribute free font. Most famous of them are,, Those sites sell premium fonts and also give you an opportunity to download free font. Go to these websites and find a font that you want for your law firm and legal documents.

Website That Identifies Font:

Some Websites gives the opportunity to identify a font by using character recognition methods. is a very ugly looking site but the most popular for identify font using a character recognition system. Go there and follow some very easy steps and you will find the name of your font.

How Do I Identify a Font From An Image?

Yes, it is possible to identify a font from an image. Just go to those links below and just drag and drop your image to there server and they will do the rest. No hassle no problem no pain. For your better understandings, I am attaching Image with links.




Using a Chrome Extension:

The fourth way of finding a font is using by a google chrome extension. This method is a little bit easier but doesn’t give you full power to find and download the exact font you want. So, go to google chrome extension web store and just type what font or click this link and download the extension and activate it. Then the magic will begin. When you hover your mouse pointer to the font it will show you the name of the font. Red marking circle showing the name of the font. Is not it too easy?


Arial, Helvetica and Verdana are the most widely and commonly used fonts among Advocates, Law Firms, Lawyers around the world. Times New Roman also a very popular one.

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Arial, HelveticaVerdana or Times New Roman is your main font for your Law Firm then you should rethink right now. A good font choice will be to increase your legal business. I am giving you 5 Paid and Free Font for you. Use them in your legal documents and be a king in your legal business.

  1. Hideout Pro SemiBold:

Hideout Pro SemiBold is a very elegant font. It is only 49.00$ to buy. But if you buy the whole font family then the total cost is only $149.00, that’s mean $10.69 per font. Go to this link and get more Discounts.

Hieout Pro SemiBold

2. Prelom:

Prelom is a fantastic font with a very low price tag. The Price is only $13.68. The biggest benefit is that you can use Prelom supports up to 90 different languages Spanish, English, Portuguese, Russian, German, French, Turkish, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian, Kurdish (Latin), Romanian, Dutch, Hungarian, Kazakh (Latin), Serbian (Latin), Serbian (Cyrillic), Czech, Swedish, Belarusian and many others. Go to this link and get a special discount.


3. Minion:

Minion was created  Robert Slimbac and published by Adobe. It is one of the best minimalist fonts you can ever buy. this form is a little price compared to the previous one. You can buy one font for $41.65 but if you buy the whole font family you can save a lot of money. the whole font family costs only $ 223.70. You can get this font from visiting this Link. You can use this font over 93 languages. So, it is a worthwhile deal.


4. Bambo:

Bambo is a historical font. Designed by Monotype.Design Studio in 1929. Published by Monotype as part of the Bembo Super Family. Originally designed by Francesco Griffo in 1495-1501. By using this font you can write 81 languages. Single font const $ 46.41 and font family cost starts from $ 58.31. To download please go here.


5. Taurus:

Taurus is awesome looking elegant font for legal documents, lawyers, and law firms. Only $ 30.00 per font cost but if you buy font family then you can buy at $ 75.00. Here is the link to download Taurus. My personal favorite is Taurus Regular.

Taurus Regular

If your Law Firm has not enough budget or you are a solo practitioner or just started your legal carrier then these free fonts will help you to grow your business. After that, you can buy some paid fonts and make your legal profession more convenient and trustworthy.

  1. Mohave:

No 1 free font for legal documents around the world. Nothing to say just download this amazing font.


2. Nexa:

Nexa font is a premium font. But 2 of the Nexa fronts can be download for free. When you start to write with this font you can feel more special. Your Documents looks premium although you are using free font.


3. Colus:

Colus is a premium font like Nexa. But you can download 1 free font. It is also a multipurpose font. You can use it with tour legal documents, websites, eBooks, etc.


4. KanKin:

Kankin is also a premium font. But for good reasons 1 free font can be download.



Quicksand is a free font. It is a very stylus font. This font make your legal documents look beautiful. Just Download this font from and enjoy the simplisity.


Bonus: Top 5 Bangla Free Fonts:

Nothing in the world is more sweeter than Bangla. So, Here is your sweet Bangla Free Font Download.

  1. Shamim Chitranee:

It is on the top of this list because it is very new and very good looking. Download Shamim Chitranee and forget the old school Bangla fonts.

Shamim Chitranee

2. Shamim Cholontika:

This is my personal favorite. I use this font for my Bangla Legal Drafting. Download and enjoy.

Shamim Cholontika

3. Shobuj Nolua:

Enjoy the Beauty. Download this font.

Shobuj Nolua

4. Shorif Bongobondhu:

Font with A rich historical background. Download.

Shorif Bongobondhu

5. Shorif Mitali:

Very simple and perfect font for legal drafting in Bangla. Download.

Shorif Mitali.

Final Thoughts About Fonts :

Legal document fonts should be unique, versatile, and appealing to The Judges also to the others. Fonts we use in everyday work should not be used in legal documents. You can learn about Legal Font Size and Line Spacing. If You have any questions about Fonts for the legal documents please let me know in the comment box below.


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