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  • Top 14 Best Free Evernote Alternative (2021)

    Evernote is one of the most used note-taking apps in the world. Many people use Evernote as a primary note-taking app. But, now, Evernote has not had enough modern note-taking features. So, Evernote users are finding an alternative note-taking app. There are many Evernote Alternative out there. I used many Evernote alternatives. Among them, Nimbus Note, Notejoy,…

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  • Roam Research Desktop App Honest Review (2021)

    Roam Research desktop app has been published by roam research team. Last year, roam research note-taking platform was very popular among young people and researchers. Till now, the popular note-taking app was only a web app. Now, it is trying to compete with mainstream note-takings app. Becoming more popular among average people, they need a…

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