Roam Research For Lawyer:14 Amazing Hacks You Should Know (With Video Tutorial)

Roam research for lawyer or law firms is not a popular term till now. Roam research is a new note-taking app and many people around the world accepting this app warmly.

Why roam research is gaining popularity? The answer is simplicity. Simplicity in the note-taking universe is an old concept. A lot of note-taking apps use this word. But, not all of them are popular. The roam research team builds simplicity and features together wisely.

Roam research do not compromise any features when they deliver you simplicity in note-taking. Basically, this app is one of the feature rich note-taking app in the world.

To clarify, I was not a fan of this note-taking app before. Because I love Obsidian note-taking app so much. Obsidian is a similar note-taking app without charge. But, Now I believe that Obsidian is my second favorite note-taking app after Roam Research.

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As a lawyer, I am a very happy Obsidian user. I truly discover roam research few days ago. Now, I am shifting my profession related work into roam research. There are many reasons for that.

In this article I will discuss about, Roam Research For Lawyers Or Law Firms Use Benefits And Opportunities.

Roam Research For Lawyer: Is This Note-Taking App Good Enough For Lawyers?

Roam research basically a new note-taking app compare with most popular Evernote, OneNote, Google Keep and other. But, the app have some special powers inside. As a result, more and more people joining in roam research quickly.

Lawyers are busy person. They do not have enough time to learn new systems and adopt them in their profession. But, many enthusiasts like me are trying new note-taking apps for something better.

Roam research is a feature rich but still new note-taking app. most of the lawyers love simple note-taking system like Evernote. Because, there is nothing to learn. Just take your notes.

Furthermore, roam research has some learning curves. There are some reasons about why lawyers are not adopting roam research till now.

  • No free version
  • Not enough user base
  • Team working is not possible
  • Unfamiliar User Interface
  • A lot of things to learn
  • No easy note-taking on the go
  • There is no migration tool
  • No familiar exporting options
  • Not enough importing option
  • Lack of enough knowledge base

From my little experience, I strongly recommend lawyers who know some technical knowledge should use roam research. Other lawyers should not start this app right now. After sometimes later, when the platform becomes more mature then now, you should try the app.

Must-Know 15 Hacks For Roam Research For Lawyers:

There are many thing you can do as a lawyer. Some special things you will love to do with this note-taking app. Here some most important 15 hack you can do in roam research.

1. Use As A Case Reference Management System:

Case laws or case references are the most important element in any lawyer’s life. There are many case reference software and online subscriptions out there. The problem is all of them are money-hungry machines. You need an alternate one.

Obviously, Roam research desktop app can help you. You can easily create your own case references database inside roam research. Let me show you how.

The benefit of using roam research as a case reference management system that, you can import your case references into your notes, writings, argument preparation, and many more things.

How To Create Free Case Reference System?

It is a not a hard job at all. There are two ways to do that job done.

  1. If you have any case references written in any document format, than it is easy to do that.
    • Just convert the file into markdown file extension that ends with “.md”.
    • Now, go to roam research desktop app for and click on the “…” on the top right corner.
    • Here, yo can see an import option. Click on import button and select your case reference markdown file. It’s done. Please remember: you cannot import not more than 10 files.
  2. The next option is to write down you case reference collections manually.

2. Taking Notes Is So Easy:

I had a phobia about roam research. What was the phobia? The phobia was the note-taking platform is not an easy one to take notes quickly.

I was wrong. Basically, this note-taking app is one of the easiest note-taking app if you give a little effort learning the app.

For example, you would like to a to-do list. To open a to-do list just “/to”, you can see the to-do list option. Next click on that and make your to-do list.

If you are a normal text not-taker then, do not need any kind of option, just write. So simple!

3. Write Your Arguments And Connect With Case References:

Without argument preparation win any case is impossible for any lawyer in the world. There are many things to be include in any argument.

According to the American Bar Association, there are four things you must include in any argument. That’s are

  • Know The Fact
  • Know The Law
  • Prepare Your Own Argument
  • What You Want In The Case

How do you prepare for an argument (Help With Roam Research)?

In the modern-day lawyers use modern tools to prepare arguments. Roam research is a fantastic tool to prepare arguments quickly and scientifically. Here are some steps to prepare an argument with the magical help of roam research.

  1. Write Down All Important Facts. This is the begging of any argument. You should write your magnet facts in a roam research page.
  2. Find Out Related Sections Of Relevant Laws. The relevant section of related laws is one of the most important parts of any case. You should find the relevant sections and write them in the roam research dedicated page for all laws. After that, go to the case argument page and type “(())”. This will open a block reference search option, search for the section and insert the block in the argument.
  3. Carefully Think, What You Want In The Case. Every case is different from others. So, you have to think separately for every case. To make your desire outcome of the case from the honorable judge, you must have to find what you want in the case. To do that, just write down your desire on the argument page on the case in the roam research note-taking app.
  4. Write The Argument By Yourself. You are going to move before the honorable court. So, you must have to know all the matters related to the case. To solve the problem, write down your argument by yourself on the argument page of the case in roam research.
  5. Find The Relevant Case References. Now, it is time to find some case reference to please the judge that your argument is absolutely correct. To do the job properly done go to the argument page type ”(())” to bring case references block (I am telling that I am assuming that you have already imported all case references in roam research). After that, just bring the case law into your argument. If your case law is not imported yet, just write them at the end of the Argument Page In Roam Research.

Lawyers are the best researcher in the world. Every lawyer read law books, case laws, and many more other books every day. They read books to win cases they have. They research a lot about law, society, people, justice system, and everything.

As a result, they need a good research tool to do the job correctly. They do the important job by using old school paper note-taking or use note-taking apps.

Most of the Bar Council like the American Bar Association recommend lawyers to use Evernote. This app is very popular among lawyers and most of the note-takers in the world. But, the app is getting aged. New type of note-taking app like Roam Research, Obsidian,, Remnote, NoteJoy, Workflowy, Notion, Dynalist all are getting popularity day by day.

There are many reasons to switch to new, modern, feature rich note-taking apps. You can do your legal research like a researcher. You can do many thing that do not have in old note-taking apps. Your life will be easy and you will get more free time.

There many tools and feature in roam research to make your research more easy and connected. Enjoy your research work with a magical touch of Roam Research Here are some examples

  • All of your notes can be connected with each other. So, you can know which notes have the same type of content. As a result, you can quickly view other notes to refresh your mind. To connect your notes with each other just type “[[]]” and write a heading word within the bracket. In this way, you can also create a new note page for the future.
  • Case references are an important part of legal research. It is easy to insert case law by writing or bring as a block reference. Now, you can insert block by typing “(())” and search for the right case reference, and hit Enter.
  • You can use diagrams in your research work too. Just type “/dia”. Next, draw your diagram.
  • In any research Table is one of the most important features. To insert Table type “/tab” and hit the Enter button. Your Table is ready.
  • You can also insert PDF, Documents, Images, Video easily inside Roam Research. As a result, your research will be more interactive.

5. Bidirectional Note-Taking System Make Your Effort More Useful To You:

Roam research note-taking app’s one of the main features is, it can create a bi-directional link with pages, notes, blocks. This ability makes this app one of the appealing note-taking app. Many new note-taking apps are on the market, and they are coping with this feature from roam research.

The question is How Lawyers Can Benefited Using Bidirectional Linking With Notes, Blocks, Pages?. Here are some benefits of using bidirectional links:

How To Make Bi-directional Linked Notes And Blocks In Roam Research?
  • Can link with one page with others. As a result, related pages and topics can be remembered more quickly.
  • Link with one note to another is a truly game changing. Using this feature, you can see one of your linked note’s content in the right sidebar.
  • You can bring one block of a note into another note. Good thing is that you can see them in the host note. Truly game changing!

6. Its Time To Include PDF, Image,Videos Without Hassle:

Generally, modern-day note-takers love to insert PDF, Images, Videos in their notes. Most of the note-taking apps support those files, easily integrate into their note-taking apps. But, Roam Research takes it to the next label.

How To Add PDF, Images, Audio, Files, And Videos In Roam Research?

How To Add PDF, Image And Audio In Roam Research:

Add PDF, Image, Audion in roam research is not a difficult job at all. To add those files in roam research you need to follow some simple steps.

  • You can drag and drop any type of files in roam research except videos.
  • Another way of inserting a file is to Type “/up”.
  • Now, you can see Upload Image, Audio, Or File. Just click on it.
  • At the end, select your file.

How To Embed Video In Roam Research?

You cannot insert any video without embed it in roam research. To embed video you need to follow this steps.

  • Type “/vi” and hit the enter button.
  • This will you a code like this one: {{[video]:}}.
  • Just copy your video link and pest the after “:” inside the code like this one {{[video]:}}. Job done.

7. Encrypt Your Classified Texts:

Security is the most concerning issue for lawyers. Note-taking apps are not an exception to that. Roam research give an extraordinary feature to encrypt notes inside the app. Undoubtedly, it is a revolutionary feature.

How To Encrypt Notes, Texts In Roam Research?

To encrypt test in roam research you need to follow some easy steps below.

  • Write down “/encr” and hit Enter button. This command will open an encrypted block.
  • Next, Click on the Lock Icon on the left side of the encrypted block.
  • Now, give your hints and password.
  • At last, write your text after the Lock Icon.

Now, your text block is fully encrypted. Enjoy the simplicity of encryption of roam research.

8. Organize Your To-Do List Easily:

To-do list is an important part of our life. Many people use to-do list by write down in paper. Basically, modern people use dedicated to-do list apps to full-fill tasks.

Do you know your favorite note-taking app Roam Research can handle all of your to-dos? Many user do not know about this feature. It is a easy work to insert To-Do list in roam research.

How To Use To-Do List In Roam Research?

Making to-do list in roam research is quite easy. But follow those steps to make it and it will save your valuable time.

  1. Just type “/to” and hit the Enter button.
  2. Write your task after {{[todo]}}. Job done.

9. Roam Research For Lawyer, Your Favorite Calculator:

Calculation anything is a part of our life. We use calculator to calculate. Now, we are using calculator app in our smartphones and feature phone. We do not calculate anything inside our note-taking apps.

How To Calculate Number In Roam Research?

To calculate any numbers in Roam Research is a fun job. You can do it easily and time saving ways. Here are some steps to calculate numbers inside roam research.

  • Write “/ca” and select Inline Calculator.
  • Here you can see a code like this one {{[[calc]]: (())}}.
  • Now, write numbers you want to calculate here like ** {{[[]]}}:((333+33))}}.
  • In the end, take the concur to the end of the code and hit enter. It will show the sum.
How To Calculate Numbers In Roam Research?

By this way you can do your all complex calculation inside Roam Research. So,cool.

10. Want To Make Your Text Beautiful: Latex Make Your Writing Beautiful:

Latex is one of the oldest document processing systems in the world. It can produce beautiful text. Roam research bring latex into note-taking. What an amazing feature.

How To Use Latex In Roam Research?

There are two simple ways you can insert latex in roam research. Here are the two ways.

  1. Type “/la” and hit the enter button. Write your text in the middle of four “YourText” sign.
  2. The easiest one is write four dollar sign $$Your Text$$ and write in the middle.

11. Best Way To Use Kanban Board :

To-do list becoming boring or outdated. Who is taking the space? Kanban board. Kanban board was first developed in Japan by Taiichi Ohno. But, Trello make this to-do list popular to everyone.

It is more easier to use kanban boar compare to to-do list. But many roam research users do not know that they can use kanban board inside roam research. Did you know before I told you? May be not.

How To Use Kanban Board In Roam Research?

Are you thinking it is not easy to make an kanban board in roam research? No, my friend, it is quite simple and easy to make and use kanban board in this note-taking app. Flow some easy steps to make it in the app.

  • just type ”/ka” and click on the kanban board.
  • Enter into the kanban board page and create three new page named To-Do, Doing, Done
  • Now, open To-Do page and create a new page with any of your task name. Basically, this is your task. You can move the task by real status of the task. Now, you can use as normal Kanban board.
How To Use Kanban Board In Roam Research?

Have some fun with your task with a magical task of Kanban board.

12. Draw Your Diagram Simplest Way:

Sometimes, you need a diagram for your research work. You are a roam research user, What will you do now? Go for other app make the diagram and embed it in roam.

The roam research development team thought about it very well. They have introduced a builtin diagram maker inside this amazing app. Your problem solved now.

How To Make A Diagram In Roam Research?

Making diagram in roam research is quite easy and effortless. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Type ”/dia” and hit the Enter button. Your diagram is ready.
  • To make a diagram, open the diagram page and open a new dot page.
  • Write your text on the dot page. Now, you want to add more diagrams just add new page and write your text. So easy.

13. Pomodoro Timer For Track Your Consulting Time:

Ho! Enough learning. It is time to earn some money. Lawyer use time tracking to calculate their client’s bill. For this reason they use a lot of expensive tools.

Do you know, Roam Research has builtin pomodoro timer? No, for most of the roam research users. It is a handy tool. Using this pomodoro timer your can calculate your billable hours or times.

How To Use Pomodoro Timer In Roam Research?

To use timer in roam research you need to follow steps below.

  • Type “/pomo” and hit the Enter button.
  • Just the set time according to your need. The time always set to 25 minutes. Then, hit the Enter button.
  • At the end, Just click on the start button.

14. Fun Time: Drawing Picture, No Problem:

Sometimes, drawing picture need for your notes or research work. Don’t bother. Roam research have picture drawing feature too. Just type “/dr” and hit the Enter button. Start drawing your picture.

My Verdict About Roam Research For Lawyer:

In conclusion, Roam research for lawyer can be the main note-taking apps. But, lawyers take time to adopt new techs. Some thinking is written in roam research, some ideas can be developed by drawings, diagrams and many more.

I am using roam research for my professional note-taking. Roam research for lawyers can be a game-changing app. I can explain to you why roam research for lawyer is a game-changing app.

For example, you have a client in front of you. The client is talking about a problem. But, the problem is how to realize the client’s problem properly. Actually, to solve the problem, you must have to take notes.

Now, you will face another problem. Your beloved note-taking apps do not have enough features to handle your notes. But, roam research can handle all of your note, why not you are using this app? In addition, this app has some unique features that most of the note-taking apps do not have.

However, It is the time to learn and know something new and fresh for your good future.


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