Amazing Top 10 Best Roam Research Alternative (2021)

Roam Research alternative note-taking apps can be a better option for taking notes like Roam Research. Roam Research is a new note-taking app. But, it has a lot of users. Most of them are happy with this amazing app and some are not happy. As a result, they are finding note-taking apps like Roam Research.

Roam Research is a bullet journal, bi-directional, knowledge management note-taking system. This note-taking app has so many features and functionality that you cannot use most of them.

There are many reasons to shift from Roam Research to another note-taking app like Roam Research.

Some Important Roam Research Features:

  • Taking Notes Is So Easy With Bullet Journal Note-Taking.
  • Make Your Research SImple.
  • Bi-directional Note-Taking System Make Your Effort More Useful To You.
  • Insert PDF, Image,Videos Without Hassle.
  • Encrypt Your Classified Texts.
  • Organize Your To-Do List Easily.
  • Your Favorite Calculator.
  • Latex Make Your Writing Beautiful.
  • Best Way To Use Kanban Board.
  • Draw Diagram In Simplest Way.
  • Pomodoro Timer For Time Tracking.
  • Drawing Picture, No Problem.

Why People Are Finding Roam Research Alternative?

  • Roam Researching is little bit higher than other similar note-taking apps.
  • Not everyone need a complex note-taking app.
  • Normal note-taking app and its features are enough for most of the peoples.
  • Most people do not have enough time to learn new note-taking apps.
  • Easy to use interface is a big issue.

Top Roam Research Alternative:

There are so many note-taking apps in the world you cannot imagine. But, Roam Research created a special category of note-taking users. Obviously, they are pioneers in this field. The truth is many people are finding Roam Research alternative for many reasons. Here are some best Roam Research alternative out there.

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1. Obsidian: The Best Roam Research Alternative:

Obsidian is not an old note-taking app like Evernote but like Roam Research. But, this app has superior power than Evernote. This app will be your second brain with your notes.

Modern day note-taking apps has provide so many features. Obsidian provide all of the modern features with extra features. As a result, what you need to take your notes, Obsidian will provide you.

1.1. Reason To Choose Obsidian:

  • Full Markdown Text Editor.
  • Bi-directional Linking Notes.
  • Organize Your Note Using Tags.
  • Voice Note-Taking.
  • Insert Any Kind Of Media.
  • Zettelkasten Note-Taking.
  • Huge Core And Third-party Plugins.
  • Huge Core And Third-party CSS Themes.
  • Your Second Brain.
  • Stronger Search Feature.
  • Block Style Note-Taking.
  • Block Bi-directional Linking.
  • Fully Local File Storage.
  • Most Secure Note-Taking App Out There.
  • You can replace your traditional writing app like MS Word, LibreOffice, etc.

1.2. Poor Features Of Obsidian:

  • Very Young Platform.
  • No WYSIWYG Features.

If you want to learn something new and better then Obsidian is the right choice for you. I learn this app in only three days. You can learn this app in less time. Learn this app and enjoy the freedom of taking notes and feel the power of Obsidian.

2. Mem Note: The New Born Baby But Powerful One:

Mem note is a bi-directional note-taking app. It is a new note-taking app with a lot of promise. Although this is a new note-taking app it has a lot of features.

2.1. Reason To Choose Mem Note:

  • Good Markdown Support.
  • Clean And Distruction Free Writing Experience.
  • Focus Mode.
  • Bi-directional Linking Notes.
  • Create Notes Via Whatsapp, Telegram, And Text Massage.
  • Tags To Organize Notes(No File Manager).
  • Google Calendar Easy Integration.
  • Modern Features For Team Note-Taking.

2.2. Poor Features Of Mam Note:

  • No Apps For Windows, Linux, Android, iOS.
  • No Web Clipping Till Now.
  • Exporting Options Are Very Limited. Note is a very new one to judge. But, the good thing is it has created a big hype in the note-taking market. I believe, note is a strong contender as Roam Research alternative. Anyone can use this note. Although to use this note, you need an invitation. I can give you an invitation if you email me to do that.

3. Workflowy: The Simplest Roam Research Alternative:

Workflowy is a Bullet journal note-taking app. It is very simple to use. There is no learning carves in workflowy. Many people do not know the name. Those who use workflowy app as their main note-taking became very happy.

Why people are happy who use workflow app? There are many reasons for that. Many people love this note-taking app for only one reason simplicity, others have their own reasons. Let’s find out some reasons why this note-taking app is Roam Research alternative.

3.1. Reason To Choose Workflowy:

  • Workflowy is the simplest, and easiest note-taking app.
  • Workflowy mobile app is one of the best note-taking mobile app.
  • Apps for every platforms.
  • Sync notes into its cloud instantly.
  • A Better To-Do List App.
  • Bi-directional linking Note-Taking.
  • Outline Your Writing.
  • Simplest Picture Note-Taking Features.
  • Easiest Destruction Free Writing.
  • Easy Schedule Management.
  • Bullet Journal Note-Taking For Speed Up Your Writing.
  • Good GTD Note-Taking Apps.

3.2. Poor Features Of Workflowy:

  • Free Version is limited for only 250 Bullets every month.
  • No Plugins Option To Increase Functionality.
  • No Themes.

If you love simplicity everywhere, Workflowy is the perfect choice for you. This note-taking app has tons of features and capabilities to become a good Roam Research alternative.

4. Dynalist: A Simple And Powerful Roam Research Alternative:

This amazing note-taking app is a bullet journal note-taking app. This app has some good features of Workflowy and Obsidian.Dynalist app can be your go-to note-taking app.

4.1. Reason To Choose Dynalist:

  • Add dates and filter by date and time.
  • Convert any list to a checklist.
  • Sync dates in Dynalist to your Google Calendar.
  • Managing repeating tasks made easy.
  • Go to any file or bookmark within keystrokes.
  • Manipulate multiple items at once.
  • Bookmark anything for super fast access.
  • Tags For Quickly group and filter items.
  • Cross linking Or Bi-directional Linking.
  • Markdown Supports bold, italics, code, image, links, and LaTeX.
  • Color-code anything.
  • Number your items for easy counting.
  • Good Collaboration Features.
  • Visitors don’t have to sign up to see your lists.
  • Upload files up to 50 MB in size.
  • Export to OPML, plain text, or formatted text.
  • See past changes to a document and restore any version.
  • Get daily backups sent to Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Access and work on your stuff even when offline.
  • Override the default shortcuts.
  • Access extra options and rearrange the mobile toolbar.
  • Choose from Dark, Sepia, Sci-Fi, Sakura, etc. All themes are free!.
  • Custom the CSS across all platforms.
  • No Limit Of Taking Notes In Free Version.
  • Good Web Clipper.

4.2. Poor Features Of Dynalist:

  • No Google Calendar Integration In Free Version.
  • Tag Pen Not For Free Version.
  • No Recurring Dates In Free Version.
  • Image And File Attachment Not For Free Version.
  • No Daily Cloud Drive Backup In Free Version.
  • Custom Shortcuts Not For Free Version.
  • No Custom Mobile Toolbar In Free Version.
  • Custom CSS Not Got Free Version.

I love Dynalist for its good marketing strategy. They keep all the core features for free, just charge for the advanced users. This note-taking app is good enough for lawyers and law firms as well as normal note-takers. This note-taking app is a good Roam Research alternative.

5. RemNote: The Roam Research For Students:

RemNote is another bi-directional and knowledge management note-taking app. This app is close to Roam Research. RemNote is good for learning. This is an ideal note-taking app for students.

5.1 Good Side Of RemNote:

  • Bi-directional Note-Taking.
  • Knowledge Management.
    -Powerful Integrated Flashcards For Easy Learning And Memorizing.
  • Powerful Hierarchical Editor.
  • Zettelkasten.
  • References, Backlinks, and Tags.
  • Graph View & Editor.
  • Image Occlusion.
  • Dates and To-dos.
  • PDF Uploads & Highlights.
  • Templates.
  • RemNote Clipper.
  • Private Local-Only Knowledge Bases.
  • Versatile Import / Export Options.
  • Public Sharing.
  • Custom Themes.
  • API & Frontend Plugins.

5.2 What You May Not Like About RemNote:

  • Graph View & Editor Only In Pro Version.
  • Search Portals Only In Pro Version.
  • Image Occlusion In Pro Version.
  • PDF Uploads & Highlights Only In Pro Version.
  • Templates Can Use Only In Pro Version.
  • Automation Power-Ups In Pro Version.
  • Trash HistoryOnly In Pro Version.
  • Daily Cloud Backups Only In Pro Version.
  • Custom Hotkeys You Can Use In Pro Version Only.

RemNote is a good bidirectional linking note-taking app. The free version has enough power to replace Roam Research. They make this amazing note-taking app mind on students. But, any professionals and lawyer can use this note-taking app.

6. Notejoy: The Power Of Roam Research And UI Like Evernote:

Notejoy is another Evernote-like note-taking app. This app fantastically looks and feels like Evernote. I used this app for one month, and this app is very good at note-taking.

Notejoy provides you every Evernote and Roam Research features with some modern features too. There are many reasons to use Notejoy instead of Roam Research in 2021. Because this app looks like your favorite note-taking app Evernote and has all the features of Roam Research.

6.1. Reason To Choose Notejoy Over Evernote

  • Bi-directional Linking Note-Taking Made Easy.
  • Good And Speedy Web Clipper.
  • Markdown Editor (No Support For Creating Tables).
  • Trallo, Google Drive, ect. Can Be Easily Integrate.
  • Clean UI (Same As Evernote).
  • Focus Mode.

6.2. Poor Features Of Notejoy:

  • No Table Creation.
  • Some Markdown Features Do Not Work.

Notejoy has the same user interface and features as Evernote and many features of Roam Research at a competitive price. So, you can switch to Notejoy easily.

7. UpNote: The Most Under Rated Rocking Star Roam Research Alternative.

This is a new note-taking app like Roam Research. This is an elegant-looking and feature-rich note-taking app for Windows and Mac. Once you use this app you become a fan of this note-taking app. Why UpNote is so aesthetic to use. Because its UI is so beautiful.

7.1 Some Amazing Features Of UpNote:

  • Bi-directional Linking Notes.
  • Markdown Editor.
  • True Focus Mode.
  • Secure Note-Taking.
  • Export your notes to Text, PDF, HTML or Markdown.
  • Beautiful Themes and Dark Mode.
  • Automatically syncs across all your devices.
  • Offline Note-Taking.
  • Better Note Management.
  • Beautiful User Interface.
  • Good To-Do List Support.

7.2 Some Negative Side Of UpNote:

  • Free version is limited on 50 notes.
  • No Web Clipper.
  • Creating Table Is Ableavle in Pro Version.
  • File Insert Is Possible In Pro Version Only.

UpNote is a better Roam Research alternative. I strongly recommend this beautiful-looking note-taking app for lawyers and law firms. This app is so feature-rich that you can easily do you all kind of note-taking, To-Dos, Word Processor alternative.

8. MilaNote: The Most Beautiful Roam Research Alternative:

Another note-taking app with bi-directional linking notes and knowledge management is Milanote. It is a handy note-taking app for those who love creative works. Although, Milanote can be used as Roam Research alternative.

This note-taking app is a good feature to compete with all other note-taking apps on the list. This note-taking app is called Evernote for creatives. Let’s see the pros and cons of Milanote.

8.1. Good Features Of Milanote:

  • Clean UI.
  • Bi-directional Linking Notes.
  • Card Style Notes.
  • Cards Can Be Interlinked.
  • Markdown Editor.
  • Image And Files Insertion Is Easy.
  • Aesthetic Note-Taking Environment.

8.2. Some Negative Side Of Milanote:

  • Desktop App Is Noting But A Web App.
  • No Internet No Notes.
  • Free Plan Only Support 100 Notes And 10 Files Upload.
  • Pro plans Are More Pricey.

Creative People like Milanote a lot. If you like to take notes in a visual way then Milanote is the ultimate choice.

9. RelaNote: The New Note-Taking App For Your Bi-directional Linking Notes:

Relanote is very new in the note-taking business. This note-taking app is an easy-to-use app. Relanote is a hybrid of hierarchical and normal note-taking systems. The app looks great and clean. It is easy to take notes in Relanote.

9.1. Some Good Features Of Relanote:

  • Easy Links & Notes Creation.
  • Bi-directional Liking Notes.
  • hierarchical organization On Autopilot.
  • knowledge base Graph.
  • data is first encrypted on your device and then stored on secure servers.
  • Shearing Notes Is Easy.
  • Dark Theme.
  • Import notes (Coming Soon).
  • Export Notes (Coming Soon).
  • Templates (Coming Soon).

9.2. Some Poor Features Of Relanote:

  • No Markdown Editor.
  • Creating Tables Is Not Possible.
  • No Option For Linking Block.

This new note-taking system is good to go with you. Relanote can be the best competitor of Roam Research in near future.

10. Transno: The New Way To Take Notes:

This note-taking app is also a new note-taking app. But, Transno has some unique features in the list. Let’s talk about them.

10.1. Some Good Features Of Transno:

  • Workflowy like Good outline.
  • Mind MAp Made Easy.
  • Cloud storage and teamwork capability.
  • Presentation Mode.
  • Mind map export image, FreeMind, document export OPML.
  • Good To-Do List Features.

10.2. Some Features Must Be Include:

  • Bi-directional Linking Notes.
  • Markdown Editor.
  • No Desktop App.

This note-taking app is bringing new features in near future. This note-taking app will create hype and take some market share from Roam Research, Workflowy, and Dynalist.

My Final Though:

Roam Research is a good note-taking app. But many people who want a simple note-taking app and do not want to spend enough money they should think about those Roam Research alternative.

One thing I would like to share with you. If you are using Roam Research but do not try Obsidian, then you should try Obsidian now. Because Obsidian is more features, is more powerful, free to use, more flexible, and secure.


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