How ProtonMail Helps Lawyers and Law Firms Encrypting Communications?

ProtonMail is one of the best-protected e-mail services in the world. It can be very helpful for lawyers and law firms. As a lawyer, I am using this mail for my secure e-mail communication.

Why ProtonMail should be used by lawyers and law firms? ProtonMail is a security-focused and anonymous e-mail platform server based in Switzerland. For lawyers and law firms, e-mail is the most convenient way to communicate with clients. ProtonMail will help them to secure their e-mail communication with clients. As a result, clients with sensitive data will be safe and encrypted with this e-mail service.

Is Protonmail Safe For Lawyers and Law Firms?

Protonmail is a well-reputed and well-established email service company. The server is in Switzerland. Switzerland has a very long history of protect personal privacy like, bank account, personal informations, etc. So, they get legal protection for data and no bound to serve the data to others. In the era of digital communication, this mail service is doing the same thing for all kinds of people who are concerned about security.

Lawyers and law firms most targeted by hackers. Especially email sent and received by law firms and lawyers. That is a very good reason for every law firm and a lawyer should use encrypted email. Most of the encrypted email services this m are not good enough as Protonmail. Because of this email service more flexible, secure, and encrypted email service in the world.

Protonmail is one of the best choices for lawyers and law firms around the world. Who uses this service, most of them are very satisfied with their renowned, robust, and encrypted email services.

Why Law Firms and Lawyers Neded Encrypted Storage and email service?

A $42-million ransom demand for hacked files that purportedly threaten to incriminate President Trump is hanging over a New York law firm representing some of the top acts in the entertainment business.

This an example of how data protection is needed in this world. Law firms and lawyers are one of the most vulnerable ones. More than 95 percent of law firms not using encrypted email service and online storage. Any law firms or lawyers who devoted themselves to gro then they must have to coup with “Client First” Strategy. Encrypted email providers like Protonmail is a very good choice for law firms and lawyers for “Client First” Strategy with a very low cost.

Is Protonmail Traceable?

ProtonMail is one of the most secure email providers in the world. Every email sent and received using this mail is encrypted by their server located in Switzerland. So, they fight for you and your valuable data. There is a controversy about their data protection is that they store all email in their server, and that reason it can be compromised very easily. But the truth is the if somehow hackers entered into their server the bad guys will found nothing but a huge encrypted code, but not your data.

If law enforcement agencies asked for the email content, then what will happen? ProtonMail declared that if the proper court gives the order to show the content, then they will show. But if the email is used by a lawyer or law firm, then that is a very different thing. When every lawyer and law firm makes contact with their clients is very much protected by law. As far as I know, no courts in the world will order to track an email of a law firm or lawyer. So, lawyers and law firms can easily protect their email communication with a little help from this email service.

Top 5 Ways Protonmail Can Help Lawyers and Law Firms:

There are many ways this email provider can help law firms and lawyers around the world. Here are Top 5 of them:-

  • Most secure and encrypted email communications.
  • Very Secure Data Storage.
  • Can be accessible anywhere in the world.
  • World’s first Secure and encrypted calender app.
  • Support custom domain.

My Experience :

When I entered ProtonMail, I go for the free version. The Free version gives me 500 MB of Storage and many other things. But Now I am planning to go pro from the next month. That is because I want my email will be not exposed by my email provider or any other law enforcement agency. If You are a lawyer like me or own a law firm, then you have to make your email communication secure and encrypted with a little help from ProtonMail. Would you like to secure your email communication?

Is Protonmail Free?

The basic version is free to use but for advance options like custom domain, more storage, very good encryption then you should have to go for pro version.

Can I use Custom Domain in Protonmail?

Yes, You can use custom domain in pro versions but not in free version.

Where are Protonmail Server Based?

In Switzerland.

Can Protonmail be used with Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple mail?

Yes, You can use with outlook, Thunderbird, Apple mail.

Is there any Protonmail app for iOS and Android ?

Yes, They have iOS and Android Apps.


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