Obsidian VS Simplenote Which One Is Good For Note-Taking?

Obsidian and Simplenote both are very good note-taking apps for lawyers. Obsidian is very good for making a knowledge base, Markdown editor, linking notes with each other, etc. On the other hand, Simplenote is one of the simplest note-taking apps for every kind of platform.

Obsidian and Simplenote both are capable note-taking apps around. In this article, I am going to discuss all the positive and negative sides of both apps.


Simplenote is one of the cleanest and easiest note-taking apps for professionals. There are some pros and cons of simplenote. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of this note-taking app.

1. Top Pros Of Simenotes :

Simplenote is one of its kind. It has not enough features but some features that are very good for everyday use. Here are some top pros of this app.

1.2. The Creators Who Love To Help People For Free:

The power of simplicity and clearness in one package. Automattic, the company that creates the most popular CMS WordPress is also the creator of Simplenote. So, there is not a single doubt about the company and the app. There is no condition to use this app like storage limit, data limit, or anything limit. Everything is free.

1.2. App For Every Kind Of Platforms:

Simplenote users feel freedom for their OS choice. If you are a windows user you can use simplenote. Simplenote has a very beautiful Mac OS app. iOS users can use simplenote with more freedom. It has a very good Android app too.

Do you love free and open-source OS like Linux? Yes, Simplenote has an app for every kind of Linux like Arch, Manjaro, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc. As a result app compatibility issue is not a problem for Simplenote.

1.3. Security Is The Primary Objective Of Simplenote:

Your notes are very secure with simplenote. Your notes are always synced with the encrypted method. The big benefit for lawyers for not to worry about data breaches.

1.4. Simplenote One Of The Simplest Note-taking App:

clean UI and no option for anything. This is a writing app. In addition, you can write as a Markdown writer too.

1.5. Sync Cross Device Instantly:

This note-taking app has a very good sync system out there. You can write one note on a device and the app will sync the note into all connected devices in a fraction of a second.

2. Cons Of Simplenote:

In spite of many pros of simplenote, there are some cons too. Here are those cons:

2.1. Too Simple For The Modern Day Work:

Yes, Simplenote is a very simple note-taking app. But this app missed some very important modern-day work follow like taking picture notes, website clipping, calendar, voice notes, and many more.

2.2. No Option For Team Note-Taking:

Taking notes as a team and collaborate with your all co-workers is one of the best features of the modern-day note-taking app feature. But unfortunately, simplenote doesn’t have this modern-day feature.

2.3. No Option To Linking Your Notes:

Modern day note-taking apps like Roam, Ram Note, Obsidian, etc. supports link a note with another notes. Simplenote do not have this features.

2.4. No Way Of Attaching Files:

One of the worst disadvantages of simplenote is that the note-taking app has no easy way of attaching any file to the notes. Most modern-day note-taking apps support this feature.

2.5. No Good Option To Import Notes From Other Note-Taking Apps:

Ok, You love simplenote a lot. But, till now you are using other note-taking app like Onenote or Evernote or Notion, or Google Keep. Now, you want to move all of your notes into Simplenote. So, You have exported your notes. Then you open the importing option of the simplenote. After that, you dragged the file into the importer.

And then what? You are very excited about importing all of your files. I am sitting and your eyes on your computer screen. 1 hour gone, nothing happened. 2 hours gone nothing happened. So, You started the process again. But the result is the same.

This picture shows when I tried a note as a .md file into simplenote. It is the proof.

Problem In Simplenote When Importing Notes


One of the most modern, free, useful, secure note-taking app is Obsidian. Some people call this app the Roam killer. Some people call this app is the next big thing of taking notes. I call this app The Modern Day Lifeline.

1. Some Pros Of Obsidian Note-Taking App:

There are many features in obsidian. If you are considering to shit into Obsidian then you must have to know the benefits of using Obsidian.

1.1. Obsidian Is a Markdown Text Editor and Note-taker:

Obsidian is one of the best markdown text editors out there. This app is also is a modern note-taking app too. You can use this app you will feel the difference.

1.2. Linking All Of Your Notes Each Other:

The modern-day note-taking app has some features like linking notes, block linking, etc. Obsidian has this kind of feature in a very easy way.

1.3. Using Tags For Organize Notes:

Obsidian using a very strong tag management system. Just use tags to arrange your notes and find them quickly.

1.4. Voice Note Taking Option:

Obsidian gives you a lot of options. Among those amazing options voice, the note-taking option is very handy and good for quick note-taking. You can embed your voice note in any note too.

1.5. Insert Any Media Into Obsidian:

Do you want to insert video or image or voice into your notes? Obsidian gives you the freedom to insert all of your media embed into your notes.

1.6. Zettelkasten Note-Taking System:

Zettelkasten’s note-taking system is the most popular and time-tested note-taking system. Obsidian supports Zettelkasten note-taking system by default.

1.7. Huge Plugins For Enhance Your Productivity:

Obsidian has its in-house developed plugins. Those are awesome. But, when you need more functionality, what will you do? Obsidian supports community or third-party developed plugins. As a result, you can enhance Obsidian functionality using a huge number of plugins libraries.

1.8: Your Second Brain:

Obsidian shows your notes in a very unique way. The way the human brain works. So, your notes easily sync with your brain.

2. Some Cons Of Obsidian Note-Taking App:

Obsidian has some great functionalities. Bus there some downside of this app too. Here are some Cons of the Obsidian Note-Taking app.

2.1. Too Young And Not Even Mature:

Obsidian is not an old note-taking app. This app came to the public in 2019. So, It is not a time-tested note-taking app. This app is very young in comparison with other note-taking apps like Evernote, One Note, Simplenote, Google Keep, etc. The app itself is in the beta stage.

2.2. No Mobile App Till Now:

No mobile app for any platform when I am writing this post. This is a major drawback. The note-taking app which has a mobile app gives huge benefits like picture note-taking, on-the-go note-taking, etc.

2.3. No WYSIWYG Writing:

WYSIWYG note-taking or writing is one of the easiest way and most used way who love to write in Markdown editors. When I was writing this article Obsidian do not have any plugins or any default option for WYSIWYG. Modern-day Markdown-based note-taking and writing should have this feature.

Obsidian Or Simplenote Which One Is Suitable For Lawyers?

As a lawyer and a long-time digital note taker, I always prefer the most modern and all-in-one note-taking app.

Simplenote is one of its kind. This fantastic app is very clean and unique features. This app is by default very secure. But, when I started this app some bad things happened like not properly importing my previous note-taking apps export file. This problem annoyed me too much.

Obsidian is a unique note-taking and writing app for modern-day users. This new note-taking app can handle most modern-day note-taking in very easy and convenient ways. You can use this app as your second brain.

As a modern-day lawyer, I prefer to use the Obsidian note-taking app. Here are some reasons

  • Obsidian is free to use.
  • This app is very secure to use.
  • You can add any functionality you want.
  • Linking your notes with each other.
  • Import any block of a note into another note.
  • You can make Obsidian your free case reference management system.
  • You can replace your traditional writing app like MS Word, LibreOffice, etc.

Final Thought:

Simplenote and Obsidian Note-taking apps both are very good in the term of taking notes. But Obsidian brings some new ideal of note-taking system. Those systems are very useful for modern-day note-taking. I believe Obsidian is the next bit of note-taking app around. Which one is the best note-taking app for Lawyers?


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