Notion For Lawyers: How To Use Notion In Legal Profession? (4 Authentic Ways)

Notion is a very good note-taking app. Notion for lawyers has a lot of benefits of using in a law firm. This app is a Swiss army knife-like note-taking app. You have a very small law firm, or you are a solo lawyer and do not have enough budget to buy accounting software or a digital case management system. Are you paying for your to-do list app or calendar app? Don’t worry about it. Notion can replace them all.

Notion note-taking app is a fantastic app for small law firms and solo lawyers. Lawyers need to organize a huge amount of information related to cases. So, they need an app that can handle everything related to information of cases.

Notion can replace all the digital tools every law firm and lawyer uses. Notion is a modern app for note-taking, calendar application, to-do list app, accounting software, kanban board, personal wiki, case management system, etc. Lawyers will never become lonely or do not think about buying separate software for their firms or practice.

Benefits Of Using Notion For Lawyers:

There are many reasons solo legal practitioners, small law firms, or even big law firms can use Notion as their Law firm Management System or Law firm management software. I am going to tell you what are the benefits of using Notion if you are a lawyer or you have a law firm.

  • Notion is free to use an app for personal. So, if you have only four members in your firm you can easily use Notion for your law firm. But if your firm has more than four members you have to pay a very little amount of money for using Notion.
  • Notion is a secure app to use. This note-taking app has a very good end-to-end security option for syncing your notes. Law firms are a very good target for haking. So, You need a good security platform like Notion.
  • Notion is an all-in-one app. You can use it as a note-taking system, your case management system, file management system, accounting software for your firm. As a result, you can save a huge amount of money just using Notion.
  • You can use notion as your personal wiki, personal knowledge base.
  • Notion is a very capable app if you want to replace your costly accounting software. The options in Notion are made by very capable software that you can handle all of your accounting problems with the help of this software.

Is Notion Good For Note-taking?

Notion is an all-rounder note-taking app for all kinds of devices. You can take notes in notion very easily and very quickly. Notion will help you to organize your all kind of notes by category.

Notion has Android and iOS apps too. As a result, you can take notes on the go. Notion is a very good note-taking option for busy persons who take notes for every purpose.

Notion is a go for an app for every kind of person who wants to take notes, organize tasks, to-do lists, use Kanban board, team project management, etc. So, you can use notion note-taking app for your the primary app.

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Is Notion Better Than OneNote?

Onenote or Notion which one is good for note-taking for the modern note-takers?

Onenote was created by Microsoft a long time ago. They updating this note-taking software constantly. Onenote has a huge user base till now. On the other hand, Notion is very new if you compare it with OneNote. But Notion is a very modern note-taking app around.

Onenote is a very good note-taking app with a very large user base. This note-taking app supports all kinds of OS except Linux. Old-style note-taking systems like notebooks and tab systems are the main focus area.

On the other hand, Notion has the ability to take notes in a note. You can easily use this app as your accounting software. If you want to clip any web page or article you can do it very easily. You love the Kanban board to track your projects you have it in Notion. Virtually you can do anything you want can be done by Notion note-taking app.

Onenote is one of the oldest note-taking systems in the world. But this app lacks a lot of modern features. On the other hand, Notion is a very modern feature-rich note-taking app. Notion is one of the best apps for the modern-day note-taking system. I strongly prefer Notion over Onenote nowadays. For the modern-day features Notion is better than Onenote.

Do You Have To Pay For Notion?

Everybody likes free software and apps. But most of them do not think about why and how the software is free. There are many reasons the software is free.

  • The number one reason is the software is pirated.
  • Number two reason is the software may be free and open source.
  • Number three reason is the software may be freemium. That means you can use the software for free for certain conditions. After that, you have to pay for the software.
Notion App Pricing

You do not have to pay to use Notion until you are using Notion for personal use, otherwise, you have to pay for it. You may call Notion is a freemium app. Because Notion does not take any charge for personal use. After that, if you want notion as personal use with full of features then you have to pay $4/month. If you need notion for your team or your company and need an Admin tool then they charge you $8/month. If your purpose to use Notion in your big firm or enterprise then you must have to contact the Notion team for the price.

How Do You Take Notes In Notion?

Notion is not a traditional note-taking app. It is full of modern features. Taking notes in Notion is very easy. Notion gives you the freedom to use various note options for you. You can do it by using the ”/” option on any new page or block.

If you want to take notes in a new page than you can add a new page. After that you can use the page as blank writing page or you may import any template you want. Next, you should select your database like calendar, board, list, table, timeline or gallery.

On your blank page, you can add any kind of notes with a help of ‘/’. This slash will show you a drop-down window fully loaded with note options like normal notes, table, bullet list, page, to-do list, headings, toggle list, quote, link to another page, calendar, emoji, inline equation, inline-table, inline board, inline gallery, inline list, inline calendar, inline timeline, insert image and many more. Now you can select any of the note options you want and start writing your notes.

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Does Notion Work Off-line?

Notion is a modern note-taking app. It will provide you every kind of option you want for taking notes and digitalize your ideas.

There is a Notion app for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. But all app has a similar problem. All the notion app work with the internet. Without the internet, the app cannot show you all the notes you have taken. That means Notion app more like a web-app. So, I can say that Notion does not work offline.

How Can I Use Notion Offline?

Notion app for all platform is nothing but an advanced web-app which need internet to operate and take notes. But, at a certain time, you need to take your notes in a notion where you do not have any internet connection. Then, what will you do? There is a trick to use some important page or notes in offline mode.

Open your Notion app with an internet connection. Then, go to the page(Which page you want to show or edit in offline mode). Give the page fully loaded with the net connection. The Notion cache will save the page offline. After that, you may turn off your net connection. Next, you can edit or add more notes on the page. When you will back online the notion app will automatically sync the page to the notion server. As a result, your notes will be safe with Notion.

How Notion App Can Help Lawyers To Reduce Costs?

If you are a solo law practitioner like me then you are on a tight budget. You should focus on free software like Notion. This app can replace many apps like accounting software, case management software, a calendar application, to-do list apps, etc. used by law firms around the world. All of that software can be replaced by a notion’s free plan. So, you can save a huge amount of money and invest the money to develop your legal skills.

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Notion As A Accounting Software For Your Law Firm:

Notion has anunique ability to act like MS Exel or other accounting softwares. So, you can track all of your income and expendetures. In Notion you can input Exel like formulas to calculate and track your tranjections. Notion has another modern ability to link a database with other database. As a result you can input your trnjection into your desire notes too.

Notion As A Case Management Software:

Most of the law firms around the world spend a huge amount of money only buying Case Management Software. There is some free case management software but most of them are very complicated to set up and run. As a result most of the solo law practitioners and small law firms cannot maintain them.

Notion is the best free alternative to highly-priced case management systems like cilo, casefox, LexisNexis, and many others. In Notion you can use the table as your base system. In the table, you can add many columns according to your need. After that, you should link every case with this table database.

Notion As A Calendar App For Law Firm:

Notion is a very good free alternative calendar app for law firms. The unique calendar insertion system of Notion is very much supported and integrated and good for solo lawyers and small law firms. If you have a little budget of $4.00 per month you should go for a personal pro plan and integrate your favorite calendar sync.

Notion As A To-Do List App For Law Firms:

Notion has a graite features who want to use to-do list everyday. This app has a default settings which can handle Trallo like kanban board. So, it is very easy to use for a lawyer.

Notion provides another way of making a to-do list for you. It is also very simple and time-saving too. just type / and you can see a drop-down menu, just scroll it and click on To-Do List. Your to-do list has opened for you.

Notion For Lawyers: 4 Authentic ways Lawyers Can Use Notion in 2021

Notion For Lawyers

Final Thoughts:

Notion is a very modern note-taking app. You can use it in many ways you want. Lawyers and law firms can take huge benefits from Notion. Do you know any other productive ways of using notion? If you know please let us know about them in the comment section.


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  1. I also think Notion might be pretty good as a trial strategy document. From key themes to the law and evidence that supports your case to timelines to XX questions.

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