6 Notion Dashboard Templates For Students(2022)

Notion dashboard template for students is an all in one template where any student can easily manage everything in notion. There are many dashboard notion templates for students out there. But, believe me, those are the best among them.

In this list below I am going to provide you some amazing free notion templates for students.

Best Notion Dashboard Templates For Students:

1. Student Dashboard:

Student Dashboard Notion Template
Student Dashboard

A large number of students use notion as a all in one tool like taking notes, tracking classes, assignment dates, learning language, etc. It is not easy without a good aesthetic notion student dashboard template all of those works and schedules.

This student dashboard notion template is quite good enough to handle all of those schedules and classes. This is a straightforward template for every student.

Why Student Dashboard Is The Ultimate Template For Students? (Pros)

  • Clean Interface.
  • You can add your courses.
  • Your progress bar widget on the right side of the template. This widget will help you to evaluate your learning.
  • This template is beautifully made by it’s creator.
  • You will able to track your weekly schedules in a beautiful ways.
  • It is easy to track and write assignments in the template in a beautiful ways.
  • This notion template will give students a peaceful mind.

Some Cons Of This Template:

  • No calendar included.
  • No book reading template included.
  • This template should include student money manager.
  • Should have a Kanban Board template.

I personally love this kind of minimal notion template. If notion had in my student life I will use this template to track my student life.

Students hurry up! Duplicate this amazing notion dashboard template from here.

2. Your Student Dashboard:

Your Student Dashboard Notion Template

Yes, “Your Student Dashboard” is the name of this notion template. Yes, this is a student dashboard notion template. Most students will love this template for its good features.

When you open this template for the first time, you will see a refreshing something like current time and date, calendar, weather report, todays to-dos, etc.

After that, you will find a question box. In the box you can ask yourself some questions. This self questioning method is a better way to make yourself better.

In the left side, you can track your school, work, and money under the Navigation tab. At the bottom of the Navigation tab you can add your course quick link un the Quick Links To Courses tab.

Rite behind the Navigation Tab you will able to track your weekly assignments, schedules, classes, etc. Next, you can see there is a Monthly To-Do List template to track your monthly assignments and schedules.

At the bottom of the left side, you can add your semester-related information like when you have finished your last semester. In this template, you can see a progress bar on the left side.

Some Good Reasons To Use This Template If You Are A Student(Pros):

  • Rich contents and templates.
  • Easy to use without hassle.
  • Weekly and monthly to-dos.
  • Progress bar.
  • Better Notion School Template to track school related problem.
  • This template also included a Notion Work Template to track your personal work.
  • In this template you can track all of your expenses easily with a inbuilt Notion Expenses Template.
  • You can add questions. Because, you can find answers of those questions and make yourself better.

Some Cons Of This Notion Student Template:

This dashboard template is a good template for students. This template will help student to track all matters in their student life. I am giving you the download link.

3. Classroom Home:

Classroom Home

This is a good way to track your class schedules, assignments, book you need to finish your study. This template has everything you need related with your study.

This template will provide you syllabus, course schedule, required text, assignment, sections, contact and office hours, weekly schedule, etc.

Some Good Reasons (Pros) To Use Classroom Home Notion Template:

  • Class history and details.
  • Course descriptions and details.
  • Book reading list with author, date of publication and publisher.
  • Course Schedule that consists with week, date, lesson type and topics.
  • A good working Grade Calculator.
  • Assignment management.
  • Plagiarism management.

Some Cons Of Classroom Home:

  • Weekly and monthly to-dos Should be Include.
  • No progress bar.
  • No calendar.

This dash board template is a good one for students. This will help student organize their work in a single window and track them easily. It is the proper time to get this useful template.

4. School Life Dashboard:

School Life Dashboard

This is an easy-to-use notion dashboard template for students. This notion dashboard is a complete dashboard for students from school to university.

The school life dashboard consists of eight sections. They are Homepage, School, Let’s Get Star, Life Table Of Contents, Reading Directory, Goals & Aspiration, Serotonin Notion Template, Gallery Notion Template.

In the Homepage of this amazing notion student template you will find a lots of templates like to-do list, college work, upcoming tasks, etc.

The school notion template in this template is quite good and organized. In this template you will find academic plan notion template, course plan notion template, upcoming assignment notion template, upcoming tasks, etc.

In the Let’s get started section you can use a Kanban board to track your pending works.

Life table of contents section contents some important templates like notebook, reference manager notion template, word collection notion template, recipe notion template, quotes notion template, wish list notion template.

You can store a list of books which you are reading now and in your wish list in the reading directory.

It is easy to manage songs, writing and books, movies and tv show notion template and other templates in the Serotonin section.

Some Good Reasons (Pros) To Use This Useful Template:

  • To-do list
  • College work
  • Upcoming tasks
  • Academic plan notion template
  • Course plan notion template
  • Upcoming assignment notion template
  • Kanban board
  • Notebook
  • Reference manager notion template
  • Word collection notion template
  • Recipe notion template
  • Quotes notion template
  • Wish list notion template
  • Song management notion template
  • Writing and books notion template
  • Movies and tv show management notion template etc.

Some Cons Or Negative Side Of this Template:

  • No social media management notion template.
  • You cannot track your events in your calendar out of the box.
  • There is no Grade Calculator notion template.

Overall this template is a good option for students for all age and grades. You will track most of the study related problems. I am giving you the link here to download this beautiful student dashboard notion template.

5. Syllabus:


A syllabus is one of the best ways to track all things happen in any student’s life. This notion dashboard template for student is good enough to handle most of the problems faces every students. Let’s see why this dashboard template is good enough for students.

Reasons To Use Syllabus (Pros):

There are many reasons to choose this amazing notion dashboard template for students.

  • Course description at a glance.
  • Enrollment requirements of course.
  • Reading text book history notion template.
  • Course schedule.
  • Grade Calculation.
  • Assignment submission.

Some Cons :

  • Calendar template should be included.
  • No kanban board template.
  • Note-taking template is a must option for this type of dashboard.

Although this student notion template is a quite good to use. This is easy to use and lite notion template. Here you can download this amazing template.

6. Roommate Space:

Roommate Space

This budget template is a unique one. Why this is exceptional from other notion finance tracking or budget tracking template? The answer is simple too. This notion template made by The Notion Itself for students budget tracking notion template.

Why Roommate Space Notion Budget Tracking Is Good For Students (Pros)?

  • Everything you need to plan for your living spaces with your roommate.
  • Sheared Expenses.
  • Room rules.
  • Can upload any related files.
  • Can be arrange by dates.
  • Tags is a good way of organizing anything.
  • You can add roommates.
  • Comments for your roommates.

Some Cons Of Roommate Space:

  • There is no payment tracking notion template.

This is one of the best budget tracking notion templates out there for organizing student’s budgets. This notion template is easy to use and can be understood by all. Here you can duplicate this budget tracking notion template for students.

Final Thought About Notion Dashboard Template For Students:

Notion is a go to all-in-one all for millions of people and as well as student. Students can freely use notion as a note-taking app, to-do list, kanban board, grade tracking, book tracking, expenses tracking content management tracking, etc.

Those notion dashboard templates for students will help them to focus only on study. So, I believe that those notion templates are the best dashboard templates for students.

Is Notion free for students forever?

Of course, student can use free version forever. There is no time limit and no terms and condition apply. Notion basic is free with most of the important features. Any students of any class can use the free version without any kind of limitation(Except some pro features). Usually, notion do not provide any offer for students. But, the free version has so much features that no student should not use pro plan.

How do you get free students in Notion?

The free version of notion is the best way to use notion if you are a student. Basically, notion do not provide any other option for students. If, you are a student go to the notion sign up page. After that, signup with google account or using your email id. That’s it. Use notion for free for the rest of your life.


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