5 Aesthetic Free Notion Budget Template To Save Money Quickly (2022)

Notion budget template is very useful for tracking budget and tracking your money. But, the question is why you should use Notion instead of other budget tracking apps? There are some extra advantages to using Notion as your budget tracking app.

Notion As A Budget Tracker: Some Special Advantages You May Get:

  1. Notion is a free application for normal day to day use.
  2. It has tons of free templates for every kind of work including Budget Templates.
  3. Notion has apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Web. So, your work can be done from any devices.
  4. Notion is one of the simplest All-In-One Application. So, you can take notes, create your To-Do list, as a Calendar app, Workout tracker, Budget Tracker, Book reading tracking, extract any webpage content into notion, Class tracking, Class Notes, and everything you can imagine can be done with the magical touch of Notion.
  5. Super easy to use and learn Notion.

What Are The Best Budget Tracking Tools In 2022?

Here are some best budget tracking applications for 2022. Those are easy to use and good products.

  1. Notion.
  2. Mint.
  3. Goodbudget.
  4. Envelopes.
  5. Spreadsheets.
  6. Worksheets.
  7. Personal Capital.
  8. SoFi Relay.

Why Notion Is The Best Budget Tracking Apps?

There are many reasons to choose Notion as your main budget tracking application. But, the question is why you should use Notion as your budget tracking app? I am giving you some BOLD reasons.

  • There are a lot of Free Notion budget template on the web.
  • Notion itself is a free application for personal use. As a result you do not have to pay a single dollar for Notion.
  • Notion is there for every popular OS and even for web.

Top 5 Notion Budget Template (2022):

1. Budget Planning Template:

Notion Budget-Planning Template
Notion Budget-Planning Template

This notion budget template is one of the best budget tracking options out there for personal use. This template is one of the easiest and aesthetic to use.

Basically, this is a monthly budget planning notion template. But, the question is what type of budget you can track with the help of this template?

What You Can Track Using This Notion Budget Tracking Template?

  • Any kind of Rent.
  • Cell Phone Expenses.
  • Food Expenses like diner, breakfast, lunch, etc.
  • Entertainment expenses like movie, theater, amusement park, etc.
  • Home expenses like laundry, etc.
  • Can track them with tags.
  • Can use date of your expenses.
  • You can also add your comments too.

I have used this template personally and it is an amazing easy to use budget tracking template. You can download the template form here

2. Finance Tracker:

This free template is the easiest budget tracking template out there. This notion template is simple yet powerful and aesthetic to use.

Notion Finance-Tracker Template

What You Can Track Using This Notion Finance Tracker Template?

  • You can arrange your income and spend using Tag.
  • Can track record by date.
  • You can also add your bank account.
  • Can add related files.
  • Total amount adjusted automatically.

This notion finance tracker template is quite simple and good enough to maintain your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly income and expenses. I am using this one for 3 months. You can duplicate this amazing template from here

3. Personal finances Template For Notion:

Notion Personal Finance Template

Personal finance tracking is a another name of budget tracking system. There are some exceptional personal finance tracking template for Notion. This personal finance tracking notion template is an all in one finance tracking template for notion.

Using this template you can track all of your personal finance including spending. I am very pleased with this personal finance tracking template for it’s view and tracking system.

What Yon Can Track Using This Personal Finance Notion Template?

  • You can see a summary of every kind of income and expenses on the top.
  • Basically there are two parts of this amazing notion template. The 1st part gives you two viewing option and they are Calendar View, Board View. The last part gives you Board View option. Is not it grate?
  • Can arrange by Tags.

This notion free budget tracking template is an amazing solution of any paid apps out there. You can download this free template from here

4. Roommate Space:

Roommate Space Template

This budget template is a unique one. Why this template is exceptional from other finance tracking or budget tracking template? The answer is simple, too. This template was made by The Notion Itself for students budget tracking template.

Why Roommate Space Notion Budget Tracking Is Good For Students?

  • Everything you need to plan for your living spaces with your roommate.
  • Sheared Expenses.
  • Room rules.
  • Can upload any related files.
  • Can be arrange by dates.
  • Tags is a good way of organizing anything.
  • You can add roommates.
  • Comments for your roommates.

This is one of the best budget tracking notion template out there for organizing student’s budget. This notion template is easy to use and can be understand by all. Here you can duplicate this budget tracking notion template for students.

5. Simple Budget:

simple budget

This notion budget tracking template is the simplest budget tracking template out there. In fact, this notion template is so simple and so good for normal use and make your life easier.

What Are The Reasons To Use Simple Budget Notion Template?

  • Simple and light.
  • Track your expenses by name.
  • You can add category, comments and date at the same time.
  • The good reason is you can also see total expenses at bottom of the amount.

If you want a simple expense notion template to track your budget this simple budget tracking notion template is for you.

How To Add This Template Into Your Notion?

  • Create a new page.
  • On the page click on template.
  • Then chose Simple Budget template.
  • After that, hit the duplicate button on the top rite corner.


Is there a budget template in notion?

Yes, there are some good budget template in Notion like Budget planning, Finance Tracker, Personal Finances, Roommate Space, Simple Budget. Those are the best and good notion templates to use to track budget inside Notion.


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