Most Loved 18 Note-Taking Apps(Real Data)

Note-taking apps take up too much space in our life. In the digital age we do not take notes on paper but with digital tools. So, in this blog most of the time I reviewed note-taking apps. Some days ago I have created a poll for the most used note-taking apps.

In the voting I set goal of 1000 voters. Basically, I started voting with 10 apps. But, users love other note-taking apps too. As a result, they added their own choice in the voting. 1000 voters voted for their loved apps where they used to take notes. In this article I will show you the shocking discovery of using note-taking apps in 2022. The new discovery begins here. Let’s start….

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Let’s Analyze Some Data Of The Poll:

This poll gives me a good amount of data to realize the note-taking apps industry. Why do people use some particular note apps. Which type of people use which purpose using a particular app.

Let me show you some interesting data about the note-taking apps industry. In the end, I will give some information about most used note-taking app by users.

Which Note App Gets How Many Votes:

Here are some pictures of the poll.

7.Roam Research29
8.Google Keep21
9.Standard Notes19
10.iA Writer14
11.Good Note14
15.Nimbus Note7
16.No Idea7

Users Are Not Bound To Use Old Style Note-Taking Apps In 2022:

Do you know, which one is top voted note-taking app? You cannot believe me. It is Not Evernote or Onenote or Google Keep. Top-voted note taking app is Obsidian. Obsidian get 452 votes out of 1000 votes. It is 45.2 % of total vote. The question is, why evernote, onenote and google keep cannot reach to the top ?

Obsidian note-taking app is only two years old. But, why this new comer overtaking most of the note-taking apps? The answer is features from the future. What features dose obsidian provide to the note-takers? lets talk about it.

  • Bidirectional Linking Notes.
  • Markdown Note-taking.
  • Open Source.
  • Huge Customization Options.
  • Modern Way Of Taking Notes Linking With Each Other.
  • Fabulous Way Of Organize Notes Using Tags.

Those are the modern ways how people taking notes. But, many user take notes using drawing on tablet or touch screen devices too. They prefer other note apps like Evernote, onenote, Google Keep and others.

All In One Note-Taking Apps Are Rising Dramatically:

All in one note apps like Notion, Airtable and Clickup are gaining more portion of the pie. There are 25 million Notion, Airtable and Clickup users altogether. It is not a simple math but a big portion of note-takers.

In our voting, voters make Notion in the second place with 193 votes. That’s mean 19.3% of the total votes. This number quite bigger than the big players like Evernote, OneNote and others.

But, The question is why user love to take notes in this kind of note-taking apps? The answer is quite interesting too. People love new way of taking notes. Note-taking apps like notion is providing them good user interface, link notes with each other and do anything what they want with this kind of note-taking apps. Let me show you some interesting data about Notion, Clickup and Airtable.

How Many Notion Users Are There? updates its article about notion in 2021 that all statistic shows , On September 7, 2021, Notion acquired a Hyderabad-based startup called In October of that year, a new round of funding led by Coatue Management and Sequoia Capital helped Notion raise $275 million. The investment valued Notion at $10 billion and the company had a total of 20 million users.

How Many Clickup Users Are There?

According to ClickUp has 4 million users across its free and paid versions—individuals can use the software for free, while businesses pay a recurring fee, depending on the size of their team.

How Many Airtable Users Are There?” reported Like many workplace productivity tool companies, Airtable has seen demand surge during the pandemic and now counts more than 300,000 active customers including International Business Machines Corp., Hulu and Netflix Inc

Now Note-Takers Are More Concern About Security:

If you see the list before you can see most of the top rated apps are quite secure and use most modern encryption technology. Its mean that users are not only focusing modern features but also think about security.

Look at the list and see. Obsidian is on the top. Obsidian note app is one of the most secure note apps. On the other hand Notion on the second position, Joplin on 4th, Roam Research 7th, Standard Note took 9th, Logseq on 18th position.

Note-Takers Preferred To Use Markdown Writing Style:

Markdown note-taking system is one of the quickest note-taking system in recent years. During the pandemic, most of the people rethink about everything. Note apps are no differences. Many traditional note-takers quite using traditional note apps and shifted to other markdown-based note-taking apps.

In this poll Obsidian, iAWriter, Notion, Logseq, UpNote, Nimbus Note, Standard Note support markdown format. Many people use those notes only for markdown facility.

Personally, I prefer markdown writing. Because, it is fast, easy to use, no formatting needed, just write with some simples and you have done your formatting.

Traditional note apps like Evernote, OneNote, Google Keep, Nimbus Note, etc. are also popular too. Most of the people use those note apps for many good reasons. Traditional note-taking apps provide simple way of taking notes. Users can draw by digital pencil, take picture from mobile, etc.

As a result, traditional note app doing good till now. But, in its market share is decline day by day.

Top Note-Taking Apps By Note-Takers:

Now, let me show you top note apps voted by note-takers. Those apps are also extremally popular too.

1. Obsidian: The New King Of Note-taking Apps:

Obsidian get total of 452 votes, that’s mean 45.2% votes. It is not an old note-taking app like OneNote but like Roam Research. As a result, this app has superior power than OneNote. This app will be your second brain with your notes.

Modern day note-taking apps has provide so many features. Obsidian provide all of the modern features with extra features. As a result, what you need to take your notes, Obsidian will provide you.

1.1. Reason To Choose Obsidian:

  • Full Markdown Text Editor.
  • Bi-directional Linking Notes.
  • Organize Your Note Using Tags.
  • Voice Note-Taking.
  • Insert Any Kind Of Media.
  • Zettelkasten Note-Taking.
  • Huge Core And Third-party Plugins.
  • Huge Core And Third-party CSS Themes.
  • Your Second Brain.
  • Stronger Search Feature.
  • Block Style Note-Taking.
  • Block Bi-directional Linking.
  • Fully Local File Storage.
  • Most Secure Note-Taking App Out There.
  • You can replace your traditional writing app like MS Word, LibreOffice, etc.

1.2. Poor Features Of Obsidian:

  • Very Young Platform.
  • No WYSIWYG Features.

If you want to learn something new and better then Obsidian is the right choose for you. I learn this app in only three day. You can learn this app in less time. Learn this app and enjoy freedom of taking notes and feel the power of Obsidian.

2. Notion: The All In One Note-Taking Apps:

Notion is a Swiss army knife note-taking app. This note apps is second best loving note apps. This amazing note-taking apps 193 votes. It’s mean Notion got 19.3% vote.

has the ability to do virtually everything within notion app. Notion is one of the fastest-growing note-taking app in the world.

Many people love Notion for it’s simplicity and doing every kind of work in it. So, there are no limitations in Notion. You can do anything you want.

Notion is not like Evernote, Simplenote, Obsidian, OneNote or other note-taking app. This note-taking app provide all the combind features of most modern and best note-taking apps.

There are tons of features than Evenote in Notion. So, think big, grow big, and do big with the magical help of Notion. This note-taking app is a better alternative to Markdown Evernote.

2.1. Reason To Choose Notion:

  • Notion Is Free With Its Every Features But For 4 Team Members. Enough For Personal Use.
  • Notion Is One Of The Most Secure Not-Taking App In The World.
  • This App Is A All In One App. You Can Do Anything You Want. You can use as a note-taking system, your case management system, file management system, accounting software for your firm. As a result you can save a huge amount of money just using Notion.
  • You can use notion as your personal wiki, personal knowledge base.
  • Your Accounting Software Replacement.
  • Notion Has One Of The Best Web Clipper In The Market.
  • You Can Export Your Notes Into PDF, HTML, or Markdown With CSV In Notion.

2.2. Poor Features Of Notion:

  • Notion App For Every Platform Are Not Good Enough. All Apps Are Web App. No Offline Mode.
  • Notion Has Learning Carves.
  • No OCR Capability For Images.

I like Notion from my heart. Many lawyers in the world are shifting to Notion. Not only lawyers but all kind of note-taking apps users are shifting to Notion because of it wide range or features.

3. OneNote: The Oldest Note App Is Shining In 2022

Yes, OneNote is one of the oldest note-taking app in the world. This note-taking app was created by Microsoft. Till then it is using by millions of users around the world.

OneNote took the third place with 63 votes means 6.3% of the total votes. That is good for a old one. Is not it?

There are some reasons for that. Truth is, this note-taking app is good enough for your basic needs.

3.1. Reason To Choose OneNote:

  • Very Stable Desktop App.
  • A Lot Of Options For Them Who Use Drawing A Lot.
  • Phone App Is Dam Good.
  • A Good Writing And Editing Platform.
  • Tabed Note-Taking System.
  • Comes With MS Office Bandile.
  • Amazing Web Clipper.

3.2. Poor Features Of OneNote:

  • Often Not Sync To The Cloud.
  • No Bi-Directional Link Between Notes.
  • No Markdown Editor.
  • No Templates For Quick Work.
  • No GTD Options.
  • Exporting Notes Is Painful And Limited.
  • Shearing Note Is Difficult.

OneNote is a good platform to take notes. This app is suitable for people who do not have enough time to learn something new and who takes notes by using digital pen.

4. Joplin: Secure Note-Taking App With Tons Of Features:

Joplin is a good note-taking app with most modern features. This is open-source note-taking app security in mind. Joplin End-To-End Encryption (E2EE) to secure your notes and ensure no-one but yourself can access them. You can customize this app according to your needs.

This amazing simple notetaking apps secure 4th place in the poll. Joplin get 50 votes with 5% of the total vote.

4.1 Some Important Features Of Joplin:

  • End-To-End Encryption (E2EE).
  • Markdown Editor.
  • Web Clipper.
  • Synchronization with various services, including Nextcloud, Dropbox, WebDAV and OneDrive.
  • Offline Note-Taking And Editing.
  • Import Enex files (Evernote export format) and Markdown files.
  • Export JEX files (Joplin Export format), Markdown, PDF, HTML, and RAW files.
  • Good To-Do Features.
  • Organize notes with tags.
  • File attachment.
  • Inline display of PDF, video and audio files.
  • Extensible functionality through plugin and data APIs.
  • Template support.
  • Custom CSS support.

4.2. Some Bad Side Of Joplin:

  • Out dated UI.
  • No Bi-directional Linking Notes.
  • Focus Mode Missing.

Joplin is one of the best secure note-taking apps in the world. This app is the best suitable for lawyers, law firms, judges, journalists, etc. The UI is a little boring but, your notes become more secure with capable hands.

5. Evernote: The Legend Of Taking Notes Digitally:

Evernote is the most famous and very familiar note-taking apps among lawyers and law firms around the world. It is a very easy, clean, and very helpful layout to understand.

5.1. Some Important Features Of Evernote

  • Very Easy To Use
  • Evernote Is A Responsive Apps.
  • A Strong  Search Features.
  • Provide Very Good Option For Handwritten Note Takers.
  • Evernote Has Future Reach And Easy To Use Mobile Application.

Top Cons of Evernote:

  • Evernote Has No Back-linking Option.
  • This App Cannot Connect One Note With Another Notes.
  • Evernote Have Some Very Limited Templates.
  • Lack Of Markdown Editor.

6. Workflowy: Simplest, Easy To Use Note-Taking App:

Workflowy is a Bullet journal note-taking app. It is very simple to use. There is no learning carves in workflowy. Many people do not know the name. Who use workflowy app as their main note-taking became very happy.

Workflowy get 37 vote and secure its place in top 10.

6.1. Reason To Choose Workflowy:

  • Workflowy is the simplest, and easiest note-taking app.
  • Workflowy mobile app is one of the best note-taking mobile app.
  • Apps for every platforms.
  • Sync notes into its cloud instantly.
  • A Better To-Do List App.
  • Bi-directional linking Note-Taking.
  • Outline Your Writing.
  • Simplest Picture Note-Taking Features.
  • Easiest Destruction Free Writing.
  • Easy Schedule Management.
  • Bullet Journal Note-Taking For Speed Up Your Writing.
  • Good GTD Note-Taking Apps.

6.2. Poor Features Of Workflowy:

  • Free Version is limited for only 250 Bullets every month.
  • No Plugins Option To Increase Functionality.
  • No Themes.

If you love simplicity in everywhere Workflowy is the perfect choose for you. This note-taking app has tons of features and capabilities to become a good note app.

7. Roam Research: The Idea Connector Note-Taking App:

Roam Research is an Obsidian Style note-taking app. This app has most features Obsidian have. Roam Research is popular among researchers around the world. This app has a large user base.

This new type of note-taking apps get 29 vote. This is an amazing number for a new note apps.

This note-taking app is gained popularity from mind 2020. Till now, this amazing note-taking app earn respect and love from many users around the world.

7.1. Reason To Choose Roam Research:

  • Taking Notes Is So Easy With Bullet Journal Note-Taking.
  • Make Your Research SImple.
  • Bi-directional Note-Taking System Make Your Effort More Useful To You.
  • Insert PDF, Image,Videos Without Hassle.
  • Encrypt Your Classified Texts.
  • Organize Your To-Do List Easily.
  • Your Favorite Calculator.
  • Latex Make Your Writing Beautiful.
  • Best Way To Use Kanban Board.
  • Draw Diagram In Simplest Way.
  • Pomodoro Timer For Time Tracking.
  • Drawing Picture, No Problem.

7.2. Poor Features Of Roam Research:

  • Free Version Only Work With Roam Research Desktop App And No Sync To Cloud.
  • Pricing Is Little Bit Higher.
  • Learning Curve.

Can I consider Roam Research as a Evernote alternative? Yes, this note-taking app is the best Evernote alternative for researchers, programmers, etc.

8. Google Keep: The Best Mobile Based Note-Taking App:

Google Keep is the most mobile-friendly note-taking app in this list. Can you imagine google is giving you a product that has only a mobile app not a computer app.

This mobile focused note apps ger 2.1% vote means 21 vote.

Google Keep is the one of the best note-taking mobile app. This app has many features which you can enjoy in your mobile.

8.1. Reason To Choose Google Keep:

  • You can take notes by typing, taking pictures, by drawing, etc.
  • You can add to-do lists, bullet list, reminders in your notes.
  • PIn Your Note At The Top.
  • An Absolutely Free App.
  • Organize Your Notes With Tags.
  • Fantastic Full Feature OCR Option.
  • Colorful Note-Taking.

8.2. Poor Features Of Google Keep:

  • No Desktop App.
  • No Options For Import Or Export Notes.
  • No Audio Note-Taking Option.
  • No Templates.

Personally, I am using Google Keep when this app was first launched. I have too many notes in this app. I love this app for mobile use. If you are a primary note-taker using your mobile, then this app should your your first choice.

9. Standard Notes: Security-Focused Note-taking App:

Standard notes is an impressive note-taking apps. The creators creates this note security in mind. Standard notes get 19 vote means 1.9% of the total votes. This ration is a good one for a new note-taking apps in a crowed market.

9.1 Some Good Reason To Use Standard Notes:

  • Security is the primary selling point of the app.
  • Rich Text, Markdown, Plain Text etc. choice is yours.
  • To-dos, tasks.
  • Code writing.
  • Integrated Spreadsheet.
  • Github, Gmail integration.
  • Password Protected.9.2 Some Cons Of Standard Notes:
    • Core free plan only support Plan text notes.
    • Subscription is high.
    • No spreadsheets in free version.
    • No markdown and rich text in free version.

This amazing clean note-taking app is a good option for security focus and minimalist note-taker.

10. iA Writer: Most Modern, Clean Markdown Based App:

iA writer is one of the best Markdown-based Note-taking and writing apps in the world. This beautiful looking note-taking app can make your writing beautiful and in a quick time. This app 14 votes in the poll means 1.4% vote goes to iA Write.

I am currently using this Markdown app for some kind of testing my writing. When you open this app you will make a sound like WOW. Yes, this app is too beautiful.

10.1. Some Amazing Features Of iA Writer:

  • Full Markdown Support.
  • Hot keys can be customizable.
  • Unique focus mode. You cannot see this type of user friendly focus mode any apps in the world.
  • Wide Range of Exporting options.
  • Equation Rendering.
  • Custom Font Support.
  • Post directly into blogging platform like Ghost, WordPress, Medium, etc.
  • Dark Mode.
  • Themes.
  • Highly secure.

10.2. Some Cons Of iA Writer:

  • Not a free version. only 14 days trial.
  • No Auto sync to cloud.
  • To access your files from anywhere you have to host your files in your own cloud platforms like, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

If you are a hard-core note-taker or writer then iA writer is the best option for you. I strongly recommend this app for writing petitions, contracts, etc for lawyers. This app is highly secure and productive.

The End But Not The End:

This is the end of a amazing article. But this is not the end. This is the beginning of a new era. I will continue testing note-taking apps. So, you can get best note taking apps for you.

If you want to learn anything or want to give any kind of information to me, please leave the comment below. Thank you.


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