App Honest Review: What I Like And Dislike About Mem App As A Lawyer

Mem note-taking app is one of the youngest note-taking in the note-taking universe. app raised $5.6 million from Andreessen Horowitz. Good news for and users like us.

I always love testing new note-taking apps. More note-taking app more good news for users.

This time, I am with mem note. A few days ago, I requested for use as a beta tester. So, they gave me an unprecedented opportunity of testing

In my review, I keep in mind about how a lawyer can benefit using mem note.

Is App The Next Big Note-Taking App?

Mem app is in the very early step to answer the question. The positive sign about mem note is that this note-taking app creates hype in the note-taking app universe. More people are trying to test this app in the beta stage.

Basically, the mem app is taking the footstep of Notion, Obsidian, Roam Research. The founder of brings the good features of the most popular note-taking app without any complexity and learning curve.

If this kind of simplicity is maintained by founder, this app will create a big shake in the note-taking app market.

If mem continues this kind of innovation, competitive pricing, and good customer support, this app will undoubtedly be the future leader of the note-taking app universe.

Which Features Do I Love In App?

There are many reasons to love the mem app. Although, mem note-taking app is very new to judge its features and possibilities. This app creates a big hype in the note-taking apps market.

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Here I am giving you the features have in the mem app till now. They will introduce more features in the future. So, stay with me and keep updated.

1. App Has Good Markdown Support:

Modern-day note-takers love any note-taking apps with markdown supports. Mem app listens to them. This app provides a decent markdown editor as a note-taking system.

As a result, anyone can make a beautiful note with the magical touch of Markdown. In the Mem app you will a clean markdown editor to take your notes quickly. Good job by founder.

2. App Gives You A Clean And Distraction Free Writing Experience:

Writing with a markdown editor is a good option for easy writing. But, if the editor itself brings a lot of distraction then you are in a problem. founder thinks about the problem. They solve the problem with a simple trick. The creators of the app include an option for focus mode writing. This option will give you peace of mind. Focus mode writing Focus mode writing

The Focus mode of is a beautiful and out-of-the-box working environment. When you start any note the focus mode will automatically activate. Next, when you move your mouse the normal mode will come back again. Although, you have to enable focus mode in the settings to enjoy this amazing feature.

3. Mem App Make Bidirectional Note-Taking More Comfortable And Easy:

Bidirectional note-taking is the new standard feature for note-taking apps to this day. All modern note-taking apps use the same symbol [[]] to create a bidirectional link. bidirectional link app takes a different approach to create bidirectional links. They use “+” your note to link. This is an easy way than others are using. I personally like these key-sets to create bidirectional links within notes.

4. app Gives You To Create Notes Via Whatsapp, Telegram and Tex Massage:

What? What? Seriously! app gives me the freedom to create notes via WhatsApp, Telegram, Text Massage. Is that true? Yes, it is very much true.

This is an amazing feature to bring to the note-taking universe. I have never seen this type of feature in any note-taking apps. To enable this interesting feature should verify your WhatsApp, telegram, and mobile number. Wow. What an Idea.

5. Use Tag, Not File Manager For Arrange And Store Notes:

Tag is the only way to organize your notes in Personally, I like this kind of feature. This is an easy way to organize and store notes. I am really enjoying the simplicity of tag-based note organize in the mem app.

6. Google Calendar Can Easily Integrate Into App: Google Calendar Integration

If you are a fan of google calendar then you will be very happy with the app. You can easily use Google calendar in the mem note-taking app. To use Google calendar in mem note you have to go to the Flows tab in the app. After that, give google calendar permission for the mem app.

7. App is Good For Team Work:

You have a team like group study, small working group, etc. It is very easy to edit notes or articles with your team and co-workers in real time. Work or study become more easier with mem note.

8. The Power of “/” Inside App:

Nowadays, a lot of modern note-taking apps like notion uses / to do most of the job done. Mem app does not lag behind. They use / to insert pictures and dates. I hope, founder will introduce more options by using this famous symbol.

Which Features I Do Not Love In App:

Mem app is a loving cute baby in the note-taking app universe. These amazing apps have to go a long way. This app is in developing face. Many more features will come in the mem app soon. When I am writing this review (May 2021) this app has some lack of features. I am going to tell you about them now.

1. Lack Of App Eco-System In Many Platform:

I know mem is a very new note-taking app. They only make Mac App for everyday use till now. They have a plan to release windows soon. But, no Linux, Android, iOS app will come in the market soon. Linux, iOS, and android user can use their web app.

2. No Meaningful Web Clipping Option Till Now:

Mem app does not have any web clipper till now. It is a big drawback for mem note-taking app. Most people use web clippers a lot. note-taking app is a new note-taking platform. This app is in the beta stage. They will introduce many features in near future, I hope.

Although, app use Spotlight in Mac to clip web pages. But this is not a permanent solution. I hope the founder will consider this limitation.

3. Very Limited Exporting Option:

Yes, gives you the freedom to export your notes. But, the options are very limited. They support only JSON export files. Then, they will email you the export file. How bad the process is? export files limitation

This file extension is not familiar to normal users like lawyers. I hope they will introduce PDF, Markdown, Tex exporting options soon.

Another big problem is you cannot export any single note. If you want to export notes, you have to export bulk notes or the same notes category. Please, do something great.

This note-taking app is modern, clean, easy to use, and easy to understand. I love this app because of its clean interface. My hope is, app will overcome all the problems and limitations soon.

Details Video On Pros And Cons Of App: App: The Rising Star In The Note-Taking App Universe:

I strongly believe that every lawyer can use the app without any learning curves. As a lawyer, I recommend this note-taking app for lawyers, advocates, attorneys, and judges. But, not now. You should be starting app after they launch the full version.

FAQ About App:

Can I Use Markdown Editor In app is a modern note-taking app. It has all the features of a modern note-taking app. founders make this app based on markdown editor. In this app, you can use most of the markdown syntaxes easily.

How To Create Notes Using WhatsApp, Telegram, or Tex Massage In App?

Creating notes via WhatsApp, Telegram or Tex Massage Is an easy job.

1. First, go to the Flow tab.
2. Then, enable the texts option.
3. Click on configure.
4. In the configuration, just app you WhatsApp, Telegram, and Text Massage number. In the end, just click on the save settings button.

Is Free To Use? app is now beta stage. It is free to use now. But, not everyone gets it.


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