How Evernote Connect Notes(Note Link) With Each Other? (Step-By-Step Guide)

Evernote is one of the most used note-taking apps around the world. But, the truth is this amazing app lost so many customers since 2019. So, what’s happening with Evernote?

Today, I am not going to discuss the fall of the market shear of Evernote. For your knowledge, I would like to give you only some points why the mighty empire is losing its market shear.

  • Evernote refused to innovate.
  • They failed to catch the user’s demands.
  • Back-dated features for modern-age users.
  • No Markdown Editor.

The bad news is Evernote is not an individual company anymore. A little-known company named Blending Spoons acquired Evernote. As a result, Evernote is under another company. 

The Good news is the parent company of Evernote is trying to do something special for Evernote. As a result, they bring some innovative and new features for users. Today I am talking about a very special feature of the new Evernote update.

Yes, after a long time later Evernote did some great work. As a long-time user of Evernote, I was totally disappointed with Evernote’s new features. They were lazy to bring important features like bi-directional linking notes or Markdown Editors.

This time Evernote development team brings a linking note feature. Yes, this is a game-changing feature for note-takers. Most of the long-term users were leaving Evernote for two features.

  1. Lack of Note Linking With Each Other.
  2. No Markdown Option.

Now, I am happy to see that Evernote at least brings one major feature like a note-linking option.  Now, it is time to know “How to link notes in Evernote?”

I know it is in the primary phase. But, the Evernote team should include paragraph linking too.

  • No paragraph Linking.
  • Backlink shows only in the premium Version. 

Most of the users of Evernote use this app for its simplicity and easy-to-use interface. To link notes with each other, they think about simplicity too. Now, Let’s know to about linking notes in Evernote.

You can note links in Evernote in two ways.

  1. Just click on the Insert button on top and click Note Link. This will open a search window where you search your desired note and select. Done. Volla!!
  2. Just use Ctrl+Alt+K. This will open a search window where you search your desired note and select.

For your easy-to-see and learn-how-to-use Evernote link note, I am putting a YouTube Video here.

Evernote Note Link

Warming Up:

Once I love Evernote too much. Even I could not think about a single hour without Evernote. But, this place took over by Google Keep, Obsidian and Notion. Now, I rarely use Evernote.

Oho! This article was written in Evernote to test the new features of this app. I hope you have enjoyed this article. If you have any questions about linking notes inside Evernote, Please, let me know in the comment.


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