Evernote Vs Google Keep: Better One For Lawyer (2021)

Evernote and Google keep both are very good easy to use note-taking apps for lawyers. Both are highly recommended for lawyers. Not every lawyer comfort with every app. Some people like Evernote and others may like google keep. In this article I will sear my experiences. After that I will try to compare Evernote Vs Google Keep.

The question is, why a part of lawyers love Evernote and some loves google keep? There are many reasons for partial love. In this article I will share my experiences about Evernote and google keep as a lawyer with you. So, keep with me.

Evernote Vs Google Keep: The Battle Between Two Giants:

Evernote is the king in the field of note-taking. But Google keep is gaining popularity. These two note-taking apps servers two types of users. So, It is hard to tell which one is good.

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Personally I use both of the note-taking apps. I’ll shear my experiences about those two mind-blowing note-taking apps. It is the time to talk about Evernote vs google keep.

Evernote: The Features Rich Note-taking App For Lawyers, Attorneys, Advocates:

Evernote is the doubtfully champion in the note-taking market. Most of the bar councils recommends Evernote for lawyers as a primary note-taking apps. So, Evernote got some values from good authority for lawyers. Evernote has something special. Let’s find out special options for Evernote.

Pros Of Evernote: Why You Like Evernote?

Evernote has a lot of pros to tell. Here are some top pros of Evernote. Remember that, those pros very popular among attorneys, lawyers, advocates.

1. A Lot Of Options For Taking Notes:

In Evernote, you have freedom to choose from a lot of options. You can take notes by typing, taking photos, drawing notes, take notes via dictation, audio notes, to-do list and many more options. As a result you may live in peace because there are no option left for taking notes.

2. Responsive Mobile App:

Evernote has one of the best responsive mobile apps for all platform like android and iOS. User gets smooth UI and responsive app. The new Evernote mobile app for android and iOS is feature rich and responsive.

3. Strong Security Make Evernote More Appealing:

Evernote is secure with 256k encryption key. It is very hard to break down its encryption. Evernote uses SSL to exchange data. So, your data will be safe with Evernote. There is a drawback too. If someone with your Evernote user ID and Password, then maybe you are in some kind of risk.

4. Search Like A Boss:

Evernote search option is one of the best search option in any kind of note-taking apps. In Evernote search you will find answers of any kind of query more preciously and chronologically.

5. Evernote Has A Easy-To-Use Navigation:

Evernote provides easy to use navigation system no matter which platform you are using this note-taking system. Nowadays, many people use Evernote web, and they feel the same responsive navigation system when they use this apps PC, Mac, iOS, Or Android.

6. Evernote Can Store Articles, Web-pages Inside Evernote:

If you are an Evernote user then you should know about this Evernote web clipper extension. This extension with bring a whole website or article into your Evernote. It was an amazing idea when it first came out. Till now this feature is one of the best of its kind.

Some Cons Of Evernote: What I Do Not Like About Evernote:

Evernote has a lot of good thing to tell and I sheared with you some of them. But, what about the cons of Evernote app. Long time Evernote user I found some cons of this amazing note-taking apps. Let me shear with you those cons of Evernote.

1. Limited Features In Free Plan:

Free user of Evernote! I am telling you that your are missing a lot of important features of Evernote. Evernote’s free plan give you only 60 MB of storage and a lot of imitation when you start to use this app. In free plan you cannot see your notes in offline. You cannot sync not more than 3 devices at a time.

2. Lack Of Modern Note-Taking Features:

Modern day note-taking apps are more sophisticated, robust, more user-friendly and easy to use. Modern day note-taking apps provides back linking notes with each other. Some note-taking apps can import a para of a note into a note. Some gives us features like Markdown editor. Many apps provide zettelkasten note-taking included. Evernote did not introduce non of those features into its latest build in March 2021. It is a big drawback for Evernote.

3. No Meaningful Templates In Evernote:

It is good news that, now Evernote supports templates. But, the problem is, there are not enough good templates in the Evernote Template Gallery. One more important problem is, you cannot upload your own templates. In this era of open source you cannot create my templates or control my freedom.

4. No Plugins Or Extension Supported:

Evernote should make a public announcement to say sorry to the all users. Because, they do not support any kind of plugins, add-ins or extensions. In this golden age of note-taking options this is ridicules. Plugins or extensions give us freedom to extend or import more features.

Google Keep: Simple, Feature Rich, Modern Note-Taking App:

Google keep is a modern note-taking app. It has some unique features for the modern day note-takers. Google keep came into action to kill Evernote, and OneNote empire. Let’s find out how capable Google keep is to capture some market from two giants Evernote, and OneNote.

Top Pros Of Google Keep: Why New-Age Note-Taker Using Google Keep?

There are many reasons new note-takers are using google keep as their main note-taking apps. What kind of features are Google Keep Providing? What are the benefits of using google keep?

1. Tons Of Options Taking Notes:

Google Keep gives you a variety of options to take notes. You can take notes by typing, taking pictures, by drawing. You can add to-do lists, bullet list, remind your notes. Those are all you need in a note-taking apps.

2. Pin Your Note At The Top:

Pin your important notes on the top of the app and you will see them first when you open thee app. This concept was first come into the reality in the Google keep app. From My experience I bet you that you will love note pin option in google keep app.

3. Google Keep Is A Absolutely Free App:

You are using the best note-taking app. How much it cost you. $100 per year? $250 per year for the top tire plan. Look at the Google Keep app. It is absolutely free of cost with all of its features. No restriction at all. Enjoy the free google keep note-taking app.

4. Organize Your Notes With Deep Integration Of Tags:

Note organization is not an easy task at all. Some note-taking apps organize notes by heading. Some note-taking app do it by huge integration of notebook. Others managed tabbed notes in a notebook. Some uses’ category to organize notes. The most convenient way of organize your notes with integration tags. Google keep manages your notes with the help of deep integration of tags.

5. Easy To Use Good Archiving Option:

You took notes and sometimes later you don’t need one note for some days. The note stay on the front it may cause some problem. So, you need to hide the note in a very secure place. If you need the note you can re-call the note into the main note section. This is call archiving notes.

Google Keep is good at keeping your notes in the archive. They make the archiving system simple and easy. These features are an important for lawyers or who work in legal professions. These features give the freedom to isolate any information from others.

6. You Can Grab Text From Image:

You took a picture of any document. Now, you need to grab texts from the picture or you have to type them manually. Manually typing notes that are already write downed on paper is a time-consuming work.

Google make a very intelligent option for google keep that, you can grab texts from any picture and save them as your notes. It is a great time saving and useful feature for busy person like you.

7. Make Your Note Colorful:

Google Keep take a very different approach to make similar kind of notes more similar. How do they do it? Google Keep team think about how to separate one note from another note? Then, they found an interesting way.

Google keep team develop a technique. This technique you can choose color of every note you took. You can categorize your notes by color.

Features That Not Good Enough In Google Keep App:

Google keep not doing something about some of its features. Let me talk about the lacks of the Google keep note-taking app.

1. No Desktop Or Mac App:

The main drawback of google keep is, this amazing note-taking app do not have any kind of windows, Mac or Linux apps. As a result desktop or laptop user must have to use the web version of google keep.

2. No Writing Or Editing Options:

Most of the note-taking apps has a very good writing options or editing options. But in google keep you will not find any kind of writing options. You will not find simple editing options like bold, italic or underline.

3. No Option For Export Or Import Notes:

You used to take your notes in another note-taking apps. But, now you would like to shift into google keep. For this you have to shift all of your old notes into google keep.

You can do it by importing your old notes into your new note-taking app. Google keep is not provided you any kind of migration into google keep and out of google keep. It is a big problem for users.

4. No Audio Note-Taking Option:

Most of the note-taking app around are giving you an option to take audio notes. But, unfortunately google keep will not provide this amazing feature for you.

5. No Templates:

Templates make note-takers, writers life more easy. But, google keep will not provide you any kind of templates for you. This app will not give you an option to import any templates or crate new templates by you.

Recap The Comparison Of Evernote Vs Google Keep:

Evernote vs Google Keep, two giant is competing with each other. I love them both. Personally I use each of them for different work.

When I am talking about Evernote vs Google Keep then I should have to talk about Evernote first.

Evernote: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly:

Evernote is easy to use app. This app has a good mobile app both for android and iOS. This app provides very good search features. Using Evernote web clipper you can import your favorite web pages, blogs, articles into Evernote.

On the other hand, Evernote does not support Markdown text editor. Linking one notes with others is not possible in Evernote. Evernote supports templates, but you cannot create your own templates or any cannot make and shear in the template gallery. Evernote do not support any kind of plugins, add-ons, or extensions to increase capabilities.

Google Keep: The Hot One:

Now look at the another good-looking note-taking app “Google Keep”. Google keep is a very feature rich, simple, minimalistic design. You will find tags are everywhere. Google Keep’s unique feature is grab text from picture. This one is very handy who are busy. In google keep you can change the color of the notes.

Google keep do not support any kind of other features integrate into it. It does not have Mac or Windows app. The biggest drawback of google keep is, it does not support any kind of templates.

Evernote Vs Google Keep: Which One Is Good For Lawyers, Attorneys:

Evernote Vs Google Keep

My Recommendation:

If you want a full note-taking apps with a ton of features then you should think about Evernote. I use Evernote to take notes for my cases and evidences I took. Many times I write a whole bail petition or other petitions inside Evernote.

Google Keep is a better options who do not want too many options in a note-taking app. There a lot of lawyers around the world they take some quick notes in the note-taking app. Google Keep is the best option for them.

Evernote vs Google Keep is a simple word, but very hard to explain. I love both of them for different purposes. Pic a right note-taking apps for you. HY, Do not forget to let me know about which note-taking app you are using and why you are using the app?


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