Evernote For Lawyers: 9 Mind-Blowing Ways Lawyers Can Use Evernote (2021)

Evernote for lawyers is the whole idea. Evernote is one of the best and most loved note-taking software around the world. This note-taking app once was the most used note-taking app around the world. But they had lost their invention and lost their valuable customers.

After that, in mid-2019 they started a new invention again and a lot of old customers are coming back into Evernote. But, the questions are Why so many people use Evernote as a note-taking app?

Those are ordinary people. But, what about Advocates, Attorneys, And Lawyers? Most of the modern Bar Councils around the world recommend this amazing note-taking app. As an Attorney, Advocate or Lawyer do you ever ask yourself, Why most of the modern Bar Council around the world recommend Attorneys, Advocates, and Lawyers to use Evernote? Let’s find out the reason, why Evernote is so popular?

If you are a new one who is reading this article about Evernote then you have so many questions in your mind. So, I am going to answers those questions first then go to the main topic.

For lawyers, Evernote is useful for everything from firm administration, marketing, case management, legal research, productivity and time management – regardless of the size of your firm

Evernote: Organize your practice, ease info overload By American Bar Association

9 Amazing Ways Lawyers Can Use Evernote:

Advocates, lawyers, or Attorneys around the world take a huge amount of notes. So, they need a good note-taking app in the modern age. The note-taking app must fill up some important features like most secure, easy to use, able to take handwritten notes, able to take pictures and attach them in a note, able to attach documents in notes, good looking, easy to use, and etc.

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Basically, Evernote has everything of those features plus it has a very unique document scanning engine. I can say you this is one of the best document scanners via your mobile devices. Let’s talk about the ways lawyers can use Evernote.

1. Evernote As Your Primary Note-taking App:

Evernote apps built for note-taking. This was the primary goal of Evernote. As a lawyer, I am using Evernote since 2013 for taking notes. Evernote is very good at taking your notes and make them secure.

So, the question is, how many ways you can take your notes in Evernote? The answer is how many ways you can imagine about taking notes, the Evernote will give you the freedom to do that.

You are a speed typing guy who loves to take notes by typing, OK, no problem, go for Evernote. You love to take notes by sketch, then Evernote is the best option for you. Most of the time you take pictures as your note. Here, Evernote has the best photo note-taking features around.

You have not enough time to take notes by typing. No problem. In Evernote, you can take your note by recording your voices.

I strongly believe that If you are a Lawyer and take notes for your work take Evernote seriously as your primary note-taking app.

2. Evernote As A Case Reference Management System:

As a lawyer, you collect a lot of case laws, case references. To do them organize usually most of the lawyers buy reference management software. But if you are a user of Evernote then you can manage all of the case references in Evernote.

Free References Management
Free References Management

Your mind is asking yourself how to make Evernote a reference management system? My fellow friend, trust me. It is very easy to make a reference management system with Evernote and say bye-bye to your highly paid case references management software.

To make a free case reference management system you have to open a new notebook named ”Case References”. Then, create a new note and write all of your case references related to any matter. After that, you name the note on the name of the case references you have written in the note. Nest, add another note with another batch of case laws, and go on like this. Now, you have created your own case reference management system freely.

But the question is, how to find your desire case references in a ton of case references? This answer is also very simple too. Just go to the search box and type your desire case references about and hit enter. You will see your case reference on the right.

3. Evernote As A Article Collection Hub:

All Lawyers are very good readers. So, most of the lawyers read a lot of articles from the web. But, the problem arises when they try to keep the article or articles to read them later.

Evernote can solve the problem with the blink of your eye. All you have to install chrome or firefox extension call Evernote Web Clipper. This extension has been made by the Evernote team. After that, you have to sign in with your Evernote account. That’s it. Now, you can save any article, web page, video, etc into your Evernote.

4. Evernote As A Evidence Collection Hub:

This option can be used by Advocates, Attorneys, Lawyers, or Law enforcement agencies like police, FBI, CBI, or any other detectives.

How to collect evidence using Evernote? You can do it by using your smartphone with Evernote installed in it. Then, go to your Evernote app on your smartphone, just a note on the case name. After that, click on the + button and select camera. Take pictures of the crime scene and remember all the pieces of evidence.

5. Evernote As A File Storage Of Your Case Documents:

A Lawyer has to handle a lot of files related to the case he or she assigned for. This is a big panic for them. The old school file organizing system eats a huge amount of valuable time from any lawyer. It is very true for every lawyer that time is money.

So, what is the convenient way to organize files? Truly, there are many ways you organize your files digitally. You can use cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. Another good way of storing your digital files into any note-taking app like Evernote, notion, OneNote, etc.

Store your digital files of a case into Evernote means you can access all files related to the case will be one note page. So, It is a very easy and convenient way to prepare for your case.

6. Evernote As Your Word Processor Alternative:

Every lawyer in the world must have to write a lot for their case. They have to write many kinds of petitions, arguments, etc. Usually, attorneys use word processors like MS Word, LibreOffice, Word Perfect, etc. If I say, you can use Evernote as your main word processor, then what will you say?

It seems to you that it is not possible. But, I am telling you that use Evernote as your main word process for one time then you will never go back to your main word processor.

Now, you have some questions about writing features inside Evernote. Yes, I know, you have a lot of questions. First thing I would like to tell you that you will find every kind of option you are using inside your main word processor are available in Evernote.

Most of the time you use simple writing with a simple layout and formatting. Usually, you use table, tags, numbering, checklist, bold, italic, underline, custom fonts, custom font size, superscript, subscript, picture insert. I am assuring you that all of those features are very goodly available in Evernote.

I incest you to use Evernote as your main word processor because you will be able to finish your work inside one app. As a result, you do not have to buy more price software. You can save a huge amount of money every year.

I know you have some questions till now. How to print your writing document from Evernote?

6.1. How to Print your documents, notes from evernote?

How To Print From Evernote
How To Print From Evernote

Evernote gives you an option to print your notes, documents, pictures, etc as your normal word processor does. Just go to the top-rite side of your Evernote app or Evernote web. Click on the three … and you will see a pop-up options menu. In this menu, you will see a print option. Click on the print button.

After that, you will see a pop-up print preview window. Here you can see many options like Print to PDF, Print to your printer, your page layout, Page size, etc. Jut fit with your desire and hit the print button.

7. Evernote As A Law Firm Management System:

You have law firm. Now, you have not enough money to buy a law firm management software. You think you are in big trabole. No, my friend. Evernote can save you.

For this item I will make a separate post. So, don’t be afraid of.

8. Evernote As Your Schedule Management:

Lawyers are very busy people. They start their day with some preschedule tasks. If they fail to do any task their day may be ruined. So, they need a very sophisticated schedule management system. As a result, most lawyers use paid schedule management services. But, you can do it for free by using Evernote.

How to make a schedule management system inside Evernote? You can use some Evernote calendar templates to make your schedule management. In the calendar, you can write down your schedules.

9. Evernote As Your To-Do List:

Without a to-do list, no lawyer cannot start his day normally. Every lawyer sets their tasks in a to-do list app. According to the to-do list, he or she finishes the job. Basically, to-do lists use as a sub-task of the main task. Nowadays to-do list apps became more expensive. But, can do it with the magical task of Evernote.

Evernote has a unique way to track tour to-dos. On the desktop go to the insert button, here you will find an option name checkbox and click on the button. This will insert a checkbox in your note. Write down your to-dos, when finish just clicks on the checkbox.

For Good Reasons, I Made A YouTube Video About How Lawyer Can Use Evernote?

Final Thoughts:

As an advocate, I know how important it is to take notes digitally. Evernote made the note-taking ways so simple and easy as a first app. I am a long-term Evernote user. In my experience, I can say that Evernote for lawyers made for each other. Do you have any idea about how lawyers can use this amazing note-taking app in their work?


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