Top 10 Best Free Aesthetic Notion Templates For Law Students (2021)

Notion is an all-in-one tool for note-taking, project management, increase productivity, track income and expenditure, and many more things you can imagine. It is the proper time to shift your all notes, project management, reading lists, class schedules, class lectures, learning, etc into Notion if you are a student. Students always find a short way of doing something. Notion templates are the shortest way of dealing with Notion.

Law students around the world suffer more than any other student of other declines. So, law students need a time management system, note-taking system, sophisticated calendar app, etc. Notion is the greatest app for this all kind of work. I am sharing some great aesthetic-free notion templates for law students.

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How To Use Notion Templates?

There are so many ways you can use notion in your life. Notion templates will help you to make your desire layouts in a second.

The question is how to use notion templates? If you open an untitled new page and go to the template section. Then choose a template according to your needs. Then, click on use this template at the top-right corner of the app. After that, start using notion template, edit them, and what you do with the template.

How To Find Notion Templates?

How to find notion templates? You can find notion templates by three ways.

  1. Searching on the web.
  2. Go to Notion Template Gallery and browse by category.
  3. You can go to this Reddit Notion Page and search for your desire templates.

Where To find Notion Templates?

Where to find notion templates? There are many websites for notion templates. You can go to one of these websites and find your desire one.

Where to find Notion templates
Where to find Notion templates
  1. Go to Notion Template Gallery and browse by category. This is the official notion templates gallery. Go to the site and pick your
  2. Open your notion app. In the notion app you can see Templates at the bottom-left corner of the app. Click on the Templates button. This will open a page with template and now browse your desire one and import into your notion app.
  3. You can go to this Reddit Notion Page and search for your desire templates. You can find a huge amount of templates in the group.
  4. Go to a third party notion template gallery like and browse find a template.

How To Copy Notion Templates?

How to copy notion templates? Copy a notion template is a very easy task. Just go to the bottom-left side of your notion app. Then click Templates. Then find your desire template. After that, click the use this template button at the top-right corner. Now, you can use this template.

How To Create Notion Templates?

How to create notion templates? This is a big question. There are some steps to create notion templates. There is a step-by-step tutorial on how to create notion templates in another article. You can read the article and you will find that the article is one of the easiest articles about how to create notion article.

Top 10 Best Free Aesthetic Notion Templates For Students:

The biggest note-taker around the world are students. Students are very prone to use new tech. When notion came into the market students grab notion and made notion is a very popular note-taking app. To make life easy students use templates to make their classes, home works more quickly.

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Today I am going to share with you some unique and aesthetic notion templates for students. Those templates will help students done works more easily and time-wise.

1. Course Schedule:

Course Schedule Notion Template

Students need to track courses. Course schedule templates is very handy for students. Basically, this is a database template. That means you can take notes under notes and interconnect with each other. Go and grab this aesthetic course schedule and make your study life easier.

2. StudyOS

StudyOS Notion Template

Do you need all-in-one study planning templates for students? Your study, notes, homework, extra-curricular activities, grade points, class schedules all can be included in this amazing template. Duplicate this wonderful template.

3. College Hub:

College Hub Notion Template

Do some college work. College students need special templates to track down all important notes, schedules, classes, etc. So, This is a fantastic notion template to track down them all. Here you can duplicate this fantastic template.

4. Classroom Home.

Need all of your class tracking, syllabus, assignments, etc in one place! Using this classroom home template and keep update with your class friends. This widely used notion template is very good for handling all kinds of class-related matters. Get this beautiful template now.

5. Syllabus:

Syllabus Notion Template

Do you need a template which one can track your course syllabus, reading list, article to write? This very useful template is very much suitable for this kind of use. Go here and grab your template now.

6. Class Notes:

Hmm, you take a huge amount of notes in your classes by using notion. But, you do not have a good class note-taking template. Duplicate these very easy-to-use database notes for your classes.

7. Cornell Notes System.

Cornell Note System Notion Template

In the 1940s, Cornell Professor Walter Pauk developed a new note-taking system to give college students a better way to organize, condense, and intake knowledge. It’s proven as an incredibly effective learning tool. Here’s how to use it in Notion. Here you can duplicate this unique template.

8. Grade Calculator:

Grade Calculator Notion Template

Sometimes your raw grade score sucks. You are finding a very good grade calculator app. Now, with the help of this template, you do not need any kind of apps. Hurry grab this very useful template here.

9. School Calendar:

This a single-purpose templates for students. This template work only to schedule your classes, vacations, school, and college-going students. Duplicate this vey useful template.

10. Assignment Calendar:

Assignment Calendar Notion Template

Students must have to prepare their assignments for their classes. Assignment tracking like the last date of submit, what must be included in the assignment, assignment format,etc are very time-consuming and hard to remember. This notion template can track all of your assignment-related matters very easily. Here you can duplicate this gorgeous template.

Final Thoughts:

Student life one of the most valuable parts of our life. I believe that every law student should learn very quickly and more concisely. Notion is one of the best tools for students to track their ideas and keep learn more important matters. Notion templates for law students can make a busy life easy.

Do you have any recommendations about notion templates for students? If you have some useful and beautiful templates for students please shear with us in the comment section.


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