3 Authentic Ways Lawyers Can Time Tracking Inside Notion? (Personally Tested)(2021)

Time is the most precious thing in the world. How to manage time and how to track time in work is a very important matter. The time of every lawyer is very limited. But, the workload is higher than a mountain. Time is money for every lawyer. So, they calculate their advice fee by hour rate. As a result, they must have to track time when they advising with clients.

There are many time tracking apps around on the internet. All of the time tracking systems are the same in one way. That is the track time in their own app. So, there is no all-in-one option for lawyers until now. Here Notion came and free you from all headache.

How Lawyers Track Time?

Advocacy is a novel profession. This profession is one of the oldest professions in the world. Lawyers existed in the Roman Empire. Can you imagine this?

At that time lawyers who fight for their clients do not charge any money or fees. Because there are laws that were strictly prohibited that lawyers could not take any kind of fees.

The free consultancy by advocates become less popular. In the age of industrialization, the concept of a lawyer become more popular. So, the legal profession becomes a real money-making profession. At that time most of the lawyers took fees by work they have done.

On the edge of the 19th century, rapid industrialization started. The workload of lawyers increases too. As a result, hourly rate fees for lawyers came out. In the begging, lawyers track their consulting time with an ordinary watch. But, lawyers soon faced some problems on that.

The advancement of modern technology is overtaking every kind of work of men. The old-day mechanical watch is disappearing now. Computers, laptops, handheld devices like iPad, mobile phones are very popular. Most people are not wearing mechanical watches anymore. They are wearing digital watches now.

Time tracking for lawyers also become modern. Now, lawyers can track time on time tracking apps like Clockify, Trackingtime, etc. Clockify is one of the most famous of them.

Notion is an all-in-one app for lawyers. You can write your petition, make notes, to-do list, kanban board, personal/law firm finance software, and many more. As a result, people, companies, and lawyers want to make notion as a time tracking software as well. In this article, I will show you how to use time tracking inside notion.

How Do You Track Time In Notion?

Tracking time in notion is not a very hard job. Basically, there is many time tracking apps around there to track time inside notion. There are some big names like Clockify, Toggl, TrackingTime, and etc. In this article, I’ll show you how to integrate those time tracking apps into Notion and track your consultancy time in notion very easily.

Before going to the main part of this article one more thing you have to know. Clockify has the easiest way to integrate with notion. Toggl will be second in the case of integrating with notion. On the other hand, TrackingTime will be third. In this article, we are going to tell you how to integrate that three time tracking app with notion.

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1. How To Integrate Clockify With Notion?

Clockify is one of the m

ost renowned time tracking app. This app has some very unique options to track your consultancy time. That means it will increase your productivity.

Many lawyers use Notion as an all-in-one app. Why not use notion as a time tracking system for your client and use the tracked time when you sent the bill to them?

1.1. Install The Clockify Extension:

Clockify has extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. For this installation process I am using Chrome. To track time in notion using clockify you have to install the Chrome extension here.

1.2. Open A Clockify Account:

The next step is to open Clockify account from their website. To do that just click here. You can sign up with your e-mail ID or you can use your Google account to sign up into clockify.

Clockify Sign Up
Clockify Sign Up

1.3. Start Clockify Timer Inside Notion:

It is the time to track time inside notion with the little help of Clockify. To track time inside notion you have to open notion in Chrome and go to your desire project or page. Then click on the ”Start Timer” button. This button will start your notion time tracking. So simple.

Clockify With Notion Start Tracking Time

2. How To Integrate Toggl With Notion?

Toggl one of the best time tracking app in the world. But, the question is why toggl is so popular? The answer is the integration system of toggl. Toggle can easily integrate with more than 100+ apps. As a result people like toggl a lot. A lot of big brands like Amazon, SAP, etc use toggl as their time tracking software.

Now, let’s talk about how to integrate toggl with Notion. It is very easy and quick.

2.1. Sign Up On Toggl:

The first job you have to sign up on toggl. To do that just click here, go to the signup page, and just click on the get started as the free button. Here, you will find three options. You can sign up with email or google ID or if you have apple ID you can use it for sign up.

2.2. Install The Toggl Plugin:

Toggl has a plugin for google chrome and firefox. So, you can download them from the plugin store. For this tutorial, I am using chrome as a web browser. So, you can install toggl chrome plugin from here.

2.3. Configure The Toggl Plugin In Extension Setting:

Now it is the time to integrate toggl with notion. For this, you have to open the setting of the toggl extension on chrome.

Next, go to integration tab. Here you will see a huge amount apps list to integrate with toggl. Select notion. So and just quit the tab. You have successfully integrated toggl with notion.

2.4. Start using Toggl Time Tracking With Notion:

To start using toggl in notion you have to open notion in your chrome browser and sign in. Then, go to the page where you want to track your time. On that page, you will see a toggl button. To track your time list click on the button. your time tracking inside notion has started.

Toggl Time Tracking With Notion

3. How To Integrate TrackingTime With Notion?

TrackingTime is a fantastic time tracking app. This app is very easy to use and not bolted. So, lawyers can use this this time tracking app.

Now I am going to tell you how to integrate trackingtime into notion.

3.1. Sign Up On TrackingTime:

To sign up you have to go to this link. This app gives you 2 option in the time of sign up. You can sign up with your email id or you can use google id. Which one you prefer just use and sign up.

3.2. Install Chrome Extension:

This amazing tracking time app has a very good chrome extension. You can download this extension from here.

3.3. Go To The Extension Setting:

Just click on the trackingtime extension button in your chrome browser and this will show a pop-up window. In the lower-right side you can see three dots just like ””. Click on the dots.

This will open a pop-up manue. In the manue you can see the setting. Click on the setting. The setting will open a list of apps that can be integrate with trackingtime app. Here you should click on the notion. Job done.

3.4. Track Time In Notion With Trackingtime App:

Trackingtime app In Notion

Now, you can use trackingtime in your notion. It is very simple and easy. Just click on the play button on the top-right corner of notion app. The trackingtime app will start to track your time.

Here Is My YouTube Video About How Do You Track Time Inside Notion?

I made a video about this topic. You can watch this video and learn more about how do you track time inside notion.

Final Thoughts:

I love the time tracking app and Notion. Basically, Notion is my lifeline. I do everything in notion. As a solo lawyer like me, I get huge benefits just using notion. Then one fine day I think about it, if I track my time with notion then it will be a game-changer to me.

After spending some time I found those great time tracking apps that can embed inside notion. So, Fall in love with this time tracking apps, clockify, Toggl, and TrackingTime.

Do you know any other time tracking apps that could be easily embedded inside notion? If know please let us know in the comment section.


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