Amazing Top 14 Free Notion Templates For Everyone (Especially For Lawyers)(2021)

Notion is one of the best modern-day note-taking systems. Notion is a Swiss army knife note-taking app. You can turn Notion into anything like accounting software, case management software, it can replace your to-do list app. If your using Notion, you do not need any calendar app. Notion has a great ability you import other beautiful layouts. This is called “Duplicate Templates”. Here, I will share with you some amazing free notion templates.

Lawyers all over the world use case management software. The main problem is case management software is very expensive. As result, solo lawyers and small law firms often face problems to maintain the cost of the software.

There is some free case management software out there. But the problem is you have to self-host that software in your server. So, there is a server cost to pay by law firms.

Lawyers take their every money and count it on accounting software. Most of the accounting software are not free to use. So, they have to pay handsome money for the software. Notion can solve the problem. You can make your own accounting software as your need.

There are many more softwares like document processing, note taking, reference management software are used by lawyers. Notion can replace them all.

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How To Make Notion Templates:

Notion is a very flexible note-taking app. In Notion you can create your own database, pages, etc. and share them as a template in Notion Template Gallery very easily. As a result a lot of people around the world who use Notion can duplicate your template and enjoy the simplicity of Notion Note-taking app.

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8 Easiest Steps To Make Notion Templates And Shear Them:

1. Share To Web And Allow Notion To Duplicate Notion Page As a Template.

Allow Permission as duplicate as template

Allow notion app to take permission from you to your page make as a template. To do this you should go to share button at the top-rite corner of the desire page. Just enable the share to web button.

After that, just click to Allow duplicate as a template. Now you can make the page as a template and share the template to Notion Template Gallery.

2. To Share Your Template Just Go To Notion Template Gallery:

It is the time to share your template to the world. To share your template just go to Notion Template Gallery. Next, click to the Share Your Template button. You can do this just click this link. This link led you to a very basic and easy form fill up page.

3. Fill Up Your Name:

At begging of the form fill up process they want your name. Just fill the from with your name.

4. Give Your E-mail:

Nest step is to give your valid e-mail into the form and press enter button or click the OK button.

5. Give The Public URL Of Your Notion Page:

Notion Template URL

This stage is the most important part of the whole process. In this stage you have to give the URL of the page which you want to make as a template. To do this job without any hassle just copy the URL of the Notion Page, which page you want to make as a template and pest it in the section.

6. Give A Reason Why You Are Making The Template?:

Why you are submitting the template?

In this section the Notion Team will ask you about your template. The main reason behind this is why you are making the template and is there any interest for the template you are sharing have any interest?

In this section you have to write something about your template in 50-100 words. You may call it a meta description of your template. Write the description very carefully and eye caching way.

7. Provide Your Social Media Links:

The next step is a very interesting one. In this step you may provide your twitter, instagram or Linkedin link.

8. Ask You Again About ”Share To Web” And ”Allow Duplicate As Template”:

This is the last stage of the long process of making notion template in public. This last state they will ask you about are “share to web” button and “allow duplicate as template” enable? Just click on the yes button. After that, click on Submit button.

The whole submitting process will take few days. The Notion team takes this time to review your template’s compatibility, demand, etc. If every thing will be OK they will sent the template into there Notion template Gallery.

Top 14 Free Notion Templates To Download:

There are many Notion templates for productivity and increase your job performance. But not all of them are so good and not optimize for lawyers. Lawyers work is very sophisticated and critical. So, lawyers need some special notion templates to do there job. Here are some special free notion templates for lawyers.

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1. Free Notion Templates For Task Management:

There are many free task management notion templates out there. But not all of them are suitable for lawyers work. Here is a list for free task management templates for notion.

1.1. Task And Issue:

Task and Issue

This task management free template is one of the simplest task management system for Notion. This task management system has kanban board view with task complitation system. Here you can download this amazing task template for notion.

1.2. Task List:

This task management system is more simpler then the previous one. Just do your job. You can easily duplicate this template from here.

1.3. Multi-Task:

Multi Task

Another beautiful and very productive free notion template for task management. Unlike the previous two of this list is a table-driven task management system. This template is very powerful and good for mange a large amount of tasks. Just click here to duplicate this free template.

1.4. Life Dashboard:

Life Dashboard

This is a all in one task manager for weekly, monthly, quarterly, six monthly and yearly tasks. Duplicate this amazing template here .

1.5. Month Template :

Month template is all in one task system. Lawyers can easily track there matters, cases, habit etc in a single place. Here you can duplicate this useful template very easily.

1.6. Yearly Task Template:

This template is the extended version of previous template . The difference is you can track your tasks for whole year. Go for the template.

2. Free Notion Templates For Finance And Invoice:

2.1. Finance Tracker:

Very Simple finance tracker for lawyer. This template will help you to track all your incoming and outgoing money. So, hurry up.

2.2. Personal finances:

Notion Personal Finance Template

This templates gives you a lot of informations. You can track your finance using calendar too. Here is the template.

2.3. Invoice – COMPANY:

Notion Invoice Template

Every law firms and lawyers use costly invoice software. There is some free invoicing software too. But free invoice apps are not good as paid ones right now. This notion invoice template can save your money and time. Download this precious free invoice template.

3. Free Notion Templates For Reference Management:

3.1. References:

Lawyers read a lot. Lawyers read anything from a book to a journal, Articles to blogs. As a result, most lawyers around the world like to track their reading with a reference management system. Download these amazing templates and enjoy your reading.

4. Free Notion Templates For To-Do List:

4.1. To-Do:

Notion To-Do List Template

One of the simplest to-do list free notion template out there. No more to-do list app, no more time spending on other to-do list app. No more money wasting on to-do list app. Download this very simple to-do list free notion template now.

4.2. Lightweight To-do’s :

Notion Lightweight To-Do’s Template

This to-do list free template is very light and easy to use to-do list template. Duplicate this template for free.

5. Free Notion Templates For Research Management:

5.1 Research project:

Notion Research Project Free Template

Every lawyer is a researcher by default. They do a lot of research more than any other person in the world. This research project template can manage your legal research. Duplicate this priceless free notion template now.

6. Free Notion Templates For Note-Taking:

6.1. Thomas Frank’s Note-Taking System:

Notion Note-taking Free Template

Thomas Frank is a very good youtuber who talks about digital productivity. This free note-taking templates by him is one of the best note-taking notion template out there. This mind-blowing free template can be duplicate from here.

Final Thoughts:

This list of free notion template is not a complete list. Because a huge amount of templates has been uploaded every day into the Notion server. So, If you find any very good notion templates please share the link below via comment.


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