Top 8 Alternative Evernote Web Clipper (2023)

Evernote web clipper is one of the best web clippers in the market. Evernote web clipper provide useful functionalities. As a result, most Evernote user use Evernote web clipper to clip web pages, articles, etc. But, many users are finding alternative Evernote web clipper. Why?

Many Evernote users shifted to other note-taking platforms like Nimbus Note, Notejoy, Notion, OneNote, Obsidian, Roam Research, etc. So, they need an alternative Evernote web clipper. Today, I am going to sear your a list of alternatives to Evernote web clipper.

In this article I will discuss about those Evernote alternative note-taking apps and tell you why their web clippers are best web clipper compare to Evernote Web Clipper.

  1. Nimbus Note
  2. Glasp
  3. Notejoy.
  4. Notion.
  5. OneNote.
  6. Joplin.
  7. Turtl.
  8. UpNote
Table Of Contents:

1. Nimbus Note: The Best Evernote Alternative in 2021:

Nimbus Note is an Evernote clone and the best Evernote alternative out there. It has all features of Evernote and some unique features of modern-day note-taking. There are many reasons to choose Nimbus note over Evernote.

In mid-2020, I was happy with Evernote. But, when I discovered the Nimbus note, I just left Evernote and started the Nimbus note. I am Going to tell you why switch to Nimbus note is a great idea.

1.1. Reason To Choose Nimbus Note Over Evernote:

  • Markdown Editor(Cannot Create Table).
  • Focus Mode.
  • Web Clipper (Better Than Evernote). This Is A Evernote Alternative Web Clipper.
  • Auto Sync Cross Device.
  • Offline Note-Taking And Editing (No Need A Pro Plan).
  • Attach Any Types Of File.
  • OCR Capability.
  • Block Note Taking like Notion.
  • Export File To PDF And HTML.
  • Nimbus Web For Access Your Notes From Anywhere.
  • Better iOS And Android App.
  • Good Table Creation And Editing Features.
  • Focus Mode.

1.2. Poor Features Of Nimbus Note:

  • No Bi-directional Liking.
  • Free Version Is Limited.

As a lawyer, I always recommend Nimbus note to every lawyer as an Evernote alternative. This note-taking app has more tools than Evernote at a lower price.

1.3. Why nimbus Note Web Clipper?

Many people have become used to Evernote Web Clipper. But, other web clippers are not good. No, that is not true. Many Evernote alternative note-taking apps have good web clippers too. Due to less marketing, they are coming to focus. One of them is the Nimbus note web clipper.

  • Clip any section of a web page.
  • Full Page Clipping.
  • Clip as a image.
  • Save Web page as Article.
  • Bookmark website.

You can add Nimbus note web clipper from here.

2. Glasp: The Web Highlighter And Web Clipper:

Glasp is one of the creativity app for you. Yes, for you, me, and everyone in the world. I know you have a question. “What is Glasp?”

What Glasp Do?

Glasp is a new way of highlighting, copying, taking notes and shear those texts, articles, etc in a social feed. This amazing app is like pocket, Evernote Web clipper, Notion web clipper. But, this one works differently and do more easily then others.

Some Notable Useful Usages Of Glasp :

Using Glasp can open an endless possibilities for you. Let’s talk about them one by one.

  • Highlight texts in different colors.
  • Those highlighted text automatically copy it’s clipboard.
  • You have a PDF opened in your browser and you can clip PDF using this web clipper.That’s mean Online PDF Highlighting.
  • You can take notes on the highlighted texts.
  • Your highlighted text can be arranged by tags.
  • Copied text shown on right side of your browser.
  • Text you have highlighted will appear in feed in Glasp Home. Every follower can see your texts.
  • Highlight on YouTube videos.
  • You can shear other people’s clips and highlights.
  • Use as a new social media feel.
  • Shear your highlighted text as a quotation on twitter.
  • When you visited any highlighted article or blog you can you the selected areas.
  • Export your highlights to Markdown, HTML, Text, CSV, Readwise, or as a Image.

Why Glasp Is So Important In The Modern World Of Web Clipping?

Modern people learn from modern ways. Those ways maybe blog, article, youtube videos, etc. More and more people quite learning from reading books now.

How do you learn from the web and remember them? There are some ways to remember from the web.

  1. Print the text and read.
  2. Write the text in your physical note-book.
  3. Copy and past the text on your note-taking app.
  4. Save the text using Glasp or other apps and read them latter.

The first two are conventional ways of learning something. But, the last two are more modern ways to learn.

Basically there are many apps before Glasp to do the job the same ways. I can remember that day when I found pocket and Evernote web clipper. It was a life-saving for me and many people around the world to save an article and read them on a suitable time.

The time have changed and many apps like Raindrop, Notion Web Clipper, Dynalist Companion, Upnote Web Clipper, etc do the same job. But the problem is no one invented or give you a new way of doing the same thing.

Here, Glasp to rescue us. This web clipping app has most modern features, easy to use and does not make your web clipping boring.

Using this web clipper you can see the other people’s web clipping and read them too. As a result, you will find more convenient and useful information.

I believe this is the best way of take notes and clipping from web.

How You Can be Benefitted From It?

Let’s talk about myself. I have been using this wonderful web clipper for about 50 days now, and I am amazed at how fast it works. I am shocked, surprised, and amazed. According to my belief, you will also receive those useful benefits from Glasp.

Now, The question is “What benefits I am getting from Glasp ?”. I believe, it is time to rethink all of your digital tools. For example Note-taking app like Evernote or OneNote, or web Clippers like Evernote web clipper, Pocket, and Onenote web clipper or writing tools like MS Office or other writing apps, etc. all are old and has large user base.

But, if any of them fail to coup up with user need it will go to extinct. Same thing happen with Evernote. Now, most of the note-takers are shifting from Evernote to modern note-taking app which ha bi-directional linking capabilities, or other important features.

Glasp is a modern-day web clipper for your, me and everyone ease. There are notable features that can help you to make your digital life more easier. Let’s talk about them.

1. Glasp Can Highlight Text In Any Web Page:

It is a time saving and most convenient ways to clip information from web pages, videos and blogs. Not only that, it will automatically copy those highlighted text into its clipboard.

You can see your copied text in right side every article or web page. When you visit the same webpage in future Glasp will show you your highlighted texts, notes and shears. Is not it a great?

2. Taking Notes For Every Clipping:

Yes, most of the web clipper give you to take notes with every web clipping. Glasp take this feature to the next level. Basically, every web clipper give you to take notes with every page clipping. But, Glasp will give you the opportunity to take notes for every highlighted text.

3. Shear Your Highlighted Text To Twitter:

Hmm. What will I do to shear my clipped text to twitter? Ha ha ha. Some times you need that feature. It will help you to make your strong presence in social media. This web clipper will give you the rarest opportunity. Is not this enough for you? This amazing app will give you to make a selected text as a quotation make it visually appealing and at the end shear it on twitter.

4. Web Clip Management Is The Best In Class:

Tag is the best way of arranging web clips. Glasp give you this amazing feature. On the other hand you can follow other people and read their web clipping using Glasp Home. Not only that, you can follow topics that most people are taking web clipping. This app is providing you a strong search features too.

5. PDF Clipping Is Good To Go:

Yes, you can also clip PDF with other web clipper. But, they only save the PDF file into the app. Glasp give the option to save text from your PDF opend in Chrome or other chrome based browser. Not only that, this web highlighter save the PDF link for you so that you can open the PDF in you suitable time. Is not it good news?

6. Exporting Your Highlights To Many Format:

You may be surprised to know that you can export your highlights into many different formats. I become wonder when I realize that it is easy to export highlights to Markdown, HTML, Text, CSV, Readwise, or as a Image. How sweet it is.

3. Notejoy: A Better Evernote Alternative:

Notejoy is another Evernote-like note-taking app. This app fantastically looks and feels like Evernote. I used this app for one month, and this app is very good at note-taking.

Notejoy provides you every Evernote feature with some modern features too. There are many reasons to use Notejoy instead of Evernote in 2021.

If you are a lawyer like me, then you may face many problems in Evernote. This is the proper time to find an Evernote alternative for your notes. Maybe, Notejoy can fulfill all of your needs as a note-taking app, Evernote alternative 2021.

3.1. Reason To Choose Notejoy Over Evernote

  • Bi-directional Linking Note-Taking Made Easy.
  • Good And Speedy Web Clipper.
  • Markdown Editor (No Support For Creating Tables).
  • Trallo, Google Drive, ect. Can Be Easily Integrate.
  • Clean UI (Same As Evernote).
  • Focus Mode.

3.2. Poor Features Of Notejoy:

  • No Table Creation.
  • Some Markdown Features Do Not Work.

If you are a lawyer and become a slave of Evernote, then choose this note-taking app. Notejoy has the same user interface and features as Evernote at a competitive price. So, you can switch to Notejoy easily.

3.3. Why You Should Consider Notejoy Web Clipper?

Notejoy is one of the best Evernote alternatives out there. Notejoy web clipper is a fantastic web clipper. This web clipper has some good features.

  • Select your notebook.
  • Add Tags.
  • Edit Heading
  • Add Comments.
  • Save As Simplified Article Or Bookmark pages.

You can use this link to add Notejoy web clipper.

4. Notion: The Modern All-In-One Note-Taking App For Evernote Alternative:

Notion is a Swiss army knife note-taking app. It has the ability to do virtually everything within notion app. Notion is one of the fastest-growing note-taking app in the world.

Many people love Notion for its simplicity and for doing every kind of work in it. So, there are no limitations in Notion. You can do anything you want.

Notion in the number 4 because it is not like Evernote. There are tons of features than Evernote in Notion. You can easily import the Evernote export file in Notion. So, think big, grow big, and do big with the magical help of Notion.

4.1. Reason To Choose Notion Over Evernote:

  • Notion Is Free With Its Every Features But For 4 Team Members. Enough For Personal Use.
  • Notion Is One Of The Most Secure Not-Taking App In The World.
  • This App Is A All In One App. You Can Do Anything You Want. You can use as a note-taking system, your case management system, file management system, accounting software for your firm. As a result you can save a huge amount of money just using Notion.
  • You can use notion as your personal wiki, personal knowledge base.
  • Your Accounting Software Replacement.
  • Notion Has One Of The Best Web Clipper In The Market.
  • You Can Export Your Notes Into PDF, HTML, Markdown With CSV In Notion.

4.2. Poor Features Of Notion:

  • Notion App For Every Platform Are Not Good Enough. All Apps Are Web App. No Offline Mode.
  • Notion Has Learning Carves.
  • No OCR Capability For Images.

I like Notion from my heart. Many lawyers in the world are shifting to Notion. Not only lawyers but all kinds of note-taking apps users are shifting to Notion because of its wide range of features.

4.3. Reasons To Choose Notion Web Clipper:

Notion is one of the best note-taking apps in the world. Notion web clipper is also a good web clipper. It is easy to use and faster than other web clippers.

  • Simple Design.
  • Can Select Page To Save.
  • You can add workspaces too.

Add Notion web clipper using this link.

5. OneNote: The Grand Daddy Of Note-Taking App And Web Clipping:

Yes, OneNote is one of the oldest note-taking apps in the world. This note-taking app was created by Microsoft. Till then, it is using by millions of users around the world.

But, the question is Why I am recommending this one at the bottom? There are some reasons for that. Truth is, this note-taking app is good enough for your basic needs.

5.1. Reason To Choose OneNote:

  • Very Stable Desktop App.
  • A Lot Of Options For Them Who Use Drawing A Lot.
  • Phone App Is Dam Good.
  • A Good Writing And Editing Platform.
  • Tabed Note-Taking System.
  • Comes With MS Office Bandile.

5.2. Poor Features Of OneNote:

  • Often Not Sync To The Cloud.
  • No Bi-Directional Link Between Notes.
  • Markdown Editor Not Supported.
  • No Templates For Quick Work.
  • No GTD Options.
  • Exporting Notes Is Painful And Limited.
  • Shearing Note Is Difficult.

OneNote is a good platform to take notes. This app is suitable for people who do not have enough time to learn something new and who takes notes by using a digital pen.

5.3. Why OneNote Web Clipper Is Too Good?

OneNote Web Clipper is good enough to clip any website, Article, Blog or etc. There are many ways you can use Onenote Web Clipper.

  • Clean Design.
  • Full Page Clipping.
  • Region Selected Clipping.
  • Article Clipping.
  • Bookmarking option.

You can add OneNote web clipper here.

6. Joplin: Secure Note-Taking App With Tons Of Features:

Joplin is a good note-taking app with most modern features. This is open-source note-taking app security in mind. Joplin End-To-End Encryption (E2EE) to secure your notes and ensure no-one but yourself can access them. You can customize this app according to your needs.

6.1 Some Important Features Of Joplin:

  • End-To-End Encryption (E2EE).
  • Markdown Editor.
  • Web Clipper.
  • Synchronization with various services, including Nextcloud, Dropbox, WebDAV and OneDrive.
  • Offline Note-Taking And Editing.
  • Import Enex files (Evernote export format) and Markdown files.
  • Export JEX files (Joplin Export format), Markdown, PDF, HTML, and RAW files.
  • Good To-Do Features.
  • Organize notes with tags.
  • File attachment.
  • Inline display of PDF, video and audio files.
  • Extensible functionality through plugin and data APIs.
  • Template support.
  • Custom CSS support.

6.2. Some Bad Side Of Joplin:

  • Out dated UI.
  • No Bi-directional Linking Notes.
  • Focus Mode Missing.

Joplin is one of the best secure note-taking apps in the world. This app is the best suitable for lawyers, law firms, judges, journalists, etc. The UI is a little boring but, your notes become more secure with capable hands.

6.3. Secure Joplin Web Clipper Features:

Joplin web clipper is a secure web clipper by its nature.

  • Most Secure Way To Clip Your Web Page.
  • Article Clip.
  • Full Site Clip.

You can add Joplin web clipper from here.

7.Turtl: One Of The Most Secure Note-Taking Apps And Web Clipper:

I know I am talking about the most secure note-taking apps in this post. No list will fulfill without Turtl note-taking app if you are making a list of the most secure note-taking apps. Turtl is a good note-taking app with some robust security features.

7.1 Some Important Features Of Turtl Note-Taking App:

  • Client-side cryptography to keep all of your data safe.
  • Securely share with anyone without compromising the security of your data.
  • Good Web Clipper.
  • Full Markdown Editor.
  • TeX math expressions.
  • Semi-offline mode.(you only need to be connected to log in).
  • Open-source server allows you to host your own Turtl data.
  • Securely share with anyone without compromising the security of your data.
  • All of your Attached Files Will Be Also Secure And Safe.

7.2. Some Missing Features Of Turtl:

  • No Bi-directional linking notes.
  • Focus Mode Missing.
  • Older UI Design.

If your primary goal of taking notes to save some secure data, then Turtl is the most secure note-taking app for you. Highly recommend for lawyers, businessmen, journalists, etc.

7.3. What Reasons Turtl Web Clipper Is Good For You?

Like Turtl Note-taking app Turtle web clipper is a secure way to clip web pages.

  • Secure by nature.
  • End-to-end encryption.
  • Full Page web clipping.
  • Article clipping.

You can app Turtl Web Clipper From Here.

8. UpNote: The Most Underrated Rocking Star Note-Taking And Web Clipper:

This is a new note-taking app like Roam Research. This is an elegant-looking and feature-rich note-taking app for Windows and Mac. Once you use this app you become a fan of this note-taking app. Why UpNote is so aesthetic to use. Because, its UI is so beautiful.

8.1 Some Amazing Features Of UpNote:

  • Bi-directional Linking Notes.
  • Markdown Editor.
  • True Focus Mode.
  • Secure Note-Taking.
  • Export your notes to Text, PDF, HTML or Markdown.
  • Beautiful Themes and Dark Mode.
  • Automatically syncs across all your devices.
  • Offline Note-Taking.
  • Better Note Management.
  • Beautiful User Interface.
  • Good To-Do List Support.
  • A Better Web Clipper Extension.

8.2 Some Negative Side Of UpNote:

  • Free version is limited on 50 notes.
  • Creating Table Is Ableavle in Pro Version.
  • File Insert Is Possible In Pro Version Only.

UpNote is a better Markdown note. I strongly recommend this beautiful-looking note-taking app for lawyers and law firms. This app is so feature-rich that you can easily do your all kind of note-taking, To-Dos, Word Processor alternative.

8.3. Reasons To Use UpNote Web Clipper:

Upnote is a good note-taking app. Upnote web clipper is a good tool to clip web pages. This web clipper is a simple and easy to use web clipper.

  • Clean UI.
  • One Click Web Clip.
  • Clip Page In Article mode.

Add UpNote Web Clipper To Chrome from here.

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Verdict About Alternative Evernote Web Clipper:

Web clipping is a part of our digital life. Most people use web clipper to clip web pages, articles, and blog posts to read them in a convenient time. Many people thought that Evernote Web Clipper is the only tool to do the job.

Actually, there are many web clippers in the market. Among them, those web clipper are True Alternative Evernote Web Clippers. As a result, you can use those web clippers as like as Evernote web clippers. So, enjoy your freedom.

If you know any Evernote Web Clipper Alternative, Please let me know in the comment box.


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