7 Hacks To Be A Successful And Great Lawyer

Bing a lawyer I know how hard it is to become a good lawyer. Although, I am not a good lawyer. But, I’m trying my best. It is very annoying task right now to become a good lawyer. There are a lot of difficulties to overcome if you want to be a successful and great lawyer. How difficult it is to become a successful and great lawyer? There is no margin to measure this difficult but I can tell you the truth. I can tell you the real fact of how hard it is.

Now, I’m going to tell you that every law student who passed the LLB and LLM would like to become a very good lawyer or a successful lawyer in their mind. They think of it.

Some Characteristics Of A Successful And Great Advocate:

1. Your Memory Is Most Superior Tool To Be A Successful Lawyer:

OK, you have a sharp memory. You can uh remember every phone number in your phone book you can remember many things for long time but if you want to become a successful lawyer then your memory have to enhance its capacity to the next level.

There is no other alternative way to become a successful lawyer without sharp memory. So, you can ask me how sharp the memory of a successful lawyer should be? Don’t worry I’m giving you an example and this will help you to think about how sharp the memory of a successful lawyer.

A very new famous and renowned lawyer wants to share with me that his senior was one of the best lawyers in our country. This prominent lawyer told me that his senior memory was so sharp and so good that in the age of 65 he can remember most of his cases clearly.

When the prominent lawyer working in a local bar as a junior advocate his senior once sitting and a client came to them. The client tell them that he had to go to another district to hear a case. The senior told junior that I cannot go there because I am very busy so you can take my junior with you and give him a chance to hear your case.

As a result, he agreed with the senior because the junior was also a good lawyer at that time. But, there is a problem. There is no plaint or no written statement to ready for the case hearing.

The senior told the junior please bring some paper and write down what I’m saying. The junior started writing and the senior told everything about the case including the parties, the schedules, etc. Everything he remembered from his mind yet handling the case for at least 10 years

What you have learn? This lawyer remembered every piece of information of a case which one he did not hearing or handled for at least 10 years. How it is possible? It is possible because his memory was too sharp. As a result, this legendary lawyer was become one of the greatest lawyer in our country.

2. Store A Handsome Amount Of Money To Make Your Life Comfortable:

What are the connections between a successful lawyer and money? No lawyer in the world gets any kind of salary from the government. So, they earn their own income and spend the money. Yes, public prosecutors and public attorneys get paid by the government. But, they become a public prosecutor after become a good or successful lawyer.

So, nobody is giving you money to live you except your senior. The truth is you will get a little amount of money from him according to your workload. Many young lawyers become unfaithful and quiet advocacy.

Do you know what is the secret to becoming a successful lawyer? The answer is to stay with the job. When you become more respectful and senior then you will get enough earnings. Why I am telling this? Because, most young, talented, energetic lawyers quit too early without feeling the pain.

If you do not have enough money to feel the pain at the start of your advocacy job then you are not going to become a successful Advocate.

3. Your Body Is The Ultimate Power House Of Your Mind:

“Health Is Wealth”. I think you know this old saying. Advocacy is the game of mind and body. Most jobs in the world do not require too much brainstorming or hard work. “Hard work” means advocacy with testing your body limit to the end.

Let me explain this topic. I know, many lawyers who are physically some kind of disabled. In spite of their disability, they are also a good lawyer. Hold on, What does that mean? Disability can not decrease your power. Then, this point is contradictory to this point.

Not at all. If anyone is disabled and becomes a successful lawyer then you have to realize that he or she becomes a master of his or her body and also his or her mind.

The last word is _You must have to control over your body.

4. Honesty Is The Greatest Virtue: It Is 100% True In Advocacy:

Everybody knows that “Honesty Is The Greatest Virtue.”. But, those words became unrealistic in today’s world. Nobody would like to be a honest person and live his life without very expensive modern equipment. As a result, most of the people want to earn more money by becoming honest.

Now, you earn a lot of money. Then, you have a legal issue with that money. You need a lawyer to protect the money. Will you go to a lawyer who is not honest? Absolutely not. What is the reasons you are not going to a dishonest lawyer?

  • A dishonest lawyer can take money from your opposite side and make your case weaker.
  • He may not know the proper law for your case.
  • The honorable court will not accept an argument of the lawyer because of his dishonesty.
  • He may not care of your important documents.

So, you are not going to a dishonest lawyer who is dishonest like you. Because you cannot trust a dishonest lawyer. Grate lawyers always are honest lawyers.

5. Set Your Mind To Win Not To Lose:

It is ok to be an advocate or attorney in anywhere in the world. There are a lot of advocates and lawyers in every bar in the world. But, every lawyer does not become the most desirable ones. Why?

  • A client came to a lawyer for submitting his arguments before the honorable judges.
  • He is a good lawyer who gives his time to his clients carefully.
  • Lawyer’s ability to critically think about his client’s case through law.
  • A good lawyer thinks and acts only to win.

If any lawyer submits his arguments before the honorable judge what his client wants to say, then the lawyer fulfills the desire of the client. As a result, the lawyer becomes a loving one to his client.

It is the duty of any lawyer to win his clients case. To win any case what to do?

  1. Think about the problem carefully.
  2. Find the related laws and case laws with care.
  3. Bring the gap between the problem and the law.
  4. Make an argument to win not to lose.
  5. Do all the processes 1-4 before starting to write the case.

Those are the golden rule to set your mind to win any case. Every time when I receive any new case follows those steps carefully.

6. Your Attitude Is Everything For Everybody:

You have finished your LL.B and LL.M with top marks. Passed the bar exam successfully. Now, you think your are a good lawyer and people will come to like a tornado. Is that correct? No, it is not.

To establish as a successful lawyer you must have to engage in some social activities in your locality. You need to make other people know that you have become a lawyer. But, Why do people come to you for legal advice?

Well, there is a single golden rule to do that. And that is to Behave With People Like A “Marketing Man“. You should know how the marketing job is done? People who have marketing jobs become good looking, talkative, and try to solve all problems. But, in legal profession you have to take some extra effort to do that.

6.1 Best Ways To Behave With Your Clients:

Here are some best ways to behave with your clients and make them joy.

  • Listen the problem carefully.
  • Ask questions about the problem.
  • Polite with your client every time even the client angry to you for any reason.
  • People come to a lawyer to listen some hope. So, give them hope and never tell them negative words like you are going hang till death. But, you can say him I will try my best to minimize your penalty.

6.2 The Golden Rules To Behave With Honorable Judge:

You are a lawyer. So, you cannot pronounce the judgment of any case. It is the Honorable Judge who pronounces the judgment. As a result, you should make yourself comfortable with all judges.

Why Your Behavior With Judge May Vary The Judgement?
Judges are in the hands of any government. The honorable judges judge people’s crimes and mediate civil matters based on evidence. The judges have the power of acquittal anyone or pronounce judgments on any civil matters. If any lawyer or advocate behaves wrongly with them they may become angry and judgment may change.

So, your client must have suffer for your wrong. This is unwanted. The honorable judges sitting in the court to make a proper justice. Your one mistake can make him to do some wrong decision.

Yes, judges also takes wrong without your wrong behavior. Always remember judges are also human and they also make mistakes.

7. Read Your Client’s Mind:

Every client come to a lawyer with some secret. Without knowing the secret you cannot help your client. It is your duty to find out secret things from your client.

But, the question is how to do that? There are many ways to read your mind. I can give you many example about reading clients mind.

Example No-1: A client is come to a lawyer with grate fear and mental disorder. Most experienced advocate can realize that the client made a serious crime like murder, homicide, rape, etc.

Example No-2: When a person come to a lawyer with lots of documents and anxiety on his face you can make a decision about him that he is in a big civil problem.

Those are only examples. An Experience Advocate can do a lot of things with his vast experience. Reading mind is a important art. I have learned it from my experience and from books. There are many, books about how to read mind? But, all are not readable.

I read a book Named “How To Analyze People By Site”. This is a hundred years old book. The book may be old but, it’s content is not old at all. If you read this book you will find what is going on any person setting In front of you.

I can remember some good books about reading mind. “The Art of Reading Minds by Henrik Fexeus” and “The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene” are two good book to read about knowing others’ minds.

The Final Verdict:

The legal profession is a novel profession. If you can enjoy the profession you can be an honorable person. But, you have to give effort for this. Most the young lawyer quit to be successful lawyer because of long working hours and lack of proper guidelines.

In this article, I have tried to write down most important rules to help a young lawyer to become a good and successful lawyer. I hope this amazing article will help young lawyers to set hi or her goal.


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