4 Reasons: Why Marijuana Should be Legal?

Why Marijuana Should be Legal?
Why Marijuana Should be Legal?

Why Marijuana Should be Legal? Introductions:

Marijuana is prohibited drugs all over the world. But the situation is changing slowly. In the USA and Canada, some states already legalized Marijuana. The main reason was Medicine. But Legalizing Pot is only for Medicine? Is there any Legal and Social issue to Legalize Weed? Is there any benefit to taking Marijuana? How bad or good it is for your health? Read the full article and think again why Marijuana should be legal?

Why Marijuana Should Be Legal? Medical Reasons:

Why Marijuana Should Be Legal?

Pot Can Be Used As a Medicine:

Marijuana is using as a cancer drug. Some cancer can be slowdown using it. As a result, Some states in the USA and Canada has legalized it to use for the medical drug. Pot is using as a medicine for a lot of diseases like depression, glaucoma, and chronic pain.

Scientists reported that THC and other cannabinoids such as CBD slow growth and/or cause death in certain types of cancer cells growing in lab dishes. Some animal studies also suggest certain cannabinoids may slow growth and reduce the spread of some forms of cancer –

American Cancer Society

Marijuana is Less Addictive Than Others

Tobacco is the most addictive legal drug. Tobacco has no good reasons to smoke. Alcohol is also very addictive too but not like tobacco. But when you see the most accepted result that weed is very less addictive if compare to tobacco and alcohol.

Marijuana is far less harmful than Tobacco and Alcohol. Here is a comparison I gave you from authentic sources.

Marijuana is also far less addictive than other drugs. According to CNN medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the numbers for adult dependence are:

  • marijuana: 9-10 percent
  • cocaine: 20 percent:
  • heroin: 25 percent
  • tobacco: 30 percent “
It Is Less Harmful to Our Health:

Tobacco is very harmful and has no benefit for health. But A huge number of people smoking every second. Why they smoke? Because it is addictive to them.

Now, Look at Alcohol. Alcohol is the most taking legal drug. Is it legal because not harmful to our health? No no, Alcohol is also very harmful to health too. But How it became legal? Men drinking Alcohol for thousands of years. People think it should be taken and then nobody thinks about prohibit alcohol.

Now, come to Marijuana. The history of Marijuana is also very old. But it no so familiar like Alcohol or Tobacco. Because cannot be found everywhere. But the real reason is that Weed is less harmful than Tobacco and Alcohol.

Why Marijuana Should Be Legal? Economical Reason:

Good Tax Income For The Government:

One of the main Reason Marijuana should be legal is Government Tax. Illegal Marijuana gives no returns to the Government. Government expenses a lot of money to control the Marijuana. As a result lot of money goes from the annual budget to control it. So, it is pressuring to Government Annual Budget. By legalizing Marijuana Government can earn a huge amount of money as a Tax.

More Job Creation:

Using legal Marijuana Creates more jobs. Systematically, Legalized Marijuana using will be an Industry and it is very good for the economy. It will become a money-making system for the poor. The Capitalizer and investor came to here to invest money for that. The alleviation of poverty will be boosted. There are so many outcomes for the legalization of Marijuana. Those are some examples of why Marijuana should be legal.

Legal Reasons: why Marijuana should be legal?

It Will Drop Crime:

Yes, When Marijuana becomes legal it helps to reduce crimes. The question is how? Here are those reasons :

  1. when marijuana becomes legal no need to hide it from others or law enforcement agencies.
  2. Basically People who went to jail for using or cultivating even carrying Marijuana are not serious criminals. But after entering the jail they became bigger criminals. Jail is the biggest educational house for criminals all over the world. Because a lot of criminals living under the same roof and often they become friends. I called them “criminal friends” not “friends”. In Jail any criminal can develop a “criminal relationship”. Using this “criminal relationship” they become bigger criminals. If we stop to fill the jail with criminals who committed minor criminal offenses like taking, carrying, or cultivating Marijuana we can showdown more crimes.

Less Case Pressure To The Honorable Judges:

Less crime means less pressure to The Honorable Judges. In third world countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, and many other countries the ratio between The Judges and cases is very high. So, Most of The Judges handle more than a thousand cases every month. As a result, they become more stressed, and maybe sometimes they can wrongly analyze their decisions.

Social Reasons Why Weed Should Be Legal?

Social Harassment: The Impact of Legalizing it.

Real Scenarios in Bangladesh are that many people harass others by Marijuana. Because it is not legal in Bangladesh. As a result, a lot of people are becoming criminals in the eye of Law without being a single criminal activity. So, There families are suffering from social life. People around them starting heating them. Another reason is that maybe be the so-called criminals are only earning member of his family. For those reasons, sometimes, their family members become criminals too. This is a very major drawback for a Society.

what you think about why Marijuana should Be Legal?

After reading this article how are you feeling? Do You think Marijuana should be legal? Is it good for your health? Is it less harmful to your health? Legalizing it what impact will happen to our society?


  1. Yes, I agree with your valuable article . In our country marijuana should legalize for various reasons most of that are stated in your article . I think if marijuana will be legal in our country a major percentage of marijuana consumers will have their identity in the society. For sake of identity crisis Most of them are disrespected and deprived of social activities, so most of them become irresponsible and often unsocial , this is highly harmful not only for their own life but also their families. Their families suffer most. Even in the end we see that some families are brocken for identity crisis. If marijuana would be legal and available in everywhere like BIRI-CIGARETTES, PAAN-JORDA, we may avoid this breaches of the families and could see a as usual family in society’s.

    It is ridiculous, When we see a major percentage of our population smoke and taking PAAN with various types of JORDA & TAMAK in a crowd which are severely harmful for health not only for him but also for the surroundings!

    All of the above, marijuana should legalize in our country because of vast number of consumers livelihood, social respect & their families.

    1. I am totally agree with you because biri and cigs are more harmful to our health.. Thanks for your comments

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